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The Fill in the blanks story continues on with the 410th entry through the 506th entry.
Once upon a time there was a _________________________. Everyday,_____________________________. One day,_________________________. Because of that,____________________________. Until finally,____________________________.

This epic collection of stories continue on here for the third round -

410th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a shiny yellow balloon filled with helium who was a captive tied to a stall with a bunch of other balloons. They were happy to be confined together and then hopefully taken home by a small child, but our yellow balloon was not. It longed to escape and dance on the wind amongst the clouds. Every day it wriggled and squirmed in an effort to free itself. It hated being trapped and didn't want to be sold to any unappreciative child who would neglect it. One day it managed to work the string loose from the rest and its wish was granted. Because of that It sailed up into the azure sky, admiring the view below and making plans to travel the world, dipping and rising as it pleased. It continued to dance, not realising the gas inside it was depleting. It started to feel weaker and sank lower and lower until finally it landed on a busy road and was squashed by a passing lorry. Now just a flat yellow patch on the tarmac it realised freedom isn't always how we imagine it's going to be. R.I.P yellow balloon. By:Scarlett

411th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a boy called Mark, who loved stories. Everyday, he would read adventure stories, and wish he had a more interesting life. One day, a window opens up into one of the stories he's read, and he can see and speak to a character from that story, named Caal. Only, Caal thinks that Mark's world is the story. Because of that, Mark and Caal become friends, and have adventures in each other's worlds. Until finally, they both come to see their own worlds as interesting, too. By:Kwills

412th Entry -

Once upon a time there was an Abyssinian kitten named Schrodinger who thought he was human. Everyday when MissFlowerySmells, the other human in his domain, sat at her desk, he curled patiently on her lap, listening to the click of her fingers on the keyboard. When Missy--that's what he called her, for short--when Missy sat down for dinner, Schrodinger joined her, perched on an empty chair at the table and watched. When Missy crawled into bed at night, he slipped under the covers with her. When she snored, he purred. One day, he noticed that Missy had left the door to the Forbidden Zone ajar. Schodinger had always been so curious about what was on the other side of that door. The most interesting smells and sounds came from there whenever Missy shut herself inside. At last, he'd find out. The equipment he found there made chirpy sounds. That was irresistible. Schrodinger prowled the workbenches, wending his way among the boxes and their flashy lights. They were warm, and wires coiled snake-like everywhere. Missy always called him "bad cat" when he played with wires. He couldn't understand why. They were so interesting. Schrodinger pawed one of the wires and tipped his head. Nothing happened. But just then, a light flashed and, in the unexpected brightness, Schrodinger was sure the wire had turned into an actual snake. He arched his back, hissed, and jumped backwards. He bumped into one of the boxes, sending it crashing to the floor. A siren blared, and electricity thrummed through his body. His brain blazed, his heart thumped in fear, and Schrodinger scampered away to hide under the sofa in the living room. Missy came running into the Forbidden Zone, wrapped in a towel and dripping water. "Dinger, what have you done?," she wailed. She always called him Dinger instead of using his proper name. Schrodinger perked his ears. He understood what she said. He understood the words, not just her distress. That had never happened before. He thought some more about what she'd said, and reflected that it wasn't his fault she'd left the door open. Wait. Where did that complicated idea come from? For sure, nothing was ever his fault, but he'd never considered assigning blame to Missy. She was just the other human. The one who Opened the Can of Food, Petted him, and Changed the Litter Box. It was kind of like she worshiped him, now that he thought about it. Meantime, Missy was off in the Forbidden Zone, whining. "Dinger, you've fouled up my whole photonic array. I'll have to start all over. I'm never going to finish my dissertation on using quantum mechanics to enhance intelligence." Schrodinger licked his fur and contemplated what she'd just said. Of course intelligence was an emergent quantum phenomenon. It was obvious how you'd use entanglement to improve cognition. He'd known that intuitively all along. But then something happened just minutes ago during his Forbidden Zone Expedition. Because of whatever that was, he was thinking more clearly, using words. And stuff. He wondered what else he could do. He stared at Missy and said, "It's time to feed me." All that came out was meow, but her head gave a little twitch, and sure enough, she headed for the pantry and opened a can of food for him. Awesome. While he took dainty bites of Fancy Feast Tuna, he thought and thought about what had just happened. He wondered what else he might make Missy do. He thought that she should clean his litter box. Her head gave that little twitch again, and she walked off to take care of that odoriferous chore. Odoriferous. That was a word Missy would never use. He emitted a self-congratulatory purr. When Missy came back from changing his litter, Schrodinger inspected her and noticed they weren't the same at all. Because of that, he realized that the two of them must be different species. She didn't have his excellent tail, for example. And she clearly didn't think as well as he did. Or at least, as well as he was thinking now. The time before the Forbidden Zone Expedition was a little fuzzy. He decided that since he was human, she must be something else. He wondered what he should name this new species he'd just discovered, until finally he came up with the purrfect solution. And that was how Missy became Shrodinger's cat. By:Max Griffin

