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Julia must keep her husband from saying what he wants to do in this Dialogue 500 story.
"Julia! How great to see you after a long day of work!"

"Hi, Gerald."

He better not say it. I've got to keep him from saying it or all will be lost!

"Julia, I, um, have something to tell you. I decided to – "

"Oh, I know, honey."


"Rodrick told me. He told me all about your decision."

"Really? I thought my leaving work and – "


"Yes, yes, I know. Rodrick told me all about what you've thought. I know how much it means for you to write full-time. But you've got to stick with your job. Something good will come, I know it."

"I can't now. I already quit . . . Why are there tears in your eyes, Julia?"

He mustn't know. Come on, Julia, pull yourself together. But . . . he already did it. Last time he told me first. What changed?

"Sorry, Gerald. I'm just glad you're finally embracing your talent."

"Yes, I've always wanted to quit work and write."

Aarggh! He said it! Now I have to go back in time again to try and prevent it before Lisa becomes the Book Bandit from over-exposure to her father as a writer!

"Julia, why are you leaving? Julia?"

This is the first time I've needed more than seven tries to fix a part of history! I must be losing my touch.
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