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A man witnesses a strange occurrence in his yard. 2018 Quill nominee.
Today I saw a unicorn
cavorting on my lawn.
It waltzed with my cat, Twinkletoes,
and cha cha’d with a fawn.

I’d never seen a unicorn
in forty years of life.
So I decided, then and there
to never tell my wife.

I thought it might be just a horse
that wore an ice cream cone.
But when it bumped into the fence,
the horn seemed hard as bone.

I must admit that Twinkletoes
was quite a skillful prancer.
The fawn, unfortunately was not
as dexterous a dancer.

The unicorn knew all the steps,
and taught them to the cat.
Then they both practiced with the fawn
to get it all down pat.

What blew my mind was how the music
came out of nowhere.
All I know is, while they danced,
a concert filled the air.

Then in a flash, it disappeared.
The unicorn was gone.
But Twinkletoes kept dancing with
the now-proficient fawn.

Eventually, they wound it down,
and went their separate ways.
And I now have a nervous tic
that might go on for days.

I’ve no idea what all this means,
what I saw here today.
But when in doubt, I blame the kids.
It’s easier that way.
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