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Homework Assignments
Aging Woman in Repose

She gathers and guards her treasures – gathers/guards 8 syllables
there is little else to measure 8
a lifetime now in the past tense. 8
She mutters not making much sense. 8

Yellowed letter from her husband, 8
envelope opened and reopened, */9
a twist of lovely golden hair 8
from when he was young and fair. */7

Ragged heart shapes with childish scrawls, 8
"I love you, Mom," the message calls 8
to old memories of days gone by. */8 or 9
Oh, how quickly the time can fly! 8

Ink penned poems in a journal, */7
paint a picture like a mural, 8
of woman's romantic soul, 8
composed when her mind was still whole. 8

She gathers and guards her treasures. gathers/guards 8
These tokens provide a measure 8
of a lifetime now in the past tense. */9
She mutters and to God makes sense. 8

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

Rhyme Scheme: ABAAB
Tone: Wishful. Wanting to be able to take both paths and wanting to assure that the one not taken was his choice.
Flow: The first two stanza flow, but it is the odd syllable count, at least to me, in the 3rd and 4th stanzas that interrupt it.
Syllable Count: 9 syllables in first. Line 3 in second stanza could be 9 or 10 depending on the way "grassy" may be pronounced
The third stanza has a mix of 8, 9 and 10 syllables and the fourth stanza is a mix of 7, 8 and 9 syllables.
Format: 4 stanzas and 5 lines per stanza.
Alliteration: Repitition of words in the line, Yet knowing how way leads to way.

October's Party by George Cooper

Rhyme scheme: abcb defe
Tone: Light, airy and fun conveying the atmosphere of a dress up ball.
Flow: Flows nicely throughout the entire piece
Syllable Count: Lines repeat a 7 syllable and 6 syllable throughout the entire poem.
Format: Three stanza with 8 lines per stanza
Alliteration: found two instances with the use of the same starting letter in words in the following lines:
The Sunshine spread a carpet
The lovely Misses Maple

My poem for this assignment.

The Blue Guest

The pond nearby lies under ice.
The bird flew by and circled twice.
The shore, his home, it's under snow.
With winds so harsh, where will he go?

I worry for my friend so blue.
No place to fish, what will he do?
My small backyard, a place to rest,
some shelter for my heron guest.

The call of hunger drives him so.
In search of food, he'll have to go.
His wings, they spread. He's now in flight.
He'll seek some shelter for the night.

Heading east and towards the bay,
he'll dine on crabs by end of day.
In salted marshes he will rest,
some comfort for my lone blue guest.
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