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A poem about friendship. Its describes what friendship is nd what it is all about.
A place where two hearts intertwine and made one
Where we are all accepted for who we are
Not what we can give
Where mistakes are made, accepted and corrected
Where wrongs are forgiven
Where an imperfect me is accepted and refined into a better me
No one outside this aura of friendship understands the mystery of this place.
Love, honesty, trust, understanding, forgiveness are tools for this place

Not an aura of infatuation and lost hovering over the facets of the earth of love affairs or relationships leading to romance and sex that keeps people entangled and Unsecured by their emotions and feelings..

You know what??
Friendship is far deeper than just a sensation but being lost at making each other better.
This mystery emanates a sweet fragrance that covers the atmosphere making it serene, loving, enjoyable and fun.
To all true friends
And most especially to you my dear
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