413th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a tiny beautiful cockroach named Curach. Everyday, she would look at the mirror and admired herself thinking there would be no one who was as beautiful as she was. One day, she found a very bright light above her ceiling. She thought she hadn't noticed this one before. So, she became very curious, flapped her wings as she was determined to jump as hard as she could and flew into the hole. It was very bright that she couldn't open her eyes. She ultimately went through the hole as the light faded. She then tried to open her eyes and saw another world she hadn't seen before. "How come I didn't know about this place before?!", she exclaimed. Everything was shiny, white and clean. There was a big white bowl that had a crystal clear pool in it. There was also a gigantic immaculate tub that was more enormous than the bowl. She thought that this beautiful place was just fitting to her beauty. Because of that,she decided to live in this palace-like place. Few hours later, while she was enjoying running around the tub, she saw one huge creature came. One two-eyed giant brown skinned with four limbs came into her haven. She was terrified. All she heard was a very deafening scream from the beast. She tried to fly away all over the place in fear. A large shadow came rushing heading to her. She was scared that she thought she was going to be crushed by it. She found the hole again where she entered through at first. She heard a sudden loud bang just right behind her. She managed to get into the hole with thoughts of surviving. Until finally, she got herself in to her home. She did it! She escaped her near-death experience. She promised to never get back to that place even how beautiful it was. She was relieved. By:Monochrome

414th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a goldfish. Her name was Sara. Everyday, new fish were taken from the pet shop to live with humans. One day, a little girl walked in with her mother. She fell in love with Sara. Because of that, the girl took Sara home. Sara lived in a huge tank on the girl's desk. Sara lived happily, and in comfort. Until finally Sara died. By:Lyssa Basfords

415th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a strange little man. He lived alone by the sea, away from people and the small town where he had grown up. Everyday, he would walk alongside the water’s edge, hands in his pockets. Rain or shine, he would be there, in his long coat, every so often casting his eyes out to the sea. “That’s just old Bill,” the people would say. He was a fixture of the town, though none had bothered to get to know him. One day, during his daily ambulation, he heard a scream. It was female and high-pitched and he knew instantly that it was not merely a swimmer in trouble. Because of that, he rushed along the water’s edge until he saw her, struggling against something in the surf. His smile was almost cruel. “I have you now,” he hissed under his breath and threw his cloak off, drawing the sword strapped to his back, hidden from view. He launched himself into the sea and swam with surprisingly powerful strokes to where the woman was floundering. He swung the anachronistic weapon with a deftness his age should not have allowed, striking something unseen beneath the waves. The woman was flung away and she paddled as well as she could back to the beach where a crowd was gathering. But old Bill did not pay any heed as he hacked again and again and again at the water and the thing that lurked beneath. Until finally, the thing reared up. It was not anything anyone had ever seen before. It lashed a tentacle at old Bill, wrapping about his waist and dragging him towards a wide, gaping mouth, its body bleeding from too many cuts. But the old man merely smiled and let himself be taken. Then, at the last moment, he thrust the weapon in his hands into the single, staring eye. The creature screamed an unearthly hiss and sank back beneath the waves, letting old Bill float on the tide back to the shore. The people dragged him onto the sands and he stared up at all of them. “I’ve done it,” he whispered. “My work here is done.” And with that he breathed his last… By:Steven

