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by Moody
Rated: E · Article · Fantasy · #2146248
In the Land of Lotus Eaters, time plays tricks on you.

In the land of Lotus eaters, time plays tricks on you. One day you’re sipping coffee, gazing upon an infinite horizon hovering above the great Nile. A scenery that demands Fairouz, echoing through the cave walls of your ears. Sounds about right, except you’re absolutely numb to such an Eden. A burden piggy riding your back till’ it’s 90 degrees bent, same burden that weighted beasts down all the way to all fours. The burden of survival, cause’ the land of Lotus eaters, my friend, is an absolute jungle.

A land where beauty meets beast, a land of paradox, where yin meets yang. Surfing along the waves of Lotus is essential for survival. Here we’re all surfers. We’re all boxers and weavers, dodging through the consistent jabs of life, paving our way through. Yes, it’s hard, and the rewards aren’t as satisfying from an eagle eye’s perception, but in heart, it’s a piece of heaven, and the numbness fades for a few minutes, then back to point 0. Running O’ we hamsters spin that wheel, striving for our next fix, till it wears out and numb we go again. But it’s worth it, for every fix is more potent than the last, till we overdose.

Sacrifice your heart in return for a taste of Lotus, a little nibble of our national poison, that’ll hold your emotions at bay, and rub your heart with numbing serum. It’s not all bad in here, for a land handpicked by God it does has its peaks and valleys. What keeps us up and running, is unity, Lotus eaters operates as a unit, with one heart pumping Nile poison into our rusty veins. It’s not all bad for we know no better. Caged and drugged in our own world, Lotus is dying for us to live, and numb we go for Lotus to feel. Maybe that’s why we’ve been here for thousands of years, a deal with the devil, eternal life for life itself. In the Land of Lotus eaters, my dear, we’re all numb and fearless, but we live forever and ever, the wheel goes round and round, wave after wave, along we spin, along we surf, along we bite down the big Lotus, just to feel something.
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