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by Elitia
Rated: E · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2145743
This is my first time posting on here so please give me tips to improve. I hope you enjoy!
Snow falls gracefully around me. It drifts like small fairies towards the floor and land dramatically with the rest of their group. Trees stand tall and starkly surrounding me in a circle. They embellish themselves in the accessories of snow. I can't see past them but that doesn't bother me. Curiously, I look up to the sky which is filled entirely with opaque white clouds. The harsh cold breeze surprisingly does not affect me, it was as if I was made of plastic. The cold snowy landscape fills me with warmth. It's the perfect scene for this time of year. It is joyful and charming.

I am interrupted from my trance by the site of a deer in the distance. Blankly, its beautiful orb like eyes pierce into me. Their eyes still focus on me as I stand up to approach the creature. Snow crunches under my feet as I cautiously move forward. The trees grew and towered over me in a threatening manner indicating for me to stay back. I let curiosity lead me further towards the deer. It kept its ice-cold stare attached to me but it did not follow my eyes.

A chill ran up my spine as I glided my hand to stroke the deer's head. Gently, I placed my fingers onto their soft fur. Disbelief ran through my body as I felt the ...deer's fur? It wasn't fur at all! It was made of plastic. Ice ran up my spine and I stumbled backwards towards the trees. I couldn't be fake too. Fear strangled my neck and I ran through the trees. Branches and twigs snagged at my winter coat as my breath caught in my throat. My legs burnt from the sudden movement mixed with the cold.

As I sprinted through the rest of the trees My heart sank into my stomach. I could see a ginormous living room with a large family crowded a table and cheered each other. The eyes of a young girl glowed with excitement as she saw me. Terror filled my veins and my legs quivered. In a few large strides, the girl was staring directly at me. I fell to my knees and begged into the girl's eyes to leave me be. My attempts had failed and she lifted me up into her hands and sprinted towards another woman.

"Mommy, Mommy! The pretty girl in the snow globe is alive! Look!"

The girl was persisting to get her mother to notice me, She thrashed my surroundings around. I was thrown meters across the snow as my body cracked and my bones ached. Suddenly, I was floating in the air as if my body weighed but a feather. I realized that the girl had dropped me and I was rapidly falling to the ground. My head cracked against the cold, hard floor. I turn my head to see the bottom of my supposed home. All I can read out before I black out is 'made in Taiwan'.

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