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by Jamie
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When I passed by a sad looking stranger in Paris.
(387 words)

Along the river walks the promise of memories and the vague blossoms of youth and love. The riverbank that bustles with the happy, the lonely and the loving… It pulls me in. I stumble about behind my family, showering in the moonlight, and the lights of a spear modernising this vintage city. Colours of white, blue and red are stamped against the empty gloom of night, poking it with a gleeful sparkle. Truly, it felt a waste that my way back had me facing away. But the jazz pumped into my veins, and the ground shimmied with me at the sound of all the late night cruises. I spin around a little too often, just to gaze upon this glorified skeletal hollow. They all stopped looking, but that’s just their loss. Such an industrial looking art, but it dazzles me with its confidence, and so it pulls me in. I’m still dancing at the music of it, a music nobody hears but me.

People cruise by, and I see them not. But here, I see someone.

Going about under the shades of blue, he fit the colour. Under the music of the river, and the soundless chimes of the triangle, he was blue. I looked at him, and the music faded a little as if his presence alone sucked in the magic in the air. I didn’t fancy that at all, as you’d understand.

I had plenty of jazz to spare, so I pushed some off, via mitosis.

Just as his eyes caught the weird lady dancing at nothing, the weird lady danced just a tiny bit sillier, enough to pull the strings on some of his orifices. That was enough for the lady, because now the blue looked nice on him. But he shone brighter than the instrument playing at the back, for the ground seemed to shake him as well.

He too, apparently, had plenty of jazz to spare.

The both of us passed by in a few microseconds, but we had an entire conversation, in a silly dance under the moonlight and under the high sparkles of the city. The music flowed in the river, and the instrument rang and chimed. I turned back one last time, only to see him still dancing, but this time the lights had a real reason to glow.
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