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by elena
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What would you do if you woke up to find everyone had gone missing?
          I'm in love with him. Everyday at 2:45, I wait outside his homeroom door just to see if I can spot his adorable face. His name is Finn. Ugh, what a beautiful name. Wow, what a beautiful boy too. He had luscious, black curly hair and freckles spotted all over his rosy cheeks and nose. His smile can kill, too. In Indiana, finding a boy like him was very, very hard. It kind of sucked that he was always busy and out of school, though. Oh, I forgot to mention, he's famous... He is on this crazy cool TV show with monsters and stuff and he's always out shooting a movie. Since I'm in a pretty big school, I don't think he notices me all that much. He'll look my way once in a while and give me a mini heart attack but, that's about it. He's so cool. He plays guitar and sings, too. All the girls are all over him, well, because he's every girl's dream boyfriend.
          My best friend, Kylie Akers, sat next to me at lunch that day, like she always does. She had beautiful brownish black hair and the most gorgeous blue eyes anyone had seen. Too bad she hid them behind her thick glasses all the time. Kylie had a stuck up and a kind of annoying vibe if you didn't know her well. But I knew her well, and she was the sweetest and most friendliest person ever.
          "Eliza, you have something in your braces," Kylie laughed. I immediately felt around in my mouth for anything and felt my cheeks warm up in embarrassment. "Where?!" I said barely making any sense. She cracked a smile and said, "I'm just kidding... April Fools!" I playfully hit her arm. "It's September, Kylie!" She giggled, "Just warming up, I guess." Then she went back to eating her sloppily made PB&J.
          Suddenly, Emma Diaz walked past our table arm in arm with Zain. He looked right through me. Emma was a drama starter and... Zain was just an asshole. Yes, I sound like a hypocrite because we basically where in love in eighth grade. I almost lost Kylie because I didn't know she had a crush on him too. I was ignorant and hormonal and didn't think about what I was doing. It caused so much stress on me, I almost moved schools again. Zain was the only one there for me then. I had lost all of my friends because I had found out the ugly truth that most of them where liars and the others where just followers. But not Kylie. Even though she wasn't talking to me, she made an effort to stand up for me when everyone else was calling me a bitch, or a freak, or a dumb ass. When I thought it couldn't get any worse, Zain and I stopped talking. Half of it was I blocked him out but, the other half was he lost interest in me and started liking other girls.
          That summer, I stopped playing games and got my shit together. High school was coming and I wasn't going to let these stuck up bitches bring me down. I put away my glasses and began to wear contacts instead. I bought a new cute wardrobe with my saved allowance and birthday money. That's when I began to feel like myself again.
          Freshman year was rough the first few weeks, but I figured it out quickly. That's when I noticed the boy I had been watching on TV and adoring had transferred to my school from Canada. I couldn't believe it. I had to get the one and only, Finn Wheeler, to at least know who I was.
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