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A goal setting challenge. An entry for WDC's Dear Me Contest
Dear Me 2018

Dear Me,

Well, congratulations! You made it through another year! Welcome to 2018!

         Yeah, right. What does it tell you when the New Year starts on a Monday?

Now, don't be so negative. Remember what Benjamin Franklin said, “Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every New Year find you a better man."

         Honestly? First, this war with your vices thing – you now have company. Haven’t you heard about the #MeToo movement? Second, he had no idea that in 2018 most of us wouldn’t recognize our neighbors in a police lineup. Lastly, don’t be such a sexist. Man? You mean “person,” right?

This isn’t an entry for Philosophical Musings. It’s about setting goals for yourself. Concrete, achievable goals.

         I read what you wrote last year. Didn’t do so well, did you?

I know, I know. We set lofty goals and then quit – well, at least conveniently ignored them - when we realized they were impossible to achieve. But, this is a new year and we are wiser.

Quit laughing! Let’s begin. Remember - realistic and achievable.

*Star* Writing. We write almost every day but seldom anything longer than a few hundred words. I think we should resolve to write at least one longer piece each month.

         Several hundred words? That's more than a few.

I think at least 2000. You can't live on poetry alone.

         Hmm. What about Browning, Yeats, E.E. Cummings? They seemed to do all right.

Yeah, but you're not them.

         Point taken. Agreed. We can do that.

Not "can." We will do that.

*Star* Reviewing. Our reviewing has been too sporadic. We'll do seventy in one month, seven the next. Let's resolve to do at least one “comprehensive” review each and every day.

         Hey, some days we're not near a computer. You're setting us up for failure.

Oh, right. How about thirty each month? We can handle that. Besides, so many have helped us over the years, we kind of owe the community.

         I knew you were going to guilt me but I can't argue with you. You're right. Consider it resolved!

Speaking of reviewing, let's include in this Welcoming Newbies. Let's drop a line to at least one new WDC member every day. A welcome and word of encouragement is the best way for us to support the growth and continuation of Writing.Com. This is our home and it's only right for us to be good hosts.

         Now that's a great goal. I remember how Hannah - Hannah ♫♥♫ - "adopted" us when we first arrived. That's why we're still here.

*Star* You know there's more to the world than WDC.

         Don't say that too loud, the SM's might be listening.

We live in the middle of one of most historical places in America. Three miles away is Chancellorsville, the first battle of the Civil War was fought forty-five minutes away, the capital of Virginia is less than an hour's drive, and we've never visited any of them.

         Have you been talking to the wife again?

She may have mentioned something. Come on, we can take one day a month and go exploring. Besides, a little inspiration never hurt.

         OK (sigh). You know if you let her read this, it's resolved anyway.

Now, let's set some stretch goals. Before you ask, let's set out some achievements we're going to try and accomplish ...

         But if we don't, we needn't beat ourselves up about it. I like that idea.

That's not exactly what I meant. We have to make the effort to try.


*Star* Publish a book is at the top of this list, for me.

         You said you don't care if you ever get published again.

True. I've had a few poems and stories appear in magazines but that's not the same as a whole book.

         Where did this come from? It's an ego thing, isn't it.

No. After nine years of writing and finding my voice, I think I have something to say.

         Well, lucky for you anyone with a few hundred bucks can publish. You ought to move this to the resolved column.

It's not that simple. I really want to do something that my kids and grandkids can read someday and understand who I am and the world I've come to know.

         Poetry? Short stories?

I'm not sure, which is why it's on my stretch goal list.

Hmmm. That's only one item.

         Not much of a list is it?

That's the nice thing about goals. You can always add more.

         Yay! Now we get to my part: Wishful Thinking.

OK, but remember that the goal list is still open.

         *Star*Win the lottery, *Star*Move to Cancun, Mexico, *Star*Write a Best Seller.


         Why? These are my wishful thoughts.

Those are fantasies. Besides, if you don't buy tickets – ever – how are you going to win the lottery? I'm going to hazard a guess that writing a Best Seller won't happen if you're struggling to write 2000 words ... a month.

         So, what do you see in this category?

How about end each day with a smile, show kindness to everyone I meet, AND win all the contests I enter?

         It's possible.

Yes, but unrealistic. I think this category is more about reminding myself that in so much of life, it's not simply about achieving but it's about trying. Perhaps even more important, it's about imagining. We are all dreamers and therein lies the magic. As important as resolutions and goals are, it's just as important to dream.

         Well then, I'm sticking to the lottery, the move, and all the pretty awardicons.

You know what? I'm with you on all three.

         Well, I can think of one thing you left off this list.

What's that?

         You could try not talking to yourself so much. 🤣

It's not talking, it's thinking.


Until next year...

         We're going to do this again?

Who knows? The goal list is still open. 😁


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An entry for "Dear Me: Official WDC Contest
Word Count: 950
Yes - these really are my resolutions, goals, and fantasies and not invented for a contest. Yes - I really do talk to myself like this. 🤣 No - I'm not currently in therapy 😜
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