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this is a poem about a friend who is like my sister
I wait for you,
but you are not here,
I think about you,
I have no fear,
you are honest and true
and would hurt me not
and I had something, a single thought
that sadly the answer found was not,
and hasn't come still.

I sit and wait some more for you,
the answer comes round... not,
I thought you'd left me here
here to rot.
As soon as it completed the word
a tone lets me know,
you were not coming,
you are busy and cry “holy cow.”

Its a fact nonetheless,
it is quite a pill regardless
hard to swallow,
but down it shall go.

What came next that battle I had to fight uphill.
The worse days of my life you come to me,
and tell me there is someone else,
and that we are not meant to be.
With everything that went on, it hits me not,
until such time as there is a thought,
then inside my head it begins to pummel
my every thought,
through my mind it runs,
and smashing them up and leaving them about
until it shows in my eyes and the tears on my face.
I was prepared for it...not.

I sit and think and the more I do,
the question comes to mind of why seems to be coming through,
its written on my face,
but in my mind begins to stew,
so I sit and watch the people as they
leave me alone and pass right on by,
without a thought or word,
like one that is served up,
like so much pie.

You don't let me talk, whimper, or cry.
Not get it out,
by a loud scream,
or quick shout.
The more I think about it
the more I pout,
the more I wonder … why
and I shout
The answer is not to be found,
no matter how I think or try,
the more the question does abound
and never passes by.
The question is simple...why.

Then there is a time,
when the thoughts will stop,
right on a dime
and things are different right from the top.
Our strength is of Kith and kin
of that I will not drop,
and with somewhere deep within,
we are family, kith and kin.
We are family through and through,
sister to me, you are
important to each other this much tis true.

I'm used to it now,
the flow is good, but how?
I found you again,
a new needed life to begin,
of your friend I am sure,
a long time I wish you will be with her,
your love is pure.

But I still need you,
it is fact and very true,
a sister you have become,
you are transformed and have come through,
you are important, at least to me,
to the rest it don't matter,
its meant to be.

A strong sister is all,
even though as a friend,
my love for you is total,
and will never bend.
I speak of this as true,
As my sister and friend only,
love you, I do.
And forever will be, and forever will act.
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