416th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a wandering and wailing Ghost. Every Day She would wonder and wail by her husbands side. One day she saw him fall clasping at his chest as he fell upon the floor Because of that she wondered and wailed longer, louder and harder then ever before Until finally She saw his ghost go into a light and she wondered no more, wailed no more for now she was alone. By:Ryan J. Daniels

417th Entry -

Once upon time there was a little girl,she was the only child in her house. Everyday she was getting bored of playing alone,every night she was dreaming of having a best friend who would play with her everyday. One day she got very upset because of that. Until finally one time her parents surprised her and got her a little cute puppy!! She became very happy of having a best friend and she loved this little puppy a lot. Everyday they were playing together,making tea parties,and making races. They were very happy together. By:Junjoon

418th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a woman who believed that she can be the great pole dancer. Every day, she will teach herself the different type of pole moves and techniques she could have found. One day, she tried out for pole- a- thon. Because of that, she became one of the best pole dancers worldwide. Until finally, she committed suicide because she was judged by society. By:XXII

419th Entry -
Once Upon a time there was a: dreamer girl who was lost in her own little world, everyday she hoped for her dreams to come true she prayed she cried alone at her lonly nights but smiled with the others and pretending everything is fine. She was slowly loosing hope fading like a dead rose, this was what it takes to have a dreamers life. One day: she finally speaks let it all out and told her dreams suddenly she saw the love she got from the people who wouldn't understand she thought. She was told that her dreams are possible indeed and what she wrote was beautiful and sweet. Because of that: she worked toward her dreams little by little she started to achieve. Until: one day she became the girl of her dreams all it took for her was to believe humans are made for each other to help each others needs to never fear to dream to keep the loved ones always near don't be afraid to show her tears to be with herself kind and dear Finally: She was a role model for people who fear to dream she told them to believe because nothing is impossible for you and me. By:Samman

420th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a land that was ruled by magicians. Everyday, they competed with each other to see who was the best magician. One day, a war broke out among them. Because of that, the wizard ranks were reduced to only a few, very powerful magicians. Until finally, the had to ally themselves with others and then came the time of warriors, great men now supported by the nearly extinct wizard guilds last remaining members still at war, still competing.. By:Sead Creary

421st Entry -
Once a upon a time there was a girl named Melissa. Everyday she walked down to the river to enjoy nature. One day she found a lost purse and decided to find it's owner. Because of that, Melissa spent all day looking for the owner, until finally, she found it's belonged to a girl named Maria, Melissa returned the purse to get her, the two got to talking and five years, are now married. By:Kieran1998

422nd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a blank whiteboard. Every day, a different student would write an inspirational message on the board, and someone would later come along and erase it. One day, the teacher came in and found that someone had used an indelible marker to post an anti-Semitic remark. Because of that, the teacher removed the board and ended the practice. Until finally, a clever student, one well versed in science and chemistry, brought a solvent that could erase the indelible substance without leaving a trace it was ever there. By:deltablue

423rd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a cute, little Cherub. Everyday, he spread love throughout the world. One day, someone stole his bow and all of his magical arrows. Because of that, he grew sullen and cross. Until finally, he no longer loved Valentine's Day, and now he spends the month of February arresting people in "Cupid's Lucky Arrows". By:Hannah

424th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a orphaned space alien who was forgotten here on earth. Everyday, he would look up at the stars with longing. He wondered if they would ever come back for him. One day, he decided to become an astronaut, and take himself home. Because of that, he had purpose and a goal to achieve. He worked very hard to be the one chosen for the next mission into space. Until finally, the day came when he was seated in the Captain's seat of a spaceship that was going to Mars. By:Yezall Strongheart

