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by Shaye
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I did write a little, but no where near as much as I wanted to...


Fallen  [E]
Tumbling to Earth...
by Shaye

The Freezing of Patriotism  [18+]
An angry look at how veterans aren't treated with respect.
by Shaye

 Cobalt Eyes  [ASR]
How eyes can enrapture
by Shaye

 Sweet Vs Sour  [ASR]
How something sweet can very quickly turn sour
by Shaye

The Gift of Music  [E]
A brief explaination of what music does for us
by Shaye

Daydreaming  [18+]
The strangest thoughts can cross a mind while daydreaming
by Shaye

Wisps of White  [E]
A nonet of snow
by Shaye

 Happy New Year  [18+]
Hope yours is better than mine...
by Shaye

Flash Fiction

NB: I define Flash Fiction as anything under 500 words

Candy Floss  [GC]
Only the sweetest ingredients would do
by Shaye

Short Stories

NB: I define Short Stories as anything over 500 words, but shorter than a novel!

The Balloon Ride  [ASR]
A first date with amazing sights
by Shaye

 The Elven Party  [13+]
A human stumbles into an elf party
by Shaye



Capita  [18+]
The first draft of a science fantasy space opera.
by Shaye
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