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Turning Religious Thinking upside down
         My wife was visibly shaken, eyes wild with what she'd seen, endured, and observed. It was almost as I had thought it was, and she was clearly changed by the experience. She told me that God, Jesus and the angels were all aliens; beings from another world, technologically advanced from us. They'd seeded our world and set in motion our "evolution". It was an experiment to see if we'd develop at the same pace and direction as their race had. She was told that we not only met their expectations, but had greatly exceeded them, having halved the time it took them to achieve our strides.

         She was standing, or rather pacing about the house. Her mind was so full of excitement and wonder as she recounted her tale. I say tale, but truth be told it was her recounting. Tale implies a non-truth, or something that was exaggerated. Her words were neither, ringing so true that I had only to look at her to know it.

         When she'd gone to bed that evening, she was thirty-seven. The version I was gazing at was about eighteen, though I'd come to find out later that she was actually the seventeen year old version of herself, genetically repaired to be as close to perfect as possible. They'd done this for her, not to her. It was offered as an option for allowing them to probe, prod and scan her. They'd corrected her MS, the damage done by it, her scars from the physical abuse suffered at the hands of her older and younger brother, the emotional scars as well.

         Her ID cards had been altered to reveal her new picture, but the age remained the same. It wasn't just a good forgery, but rather an authentic document. She also had MRI's of her brain, and full spine showing no trace of damage from the autoimmune disease. Even old scars like cuts and those from a car accident were gone. Her knowledge of the events was still present, but no scars, visible, emotional, or mental existed. How they did it is a mystery, but I'm grateful to them for it.

         She also described her change in religious thinking, and how it was going to change our relationship. The beings told her that they never intended for couples to be forever. They full well intended for people to have impromptu relationships, and fluid family dynamics. A mating pair might stay together the entire time, but they expected that others would float in and out of the loose family unit, expanding and diluting the gene pool.

         They further explained that it was intended that three and four adults lived together and raised offspring. These adults were expected to be fully integrated as a quartet, each one available to the other three as desired. They explained that man's religion changed it to suit their own needs for control; just as most religion does. Their race of beings lived in commune style homes, with a minimum of six adults and a maximum of about one hundred, raising offspring. Males and females interacting in all ways with one another within and across gender lines. Sex was for procreation, pleasure and exhibition or entertainment.

         My wife explained further that they offered to repair me if I wanted. I was happy with myself as I was, but I would appreciate being able to not need Viagra or testosterone if possible. She said they'd make it so as soon as she and I covered all the changes she had made. She insisted that we add at least one more female, and one male to our family unit. She insisted that I pick the female and that she had a male in mind. It was loosely subject to the other's approval, but no one could be denied entrance and participation carte blanche.

         I told her I already had one in mind, a dear friend of mine from Canada. I described as much of her as I knew and my wife agreed that she'd make a lovely addition. She also knew that being a younger version of herself, I'd already be drawn to her because of her youthfulness. She was right. I was already walking around with a huge boner at her oh so youthful self.

         She told me who her male pick was and I must admit, I'd met him a few times before and was physically attracted to him. We both consented to the other's pick and then I confessed my desire to be with her pick. She grinned and sheepishly admitted she'd like to give my pick a go. She added that the aliens told her that sex between those of the same gender was not only natural, but expected. It was intended for pleasure, pure pleasure.

         I woke up at this point, wondering just how hard my erection was and it was like a bicycle kickstand. I could lever it around, but it was still a stiff rigid pole. My wife as asleep before me, having taken her gabapentin the night before.

         I returned to my dream, now in full on lucid mode. I got to watch as my wife, now a permanently seventeen year old teen representation of herself, go down on this amazing friend of mine. I was sitting beside my wife's choice of man, having his cock in my hand, lightly stroking it as he did the same for me while we watched the women enjoy themselves. Soon we joined in the action, me with my friend and my wife with her man. It was so natural, and enjoyable.

         The changes had already taken place with my testosterone levels being returned to levels that a virile young male would normally enjoy and perhaps a bit more. Ok, so I specified that I wanted to be in the above average range. My arteries and veins were repaired to pristine condition and my age progression was stopped at my attained age of fifty-five. My women liked their man older and I liked my women younger. My friend from Canada, well, she wanted to be her attained age and nothing more...or less. She liked who and what she was, Daddy's little girl; even if Daddy's wife was physically younger.

         My wife's experience was duplicated around the world, turning so many religions up on end, and practically eliminating hunger, war, and abuse. We'd finally found our utopian world, and were going to take full advantage of all its possibilities. I woke up for good soon after my wife insisted that we add a few more women to our family unit. We agreed but only if we added more men. A person can never have too much of a good thing, regardless of gender.

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