425th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a goldfish named Mark. Everyday, he stared intensely up at the glowing orb in the sky, dreaming of flying out of his small tank to see what great waters lay beyond this light. A magical sea that could somehow bring even a shred of meaning to his meaningless existence. One Day, he decided that he should escape his monotonous routine and turn his fantasy into a reality. So he decided to simply gather momentum and launch himself beyond the alabaster ceiling, to that hidden magical sea high above him. Because of that, he crashed into the ceiling hard and fell a great distance to a cold and uncaring surface that was devoid of water; he flopped around in a panic against this alien floor as his gills had, for some reason, now failed him. Until finally, he gave up. Staring curiously into the vast landscape of nothingness as he waited for death to take him. As he took his final breath, Mark's last thoughts were of his tank and not of the magical waters beyond the light which rejected him. By:Laurie Razor

426th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a girl named Eve who looked stranger than strange. Every day she would sit on the swings and sing songs that could only be described as lonely and sad. One day, Because of that, she went away. No one saw her again it was like she disappeared into thin air. Until finally, her body turned up in the forest laying downwards in the stream not far from the park where she would sing her sad lonely songs. By:Spirit-Angel

427th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a young princess named Makena. Every day around sunset she would go and sit by the stream. That was behind the castle near the same walls. She would wonder what sort of grand adventure laid in her future. One day when she was the age of thirteen as luck would have it she happen to meet a prince from a neighboring kingdom. His name was Alex they became the very best of friends because of that. Until finally when they were older he asked her to be his bride. She said yes! They had many adventures and lived happily ever after. The End! By:Sammie Rose

428th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a tiny pyramid toy laying in the middle of the street. Every day, someone —often a child with sticky hands— would try to pick it up, only to find it was impossible to lift. Because of that, the toy was deemed a problem, and blamed for any car accident that took place on thet street. The hatred towards it only grew with the passing of time, and some people even blamed the toy for the strange behavior of the weather, and their children's lack of faith. Soon, the entire town was aware of it, and every citizen had their own theory on why it could not be moved. Until finally, the government took hands against it, and removed the toy with special equipment. The street met peace for the first time, and it lasted all of a week. On Monday, when the first horrified citizens went out of their house for work, they discovered the nightmare had returned, not at all unexpected. A tiny pyramid-shaped piece of wood sat in the middle of the street, waiting for them to wake up. By:Angustia

429th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a little girl whose parents were construction workers. Everyday, she watched as they carried bricks,smoothed cement and flattened out mounds of mud. One day, she realised that all that work was for other people to have houses to live in. The family -- the girl, her parents and her baby brother -- all lived in a small hut in the village. This started to bother her. She asked her parents about it but they just said that it was their fate. She thought her parents were being too passive. Because of that, she grew emotionally distant from her parents. She wanted to be ambitious and have a nice house of her own. She started building one, next to her grandma's house. She got her friends together and they would work hard for hours each day. Until finally, the children actually managed to build a room! The girl's parents were astonished and proud. They told everyone of their daughter's achievement. And they helped her complete the house so that they now had a nice house, too. By:Thankful Sonali WDC POWER!

430th Entry -

Once upon a time there was a Unicorn. Everyday, she would run through the forest looking for other unicorns. One day, when she was near the fairy tree a fairy came and told her the unicorns had all left the forest to the great fields beyond the sands. Because of that, she thought she would never see another unicorn because she was afraid to cross the sands. Until finally one day she was drinking from the springs and another unicorn came out of the thick trees. He was a beautiful sight. By:kat

431st Entry -
Once upon a time there was a big fat black cat. Everyday he would wake up from his nap and go to his full food bowl for a meal. One day he went to his food bowl and found it completely empty. Because of this he went all around his palace looking for his maid. Until finally he found her dead on the floor and he ate her eyes out. THE END! By:Shakirah

432nd Entry -

Once upon a time there was a very depressed young man. Everyday, he struggled , searching for a reason to live. One day, he realized the happiness he needed was always inside him. Because of that, he decided to write about his life experiences. He knew that thousands more were in his same situation. Until finally, the young man was happy. He had made a difference in the world. By:Bm Pasehly

