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by Xena
Rated: E · Preface · Nature · #2145594
Camping, at one with nature on a sand island, your senses urging you to relax and unwind.
Somewhere...nowhere...a place away from the hum.

The breeze gathers strength, then licks the land with a lunge
And with a salty kiss, brushes your skin with it's cool tongue,
The fresh, pure air untouched by the taint of human greed,
Filters your lungs from the stressed breaths of the life you lead.

The ocean relentlessly rolls in to service the sand,
A slave to moon tides, yet with power to ravage the land,
It's aquamarine water foams to life at the waiting shore,
As you watch and listen, it begs you to live more.

Somewhere...nowhere...a place to sit in the sun.

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