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by Wolfie
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A girl,Ellie,loves this guy named Chris and he loves someone else.Her friends like him to.
I woke up and said sarcasticly, "Back to school!Yay.." I hated school so much and knowing Chris was in my class this meant a bad year.At least that's what I thought.I got dressed and texted my best friend Lelice,"Sense you didn't get your bag there yet put yours by the black one with white bows that's mine!"She said okay.but I gave so much more info it was crazy.I sent loads of pics.I went to school and found out she did sit in front of me and everyone else stayed away.No one really knew us well and I didn't have much friends.Lelice was my only friend in that class.I'm very shy ,usually, unless Lelice is by me then we make it obvious we need assigned seats away from each other.We got in trouble 5 times then teacher assigned seats the next day.I didn't sit by Chris so I was happy about that.At this part I really was salty about last year,but no need to get into that!We learned stuff blah blah blah.Cut to the chase...next class NOT SAFE!!!I sat at his table.I was then moved in first period to be right in front of Chris.How great for someone who hates someone who is a jock and you aren't close to one?The guy COPIED me COPIED like are you freaking serious?!I can't blame him though he didn't understand it.I would've helped its just i couldn't i'm too shy to.Now lets introduce our good old friend Alice!She has had a crush on him sense last year LOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGG story.She asked Lelice to give a not that said "Hi" with a heart as the dot of the "i".Lelice was to scared so when me and Lelice past out folders and no one was in there I took the note and put it in his folder.Then I put it under his folder.Worse mistake I have ever made.Minus last year when I cheered on someone that wasn't there.LISTEN I didn't know!The note fell on my desk and I was freaking out so bad i said while he looked weirdily at me,"I-I u-uh think th-his fell o-out of your folder it was under i-it I think i mean-"I was thinking SHUT UP ELLIE"i-it was under your folder from someone..YEAH"I was feeling so stupid,but he opened up the note and read it then threw it under the desk.He made it look like a trash ball outta paper.At the end of day i told Alice and she was sad,but was happy he took time to read that one hi.After a month I started liking him..I would admire him,but he thought i zoned out so I was safe =D!I got moved to different seat and he was moved to the other side of the room in 1st period and in 2nd i got moved closer because this girl talked to much and I was super quiet so yea..... I tried talking to him and said want a sticker very quietly because I was giving stickers even though i'm old enough to not care about stickers.Everyone still loved them and so did I.I had to repeat myself twice then he said sure.Tbh he did look scary at some points,but he made me feel shy and have feelings.This is honestly the longest crush I have had and I never gave up hope!We ended up sepreated and he dated someone then they broke up.I have 4 friends Kayla B, Kayla M, Scarlet, and Rose.Scarlet was new to this school so was Rose and Kayla M.Rose and Chris started dating and i felt jealous so did Alice.Alice and me were not in the same class again..like usual sense last year.Me and Chris talked more,but not much.After Rose and Chris broke up Scarlet had moved sadly everyone missed her because she was so fun,but kinda mean she slapped me across the face,but not hard.Tbh i deserved it I was being creepy and weird and funny xD.She didn't hate me she didn't even smack me hard and it hurt.She barely touched me and I said owwww.Anyways me and Chris started talking more and i started helping him everytime he wanted to cheat off of me because I was the one person that would help him in that group.Soon he stopped asking questions because he was getting it and I was getting happy about him knowing it.I didn't want him to fail in grade school again.Last year he failed then was kinda rude to the treeo I was in..even me.He didn't insult me it was a harmless thing.Like "he likes you" stuff.Lelice developed feelings and I was kinda worried,but it gets worse Chris started liking Rose and she didn't like him.He didn't know it,but he had girls that adored him and the only one who admitted to liking him was Alice.Me and Lelice were to chicken,but Alice gave him pictures he complimented them and it was nice of him.I soon told her I liked him too and she said why she liked him and I lied and said I stop liking him more everyday so she was glad of that.I gain more emotion to Chris everyday.Now lets talk about today 1/3/2018.Chris sat his bookbag in my chair in 3nd period and when i stood by the chair the guy said he forgot i sat there,but we just got back off from break i'll let it slide.Then he bumped into me and his colone got on my from his bookbag or his bump into me.Maybe even both.but my grandma realized I smelt like guy colone and I freaked out a smelled my coat and that stupid colone was all over it so it mostly is from the bookbag.Now I have to go play ROblox see ya later hope you enjoyed I will be making more of my life stories with characters with replaced names and mine replaced!
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