433rd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a structured settlement. Everyday, I needed cash, now. One day, I realized "It's MY money and I need it NOW!". Because of that, I called JG Wentworth.. Until finally, J.G. Went and proved his worth, 877.CASH.NOW. By:B. Weather

434th Entry -

Once upon a time there was a boy who had the feeling that he had no purpose and wondered what he was doing on Earth. Everyday, he roamed around by himself, lonely and depressed. One day, while on his meanderings, he found a bunch of seeds. He decided to plant them in the parched soil. Suddenly, his life took on a meaning and he gave these seeds single-minded attention. Because of that, the seeds slowly sprouted tiny leaves in the harsh and unyielding terrain. Until finally, plants abounded on Earth, and spread far and wide, like they did before the apocalypse. By:Triv

435th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a Baby Eagle. Everyday, He dreamed of soaring high above the sky but was too frightened to leap into the air. He was afraid that he would fall. One day, he finally gathered enough courage to jump from a treetop and spread his wings. Because of that, he was able to start flying. Until finally, he reached the heights that he dreamed about. By:KingsSideCastle

436th Entry -

Once upon a time there was a kid who wanted to sing. Every day he would practice his voice to the peak of perfection. One day he was called to be part of American Idol. Because of that he went on to become the overall winner of American Idol. Until finally he ended up going on a lot of tours but luckily was able to find enough time to be able to spend with his family. By:Gentle Giantess's Rule

437th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a very strange little boy who lived all alone on a far away planet. He’d been left there when his chief three parents had decided that he was grown-up enough to settle down in his own environment, but SUZZU didn’t feel grown-up. He felt deserted. The funky green planet where they’d left him, SUZZU had named Zoop. The name had no particular meaning. It wasn’t because the word rhymed with soup or because there were lots of zoo animals in abundance. In fact, Zoop had very little weather at all, and none of it was soupy with the low-hanging fogs like his former home had possessed. As to animals, there were almost none of them at all – only a couple of low-flying insects, two species of which were heavy winged with banana coloring across the backs and antennae that held tiny spotlights at each tip. But, the name Zoop was just as good as Planet Barbecue or Planet Mittlebox, and besides, there was no one around to complain they didn’t like the name. So, Zoop, it was. Zoop was a planet so big that it seemed that SUZZU would never reach the other side even though he’d walked and walked, skipped, cartwheeled, and even crawled when he grew weary, yet his trip to see it all was now in its 643rd day. Of course he would know when or if he had completely its circumference and had once again come to the drop-off point where his parents had left him, for they had placed a silticoff marker there, one that they could hone into if they ever needed to contact him again. But that odds of that were not great, they had told him. It was time for him to be separate. SUZZU glanced up. He had noticed that Zoop rotated slowly, much more slowly than his planet of birth. Zoop’s movement in the sky wouldn’t even have been perceptible, except that he could feel the planet humming, feel the vibration under his toes. In fact, he could close his eyes and share the rhythm. The song SUZZU heard sounded like this: ZOOOOOOO, ZOOOOO. Puh. Did all planets make such music? Did they all shimmy to some inner melody of planethood? It was a question SUZZU wondered about as he walked. Sometimes he sang along, but the planet grew silent then, silent as if listening . . . or as if angry that he would dare to accompany the planet’s tune. SUZZU hoped it was the latter, because that would mean that he wasn’t actually alone, that someone, even if it were just a planet, someone was there with him. Oh, how lovely that would be. But, if he made the only other being in any direction angry, that would not be a good thing. So, mostly, SUZZU didn’t try to sing. It seemed a whole lot safer just to listen. Everyday, when SUZZU looked upwards, all he could see was a huge moon that shown down, day or night. It never left the planet’s side, but leered unendingly, its cratered gullies and pockmarked pimples, showing that once it had been turned away, its back to the planet. What had happened to make it summersault? That was another question that occupied SUZZU’s mind, another query with no resolution. One day when SUZZU encountered another large lake in which he could not only satisfy his thirst, but bathe his overly tired feet, he discovered that there was a different kind of animal living on the planet. It was a fish, not the kind that would be interested in friendship, but the kind that was slimy and squirmy when touched. And just a quickly as SUZZU had caught it, the fish was rapidly swimming away, its shiny green tail paddling the water so fast it was as if it believed that SUZZU would chase it. Because of that, SUZZU stayed by the lake for the whole day, waiting for the fish to return, hoping it would get over its fear and come back to chat, but the day grew hot, then cold, then hot again, and only a couple of insects buzzed about his head, then flitted away. Night fell and SUZZU slept, then rose up and ventured off. At least SUZZU had something else to ponder about. He named the fish BUKI, wondered whether it could ever be tamed, and trudged onwards. Until finally, on the 934th day since his arrival on Planet ZOOP, reaching the top of the highest mountain, or at least the highest mountain he’d encountered on his trek, SUZZU stared down at the valley below, gasped, then let out a cry of “Offlemehele,” which kind of means, I don’t believe it. For you see, SUZZU was staring down on a huge crowd of people, and they were all cheering for him, crying out welcomes. SUZZU ran forward, met their open arms, then laughed and cried. When he discovered that all them were his peers and had clustered together after their individual hike from the arrival point, SUZZU found out that they were the beginning of a brand new settlement. SUZZU’s mouth split open with happiness. He hummed in joy. His feet beat a melody that blended in perfectly with Zoop’s. Except, he discovered, ZOOP was really called MAG, but who cares about a name? The truth was that he was home. SUZZU brushed down his long tresses, curled them about his three slender horns, and looked about for two likely mates. It wasn’t long before he found them. Then, arm in arm and arm, the three snuggled happily, feet soaking in the silver lake at the edge of the settlement. Life was very, very good. By:Shaara Shamrock

