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What can I say!?! I reviewed one item rightly twice and another item wrongly once!

Once in awhile I can do something really nutty, and this is definitely one of those times!!!

This is what happened, and I'm wondering if it has ever happened to you or if this is the first train-wreck of its kind to happen here at WDC.

Let me start from the beginning.

As many of you know, I've had a whole lot of things going on at once.

Several weeks ago, I came across a story title that intrigued me and wanted to read it and, afterwards, review it.

However, I wanted to review it after I was finished with creating a reviewing template -- and I had other things vying for my attention to where I didn't even have time to do that (finish my template) until December.

I knew that the story had an interesting title containing either the word butterfly or the word butterflies, so, I entered those words as keywords in searches.

On my way to locating the original piece of writing, I came across another piece of writing.

Neither butterfly nor butterflies was part of the title but, instead, one or both words was/were contained in the body of the story.

When I read it, I wrote a glowing review about it that can be found here:

Review of "Deeper Friendships"

Then, I remembered the title as being Pinned Butterflies and did a search for it and found it, read it, and began to write a review of it.

I got this much of the review written...(shown between lines)


I had no idea what this story would be about when I first stumbled across it several months ago and put it in a place where I could come back to it and review it as soon as I was ready to begin writing reviews again (long story re: what perfect time to write reviews again that I was waiting for}.

All I knew at the time was that I found the title to be an interesting one, and the same could be said for the cover photo that went along with it...

Without looking at the story, I made a guess that it was about someone's memories of biology class.

When I read it, however, I discovered...


And this was where I stopped writing until I returned to it today.

Along with what I had written, I'd also included this video:

When I decided to finish this review today, I was thinking that I was reviewing "Deeper Friendships (which I had already done in the review I mentioned a little bit ago) when I was actually reviewing "Pinned Butterflies as if I were reviewing "Deeper Friendships, which I'd already reviewed in December of 2017 (Do I have you thoroughly confused yet!?!).

What this means is that the story by Shaara has received two reviews while John Yossarian is probably scratching his head and wondering how I EVER managed to be so way-off-base when it came to reviewing "Pinned Butterflies.

Not to worry (at least, I HOPE not)...

As soon as I can find out how, I'm going to be editing the review I wrote today so that it fits the story. Hopefully, I'll also be able to save the second review of "Deeper Friendships and find a place to post it (not as an official review but, instead, just somewhere in my portfolio).

When all of this happens, I'll update you by updating this memo. (Update 4/25/2018: This has been done, and you can read the review by going here: Review of "Pinned Butterflies" )

That's all for now...


Here's another neat version of the song that has become my trademark song. Enjoy!!!

(to be continued...)

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