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All the positions in ballet.
1. the first position is where your heels are touching, and your feet are out stretched in a line. your arms are in front of your belly button, and like they are holding a beach ball.

2. the second position is where your arms are out stretched, with your hands inward. your feet are in a line, but not touching heel to heel. your legs have a little bit of space in between them. (tip: from first position touch your toes to heel, then keep your heel in the same place, but move your toes over to the line position)

3. the third position is where you put your feet in the center of your other feet. one arm is above your head, the other is out stretched to the side. your chest is lifted and your neck is long.

4. the fourth position is where your leg comes out, and your heel is going to be in front of the other toe. one arm is in front of your belly button, the other is over your head. (tip: make sure fourth position is not to wide, and feet and heels are not connected.)

5. the fifth position is sort of like the fourth position. except, both arms are over your head (not touching, and shoulders down), and your heel and toes are touching. your knees go directly over your toes.

*high fifth is where your arms are over your head
*low fifth is where your arms are far enough down to the point where they are not touching your body
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