438th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a penguin who lived in the Seattle zoo. Everyday, with all the other penguins, he would swim and groom himself. He would look at the tall not-penguins looking at them, and he would eat and sleep. One day, the tall not-penguins who brought the food brought instead two new penguins. These penguins were girls, and they learned to swim and groom and eat and sleep with the rest of them. Because of that, he felt differently about the tall not-penguins who brought food. He wondered about the tall not-penguins who watched them. He noticed they came in different sizes. Some were in small groups, some were in big groups. The smallest not-penguins were even his size. He didn't know what to think about all these new thoughts. He tried to make friends with the new penguins. A group of tall not-penguins gathered a small group of them together and put them in a not-rock box. They went on a long voyage. It was noisy. It was scary. It was very smelly. There were many tall not-penguins coming and going. Until finally, the not-rock box opened and he felt the cold. It felt good. He moved forward, and walked out on the ice and snow. He could hear penguins in the distance. Lots of them. He could smell the ocean. With his other penguin friends, he waddled away from the not-rock box, to freedom. By:MaureenS

439th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a lost baby dragon. Everyday, he would walk along the wooded path. Searching for his tribe. He never gave up hope that one day he would again see his family. One day, he saw something brown and furry peeking out of a hole in the ground. It seem to be watching him. It had a pink nose with long whiskers twitching. "Hello Thad." "Hello. How did you know my name?" "I'm Trixa. And I know your mother." "You know my mother?" "Yes. Why are you so far from home." "I chased a butterfly . . ."
"And because of that, you are now lost". Thad shook his bluish-green head. "Follow me," Trixa said and she hopped away. Thad followed close behind the rabbit. Until finally, they came to an open meadow lined with Hawthorn trees. Thad was home. His mother flew to the edge of the clearing where Thad and Trixa stood. The End. By:Gypsy Ann the Dark Faery

