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counting sylables, rhyming scheme, alliteration, building poetry stanzas
Lesson One For Poetry Class "From The Ground Up"
Two Poems read and evaluate according to the questions.

Poem One :The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

1. for each poem, identify the rhyme scheme and tone
Stanza 1: 5 lines = in order: ABAAB
Stanza 2: 5 lines= in order: CDCCD
Stanza 3. 5 lines= in order: EFEEF
Stanza 4: 5 lines= in order: GHGGH
Tone: A fall day is indicated by Yellow wood, there is a traveler who must choose between two roads. The traveler examines the roads and chooses knowing that the road that is choosen will make the road not chosen unavailable for later travel. The tone indicates some indecision on the part of the traveler and I see also an attitude or emotion that the indecision is making for the person. I see a question here about whether the right road was taken? In the end it made a difference to the travels that were involved.
2. Does the poem have a rhythm? Yes. the rhythm is created by the Rhyme Scheme.
3.Does it have flow: Reading this out loud does give a cadence to the way the lines are read. It causes me to read it carefully without grammar indications and see the meaning of each sentence and how each line hands me new information.
4. How many syllables per line?
Stanza 1: I counted: 9 syllables per line.
Stanza 2. I counted: 9,9,10,8,9 In each line respectively
Stanza 3: I counted: 9,8.10,9,9 in each line respectively
Stanza 4:I counted: 9,8,9,9,9 in each line respectively
5.How many lines per stanza?
There are 5 lines in each stanza.

Poem two: Acquainted With the Night by Robert Frost
1. For each poem, identify the rhyme scheme and tone
Rhyme Scheme:
Stanza 1: A,B,A beginning of each line in this sentence is alliteration (I have)
Stanza 2: B,C,B beginning of first two lines is alliteration.(I have)
Stanza 3: C,D,C Line one beginning is alliteration (I have)
Stanza 4: D,A,D
Stanza 5: only 2 lines, A,A last line is repeated alliteration (I have been acquainted with the night.)

Tone: It is kind of mysterious. A person walking in the night and avoiding the watchman. Also listening for the approaching sound of feet and figuring out from where the night sounds originate. Always on the watch as the person walks.

2. Does the poem have a rhythm?
There is a rhythm. Line 1 and 3 draw attention to the information in the 2nd line of each stanza which contains information that extends the readers understanding of what the night holds. The beat of the rhythm is caused by the rhyming word at the end of line 1 and 3. Almost a drumbeat da, dum, da, da, dum, da

3.does it have flow?
Yes. the sequence of rhyme and cadence and information cause the flow.

4.How many syllables per line?
Stanza 1: lines=10,10,9 in order
Stanza 2: lines=9,10,10 in order
Stanza 3: lines=10,10,9 in order
Stanza 4: lines=10,10,9 in order
Stanza 5 lines:10,10 in order

5.How many lines per stanza?
There are 5 stanzas. The first 4 stanzas have 3 lines each. Stanza number 5 has only 2 lines.

Aging Woman in Repose

She gathers and guards her treasures – gathers/guards
there is little else to measure* treasures/Measures
a lifetime now in the past tense. (she/she is alliteration)* Little/lifetime
She mutters not making much sense.* tense/sense

Yellowed letter from her husband,
envelope opened and reopened,* (opened and reopened)
a twist of lovely golden hair*
from when he was young and fair.*hair/fair

Ragged heart shapes with childish scrawls,
"I love you, Mom," the message calls* You/to
*to old memories of days gone by.*by/fly
Oh, how quickly the time can fly!*

Ink penned poems in a journal,* penned/poem
paint a picture like a mural,*paint/picture
of woman's romantic soul,* Woman's/romantic/soul/composed
composed when her mind was still whole.* when/whole

She gathers and guards her treasures. gathers/guards is alliteration
These tokens provide a measure * she/she Treasures/measure is alliteration
of a lifetime now in the past tense.*tense/sense
She mutters and to God makes sense.*(she)

Write a poem with 4 stanzas and 8 syllables per line: with AABB rhyme sceme

Alpha Poem by Apondia

More People should write poetry
more would rather climb a big tree
Count syllables one two or four
eight are beautiful not one more

Look out a window what a scene
Look and be swift big crows are seen
How hard can it be to rhyme words
Not as hard as churning real curds

My first try is really a blast
my momentum will surely last
pens and paper hunting it now
Write a stanza do you know how?

Look at this three stanzas written
did not try this wearing mittens
did you think I would get this far?
now I think I should get a star.
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