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Lady bug has this bad depretion and cat noir dose not know till it's too late...
Lady Bug POV:

As I felt the pain of anger, sadness, and Depretion, from the cutes on my wrist I wore a long sleeve shirt so Chat (cat noir) would not find out I went to school scared someone's going to find out NOOO why her why Chloe I thought I saw him googling eyes over just now "AHHHH!" as I screamed to the bathroom "Wha? Marenet!" as Chat said running towards me "no" when he sees me on the ground as I fainted.

All of a sudden I was in the nurses office "Were am I?" I said with my sleeves were rolled up right as I noticed that Chat were standing right infrount of me "Were did you get these cute from?" the nurse said "Umm... my cat." I mean I had to lie right infrount of him.

It was the end of school when I noticed that chat was following me to my house "Why you following me?" as I spun arrowed qwiqly "umm I'm going home the long way" chat said "no you arnt I know you stupid Duhh" I said as we started laughing " you don't have a cat that was you doing that to your self wasn't it?" chat said "just leave me allow" as I said mad I ran he followed me I went to the 3ed flour of my house I stood on the lendg "you don't have to do this" chat said scared "YES I DO!" I said crying "just give me your hand" I smiled "Chat?" I said "yes?" chat said qnfussed " I love you " I said still crying " I love you too" chat said reaching out his hand i reaching out both of my hand "NOOO!!!" chat said watching me fall off the window of my room i closed my eyes as i saw my tears coming infrount of my face.
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