440th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a nasty roomer who lived in a boarding house. Everyday, this nasty roomer got her jollies from spreading nasty rumors about the other roomers as well as about other people in the neighborhood and, also, about her co-workers in the factory where she worked. One day, she noticed that one of the other roomers named Robin was quickly putting on weight. Because of that, she assumed that Robin was pregnant from a one night stand and began to spread nasty rumors about Robin's delicate condition. Until finally, she was confronted by Robin in regards to the rumor -- and he (YES! I said HE!) called her out right in front of everybody else saying that she was nothing but a nasty roomer who was so obsessed with spreading nasty rumors that she was too flaky to even notice that he was merely a long-haired man with a beer belly who not only bellied up to bars but, also, bellied up to buffet tables and the boarding house's dining room table."B-b-b-but your name..." "My name is Robin as in Williams and NOT as in Givens." Then, as he inhaled a piece of peach pie and a whole pepperoni pizza, Robin suggested to the nasty roomer who spread nasty rumors that she needed to be more prudent about opening her piehole. By:AJ wants U 2 meet The CanMan!

441st Entry -
Once upon a time there was a woman who saw a nice looking, man each time she jogged around the lake. She smiled at him and he returned the smile. Everyday, she thought about the man. Who was he? What was his story? He didn't wear a ring, was he married? She made up little stories about the man and his supposed life. One day, while watching TV she saw a news alert that a man was missing. They showed a picture of the man and to her surprise it was the running man she thought about everyday. Because of that, she noticed officials in the background were people who attacked the missing man and the woman standing there. After the newscast, she heard a knock at her back door. Cautiously, after asking who the caller was, she opened the door to find the missing man standing on her back porch. He asked for her help to hide him from the people in the newscast. The woman allowed him in and later she agreed to help him escape the city to find his friends. They were on the run with the officials chasing them. Until finally, they reached the area where his friends lived. There was a life and death confrontation. The bad officials were caught and held captive. The man's friends contacted their friends in the Government who came and picked up the bad people. The man chose to stay with his friends. The woman, now a much different person than the one who left home, chose to return home and rediscover her life. That isn't the end. A year later, there was a knock on the woman's back door. Again she queried the knocker and opened the door to find the running man standing there. He asked if he could start dating her and to build a relationship. She throws herself into his arms and says "I thought you'd never ask." THE END By:Editing is BLUE

442nd Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a little boy. No older than 10. Every day he wished his mom would come home. Sober. Even though she promised she would come home every night, he still didn't like the stink on her breath and the funny way she talked to him. One day he woke up. Alone. His mom hadn't come home. Where could she be? He was scared. She was in jail. He didn't know what that meant but he knew she wasn't home. She had left him alone. Broken her promises. Because of that, he cried. He blamed his small innocent self, imagined it was all his fault. Until finally, his mom decided to get better. She woke up from the haze she had been living in. Realized how much she had hurt that small innocent child. That child who she loved and adored and who loved her back, even through all the pain, she had caused him.
Hearts are still mending. Trust is still being earned. But now that mom is keeping her promises. She comes home every night. And snuggles that small innocent child. By:nancnancrevolution

443rd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a man that decided to stand on a street corner and beg for money. Everyday he wrote a message on a piece of cardboard, stood on the corner holding up his sign, and pocketing the cash he was given. One day another man asked him how much money he made panhandling. Because of that a lucrative business was born. Until finally we have a panhandler on every street corner. By:Lovina

444th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a young man with eyes the colour of the earth. Everyday, this young man saw the world in shades of grey, as if bleached of colour, the wonder of the world revealed only in short bursts, like flashes of lightning. One day, he came upon a young woman with a cheerful smile. Because of that he began to see the world in colour and he saw the deep blue of her ocean-coloured eyes. Until one day, he gathered up the nerve to talk to her, finding in himself the desire to feed the flickering flame of his fledgling love. He spoke to her all the time until finally, he asked her to dinner. But she said no. By:LazyWriter

445th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a girl who had a bad hip. Everyday, she moved with endless pain. One day, she went to the doctor, who administered lots of tests. Because of that, they tried to find the cause of her hurting hip. Until finally, they found the cause and told her that she would need surgery to get a new hip. By:J Lynn

