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Let's have a quick dekko at the perks of having flab :)
Reading this, the people who know me are gonna be like "Iss Chuhi ko kya pata mota hona" but hold on guys...people like me are just as dreamy as you are and Yessss we too sometimes imagine ourselves to be opposite of what we are as well as be like you all. Being chubby means getting names like fatty , rolypoly , laddu , aaloo , panda and motu for life. Having excessive flab isn't bad if you are free from terrible diseases and are sporty enough to complete your tasks. Having meat is also much advantageous. You don't hear much about the perks of being the fat friend, but there are some 🙂.
1)You are the best cuddlers
Yess....you all are pro at hugging. Your squeezy hugs give us warm as well as enduring feeling and it feels awesome to hug a real teddy bear. So ,when upset one should rush to a chubby one for cloistered comfort.
2) Food is your bae
Whilst your friends are in relationship with their respective gf/bf , food is your forever babe who doesn't complain , fight or argue and loves you to the moon and back just like your selfless love for it .
3)Your tummy is your constant plaything
Games like candy crush ,pokemon go or toys like beyblades ,fidget spinners may come and go but your tummy is your constant companion. At times its fun to play with it irrespective of your age.
4) Chubby cheeks are adorbs
Being chubby makes you cuter. Its so irresistible for people to pull those much adorable cheeks.
5)Winters : Not A Problem
That extra layer of fat surely protects you from something. And yes it is the chilling wind and the low temperatures outside. So when others are grinding their teeth due to cold, you can just sit back and feel blessed !
6)You don't pay heed to the crappy comments of others
Since your childhood you face the jeers which makes you more confident to face the crappy nonsense of people around and pay no attention to it. You all learn to accept your awesome flab and take pride into it by saying "khaate peete ghar se hain".
7) Speedy Recovery
When it comes to being chubby or a little overweight, the best thing you can count on is a fast recovery. Comparing to a thin person the fat ones have this advantage. Due to the overweight they can recover easily from an injury or some sickness. So next time someone points out at you carrying that extra fat, enlighten them !
8) Depression - Too Far
Research shows that overweight people are less prone to depression. So imagine the happiness that you spread around! Cheers !
So all the fluffy people out there , do not feel sad because people jeer at you for not being skinny.You are not going to go and hide just because a bunch of people who have a lot of time to waste bodyshame you.

You are equally appealing and spesh !

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2144968