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by Del47
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #2145956
An original based off of a writing prompt found.
It was a normal Friday night, Joe had brought the alcohol as per the usual. Carrie brought the food, Leo brought the music as the town’s resident dj, Mary made her homemade punch. And myself? Well, I supplied the location. Some people brought some other things as well Jack brought balls for beer pong and I think Max brought Twister. Probably just so he can have an excuse to get his hands on Alice’s ass, I bet. There weren’t too many people, but it was a fair amount. 20, 30? No more than 35. That i’m sure of. Everyone seemed to be having fun and while I was trying to have fun I was still a little stressed about something bad happening, so I doing my “rounds”, much to my friends dismays. When I was walking around I noticed a few things here and there. Mary with Jax pinning her to the wall, Joe flirting with Carrie very drunkenly, Jack and Max tag-teaming in beer pong against unknowing victims, as I scanned the party I decided that everyone was having fun. There were no signs of anything bad happening, and I was thorough. I’m standing at the sliding glass door looking out at the backyard when Alice runs over, she takes me by the hand and whisks me off to the middle of our makeshift “dance floor”. I finally allowed myself to let loose for the first time tonight, I was allowed to have fun for one night. As we’re jumping up around, up and down to the music I spotted Mary and Jax. They were still against the wall, of course. But, oh man! Jax spilled his punch, it looks like. As I let go of Alice to grab a dishcloth from the kitchen I tried to remember what was in it, to make sure if it would stain the wall or not. Let’s see...cherries, Sprite, Cherry Cola? She didn’t put any alcohol in it. When I got to Mary and Jax they were in their same positions against the wall. “Hey guys, you spilled your punch. Just let me clean it and i’ll get out of your hair.” I informed the couple in case they were starting to do other unknown things. But, God I hope not. Because I really don’t want that in my living room. They didn’t answer me, so I just figured they were still sucking face. When I got down on the floor to clean it up, I noticed three things. 1: There was no cup on the floor. 2: It was in a splatter pattern in the middle of the wall. 3: It was way too dark to be punch. As I made note of all of these things I made another realization, neither of them had been talking or moving for the five minutes, barely even breathing. I push myself to my feet and then spin around to face the likely motionless couple behind me. I barely become immobile once more when a knife darts out and slashes me across the neck. It feels almost like a paper cut, but at the same time it happened so fast, that all that was left was a stinging and burning feeling. My hands shoved themselves against the open gash in my neck, as I tilt my head up to see my attacker. Attacker, huh. Never thought i’d ever call her that before. The first thought that rushes through my mind is, “Get away, run. Get out of her reach, tell the guys.”. So, that’s exactly what I did. My feet started carrying me backwards as I kept my eyes glued on her and Jax’s slumped over body. She pushes on his chest and he flops over into the corner, landing in a crumpled heap on the floor. I don’t think he cares much, judging by the numerous stab wounds in his abdomen. I stumble backwards into dancing people, all of them too drunk to focus on anything but me hitting them and the music blasting through the speakers, which combined with my neck injury made it impossible for people to hear me yell anything out. She would stab a few people here and there as she stalked me and people slowly began to realize what was happening as partiers started dropping like flies out of nowhere. I decided that I was either gonna die or run. So, like a rational person would, I ran. I ran into the kitchen and ripped the stereo off of where it was plugged in, so people would finally get it. The music stopped and people turned to me with frowns on their faces, as I was finally able to raspily yell something out. “MARY!” Everyone turned to see where I was looking and pointing. In that exact moment she stabbed Carrie, slashed Joe’s throat, and as Sean Worthington, star quarterback rushed to her to stop her, she stabbed right in the throat, then pulled violently, splattering his blood everywhere. We all screamed and gasped and some people ran out the sliding door. I rushed over to the island and grabbed my phone, as I started dialing 911 Mary rushed around the island and went straight for me. I decided at that moment she was not my priority, these people were, my friends, not her coming towards me with a blade. At the very last second Jack ran over, grabbed the kitchen knife from its resting place next to the fridge, spun Mary around, and stabbed her. We all gasped and were shocked by the fact that Jack just stabbed Mary in the chest. She stumbled back a couple steps as he let go of the knife. She seemed barely phased, if anything she looked...smug. She pulled the knife from her chest and smiled. “Was that supposed to hurt?” She questioned Jack mockingly. She lunged at us, there was a gunshot. She fell limp against mine and Jack’s bodies as he had backed up to stand with me more. Five feet behind her stood Alice holding my father's gun that he hides in his bedside drawer. “Bet that hurt.” Came Alice’s meek voice as she continues pointing the gun at Mary’s dead body in our arms. Having a father as a cop had its perks, especially considering the fact that he decided to teach Alice how to shoot as well. Jack and I dropped Mary’s body onto the floor, she fell on her back and we could see the bullet hole in her head, clear as day. I blew out a breath in shock and relief. As I stepped on her wrist and bent down to pick up the knife from her hand, and the one from the floor I never thought I would feel so relieved to see my good friend dead in front of me.
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