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An article on the pursuit of Happiness..!!!!
The pursuit of Happiness...

The pursuit of happiness is a never ending wild goose chase. Happy days never comes, and you have to find happiness in each and every day, in each and every little aspect of life.

Happiness is not money, riches, wealth, assets or anything that you possess...

Neither the grades, certificates, degrees or awards you have obtained...

Nor the designation at work, the rewards or accolades, or your position in social circle or family circle...

Happiness is fulfilling our desires, obtaining what your heart craves for. Happiness is being contended with what you have, and with the life you lead and the satisfaction that you derive from your work life and personal life.

Happiness is not the wealth and riches you possess or the fat bank balance, and all the luxuries and comfort you have. But it is the bliss of happiness felt by your heart even when you have nothing.
In fact a burst of happiness indeed comes when a long lost dream or a wish which when comes true, and then you are on cloud-nine... but that seldom happens in life.

We have great expectations, dreams and hopes in life and if all our expectations and desires are met we are indeed happy, but life is always a tough game with struggles and sufferings. In life not many dreams come true that too on it's own.

If our dreams, hopes and expectations doesn't come true, we lead a frustrated and regretful life, and also with lots of anxieties and worries for future, as we lose hope in our future when the present is tough.

The basic rule of life to have a dream come true is to work hard for it. There is no substitute for hard work and only hard work, pain and sufferings will help you reap the fruits of labour.
During childbirth the mother passes through several pains to bring forth a new life into this world.
A seed dies in the soil to sprout into a new plant.

In nature and in universe nothing happens by chance, but everything is deliberate and through hard work. There are not many coincidences.
But there are lot of things in life we can achieve by our hard work, merit and labour; however many are not in our hands but are destined.

Have an aim or a target to achieve and work hard for it. Even if you have merit, and have put in lots of hard work and you are the best in the pack, if you lack God's grace or if it isn't destined for you, you can earn nothing that you have longed for. Still you must have a plan or a goal in your life.

Life is a weird and tough game, and many of our hopes, dreams and expectations may not be fulfilled as we desire. Hence the key to happiness is to find joy in little things in life.
Have no expectations in life, and never hope that life is going to take you to green pastures.
Life may take you to green pastures or rocky terrain, but make yourself prepared to face anything that life throws at you. Have no anxiety or worries for your future and no regrets of the past.
Life is like a rosebush, we have to appreciate the roses and ignore the thorns, and move on with life, trying to find happiness in all the little aspects of life.

Happiness is infact adapting to the life you have, happiness is appreciating the beauty of life, happiness is when no matter what all you don't have still being able to be contended with what you have for there are millions in this world who lack what all you basic things you have, happiness is to choose a career that you love, happiness is finding a good life partner who really loves you, happiness is to be able to be contended with your family life and work life, happiness is to have good children, and the greatest achievement is to raise a good family, happiness is to have good health all throughout your life, happiness is to have affectionate, true and trustworthy friends and cordial people around, happiness is to appreciate the value of life, and happiness is to seek GOD always, admire HIS creations, and to be always thankful for all HIS countless & bountiful blessings.
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