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Just a work in progress. Don't judge me.
After the Apocalypse, the country once known as America turned upside down. At least, that's what they told us in school. America was said to be a great country but like all great things, it never lasted.

I was an Eastern boy. My father was one of the top business men in the East, so we were pretty set. We live right at the river border, the river once known as the Mississippi. The current was rough, and the water was cold, was what authorities told us. Anyone who even tried to cross it was a dead man. I was one of those boys who was quiet, and sat in the back of the room, staring out the window into the world. My hair was a dark blue. Like navy, but much much darker. It hung in front of my eyes in wisps. Beautiful, deep blue wisps. And my eyes. My eyes were truly strange. One eye was a cobalt blue, while the other was a dark sky grey. A lot of kids make fun of me for this, but that's okay. I didn't really care. I wore a sky blue hoodie that had cloud grey accents to them. The patch on my left breast was the patch of the Westerner Air Force. A gift from my late mother. It was ironic, too. She was a pilot, yet she died in a plane crash. And I was with her that tragic, stormy night.

It was quite dark out, clouds were forming outside of the airliner we were on. "Mamma, why is is so dark?" My jumpy, 6 year old self asked her. "Hm?" She looked out the window. "Looks like we'll be hitting a storm," My mother was like me. Sharp, cobalt eyes with those same deep, deep blue waves. She picked me up with her delicate hands, and held me, humming in my ear. I loved it when she did that. Suddenly, there was a large boom. It shook the plane, and I nearly started crying. My mother set me in a chair, buckled me in, and kissed my forehead. The last act of love she would ever give me. She then turned and ran into the cockpit. I never saw my mother alive again.

Some people thought that her death made me reserved. Others blamed me for her death. But her death didn't affect me emotionally. Not really, anyways. It just made me... different. In all honesty, I wished I had died in that plane crash as well. But instead, I was left with a clearer view of the world. More of an artistic point. And I hated it. A beautiful gift out of a dark tragedy. I wished my mother was here to enjoy my gift. But she wasn't. I heard the rumble of thunder, and I cringed slightly. I hated thunder and lightning. Almost afraid of it. But not quite. "Thomas!" I gave a start "What started the war that eliminated America?" The teacher's foot slapped on the cold, stone floor. One tap, two taps. Three taps. I searched my thoughts, coming across the answer quickly. "It was the agreement between China and North Korea, right?" The teacher smiled a cold smile "Correct. Try to pay attention next time, Thomas," She turned towards the board, and some kids laughed. My face went red, and I stared down at my desk again. There was a flash, then thunder came again, and I shuttered, my heart racing. It wasn't fair. I was such an interesting being, and my mother wasn't here to see me. I went through my thoughts again, when the bell rang, snapping me out of it. I packed up, and walked out, not even waiting to listen to the lesson plans for tomorrow. I walked right out of the building, and hopped on my bike. I couldn't wait to talk to Jaime again. They were quite exciting, and brought me joy. I finally go home, sneaking quietly into the house to avoid my dad. I made it into my room, quietly closed the door, and sat at my desk. I logged on to the IM chatroom, and low and behold, Jaime was online.

unaffordableJester (UJ) messaged uncannyPyrobird (UP) at 15:13
UJ: Hi Jaime!
UP: Tom! You're finally online! *Laugh*
UJ: Yeah. School was tough. I got embarrassed by a teacher, there was a storm, and I'm afraid of thunder... *Blush*
UP: Oh, I totally understand! I'm afraid of dogs, so...
UJ: Really? Hah hah! I thought I was the only one with weird fears! *Pthb*
UP: Heh. No you aren't.
UJ: Whatever. Anyway, how was YOUR day?
UP: It was okay, I guess. The teacher called me young man for once. I think it was an accident, but still.
UJ: Wait? You're a gril? *Shock2*
UJ: *girl Sorry. I'm kinda bad at English.
UP: No, I'm not. It's just that sometimes I get mistaken for one.
UP: And that's okay. Neither am I sometimes.
UJ: Ooooooh. Okay.

I laughed slightly at that part.

UP: What're you up to later, Tom?

I paused. Why would he be asking that? My fingers quickly dashed a reply.

UJ: Nothing, why?
UP: Well, I was thinking we could finally meet for once.
UJ: Really?!
UP: Yeah. I mean, you ARE an Easterner. You could come and go between the territories as you like, right?
UJ: Yeah, but if my dad finds out, he'll *KILL* me!
UP: Don't let him find out, then.

Smart. For being a Westerner, Jaime was smart.

UJ: True... Okay. See you tonight, then!
UP: Bye!
unaffordableJester (UJ) left the chat at 15:37

I sighed and sat back in my chair. Was I really going to do that? I mean, I barely know him. What if he was really a rebel? What if he wanted to use me for ransom? I shook my head, and heard my dad's bedroom door open. I quickly logged out of my computer and turned my light off, as to make it appear that I'm not home.
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