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This is going to be the story of my D&D adventure as it happens.
A long time ago, during a war known as the Zero Infinity War, two incredibly powerful forces faced off against each other and brought the world to its knees. The Hell's Gate and Heaven’s Gate Beasts. The Hells gate was a door in the ancient dimension known as Helventra, and it housed all the demons of the world. From the 7 Deadly Sins, all the way to the armies of Devils and Demons both eons old and newly created. The Heaven's Gate was the same kind of door placed in the dimension Heavrossa, and this housed all the creatures of true judgement. The heretical Seraphs and Angels who believed that the world was poisoned and needed to be purified. To open both gates at the same time is to release both disasters into the world to do as they see fit. But this is not the peak worst part of this story. For it is what lies beyond the deepest parts of the Gates that truly brought the world into the nightmare that it entered. The Heavens and Hells Gate Beasts. Two ancient and powerful creatures that were locked away back when the worlds and dimensions were first created, so say the stories. They were sealed by a group effort of both Gods and Adventurers working together with the aid of 3 legendary artifacts that both created and locked the Gates, sealing away the beasts and their armies for the rest of time. It’s been almost 5,000 years since that event took place and the original adventurers have long since died and moved on to wherever the afterlife should take them. The gods who aided them remain and they have noticed that the Hells Gate in specific is beginning to reopen. We now look upon 6 adventurers who have come to right the wrongs and attempt to gather these 3 artifacts so that the world might be saved.

We start this adventure in the town of Keplar where people from around the world gather to take part in the Tri-Guild Competition with the reward of riches, fame and glory. Our adventurers have climbed the ranks to find themselves here, standing before the iron gates leading into the colessium where they will face off agaisnt the opposing team that have come this far. Beyond the gate is the famous Guild Master, Magi who runs the Keepers Card guild, the largest and second most powerful guild in all of the lands. Magi has been the host of this tournament and is now getting the crowd riled up for the tournament that is about to begin, but our adventurers can't hear a word he's saying because there is a magical barrier blocking out the sound.

I guess now would be a good time to introduce the adventurers, huh?

We have the Goblin Baccus Polly, a man who came from the mines where he was working for quick buck, who earned his magic abilities from attacking a strange rock with a pickaxe. Now he is here trying to either make some cash or fulfill his other desires.
We have the noble and high born, Hragar Flikirson, a dwarf hailing from the high mountains where he was a prince among dwarves. Although this one's story is not all perfect for his family was murdered by a gang of wizards that were trying to steal some of the money that his family had collected. from this scene he was scarred for life and after this, once he became of age he swore himself to an Oath of Vengeance and became a paladin sworn to kill those that would use magic for evil. Now he is here to find out information and hopefully get rid of some of those evil magical people.
Another one that joined this quest was the Tabaxi, Xena Rogue. A Member of the rare cat race who was born as an orphan but was picked up by her queen and chosen to become a magical soldier that would fight for her kingdom. Now we find this brave warrior here in this town fighting for the sake of her kingdom away from her own. One person who was unexpeced to join this fight was a member of the endangered race of Bipedal Bears, the Ursine. This rare breed fo creatures were known for being some of the strongest and noblest of warriors. This specific one, Gildas or Rook as he was addressed in his clan, had his entire clan killed by a gang of dragonborns and dragons. Now he is here in search of revenge and solace for the ones that were murdered.
Knowing that our next member might not always be the msot favored: Raiann, a dragonborn bard that has come here in search of adventure and enjoyment, she hails from a life of peace and calm, or so we know.
Another member of whom we do not know much about just yet is our Half-Elf friend: Ridley Ambercrest. A bard who has come here in search of fame and glory for his great playing ability.

Now that all of the introductions are out of the way allow me, the true magician weaving this story, to create the tapestry of the scene before us.

To Be Continued
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