446th Entry -

Once upon a time there was a boy in a void. He could walk for hours and find nothing that separated one shade of darkness from another. He did not understand love, yet, but he understood boredom, and something else—a writhing, hollow feeling that made his stomach ache and his bones feel filled with air. He learned, after long enough, that he had a voice, and when he screamed, a voice called back. "Who's there?" He didn't know the answer to that question. Every day if the endless, black sameness could be separated into days—the boy spoke with the voice. It started out much like his, but it changed little by little. It became gentle and warm, playful. It learned things he did not know and shared them with him. One day, the boy wanted more. He wanted the sky the voice told him stories about. He wanted something other than this darkness. But the voice, warm and sad, confided in him: "I can't make something from nothing. Give me your feet that walk, and I will give you a sky." His feet had led him nowhere but into the same darkness all his life, so he agreed. He gave her his feet and when he woke again, it was to vibrant stars and a sunrise that made him cry. His sky changed all the time. Storms and sunlight, clouds that puffed up and stretched long and dyed themselves in the colors of kings and conquerors before the stars came out. He watched the sky forever, it felt like. After a while, he wanted more. He wanted trees and flowers beside him, rocks and earth beneath him. He wanted oceans deeper than universes and mountains razor-sharp and black as night, yawning toward infinity. He wanted snow and lightning. Because of that, he gave himself away inch by inch to make a world. Until finally, there came a time when he was just a voice, like his friend. That was fine. He had used his hands to touch flowers and water, his eyes to see every tiny majesty in his world until he felt full with it. He had learned that hearts are for loving. He was never alone. The voice was beside him. He enjoyed the turning of his beautiful world, its storms and sunny days, its warm wind and cold wind and sharp, dry, cutting wind. For a long while, he was happy. But he wanted all the things he had for his friend. He wanted his friend to have hands and feet and a life outside of him. He wanted his friend to be happy and have more friends. He wanted for his friend what he never had for himself: to be able to touch another pair of hands and feel another chest rising and falling with breath. Because of that, he told his friend what he wanted. His friend was silent for a long while, eventually saying, "I can do that, but you have only the most important parts of yourself left to give. To make this, I will have to take the last of you." He'd thought so. That was fine. One day, a boy disappeared, and a girl found hands and feet and a sense of touch, but the boy she wished to hold was gone. The girl started hearing voices and smelling smoke. After all, the boy had wished company for her. She kept away, and she wandered, up mountain peaks black as night and yawning toward the sky. Every day, she spoke into the silence, up toward the stars. She had been just a voice long enough that she understood the weight of words. She told the sky all the stories she would have told the boy, about the world they'd made together, growing and filling with people who touched other hands and looked into other eyes and walked together side by side on roads they made with the toil of their bodies. Once upon a time, there was a full world and a girl, but no boy, and it had never felt quite so empty. There was a feeling inside her that made her stomach ache and her bones feel filled with air, and it made her want to scream. Perhaps, one day, she would. By:§ Roseille ♥

447th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was an astronaut who flew a shining red rocket to a far away world. It was so far away and so little regarded that it didn’t even have a name. They lived all alone on that world among its indigo trees and silver grasses but never felt lonely because there was so much for them to do. Every day, the busy astronaut would wake up, eat breakfast and leave the comfortable rocket. They would travel far and wide across the nameless world. Mapping its crimson rivers and golden seas. Cataloguing the many strange and wondrous creatures they found until the twin suns set and they returned to the rocket to eat and rest and prepare for the next day. One day, the astronaut was documenting a particularly interesting species of beetle that only lived under sapphire rocks when the study was interrupted by a strange new light in the sky. Looking up they saw a fiery trail, blazing overhead and landing not too far away. The Astronaut was shocked to recognise another rocket much like their own. Questions crowded their mind, who could this be? Why had they come to this remote place? How would they respond to finding the nameless world already had a resident? Because of that, it seemed prudent to give the visitor some space. The astronaut watched from a safe distance as a strange creature emerged from the new rocket. It had four stubby legs and four long sinuous arms. Its skin was green and its four eyes a brilliant blue. The astronaut had never seen a creature like this and the thrill of a new discovery warred with their natural caution. It walked back and forth all morning and into the evening setting up its base and exploring it’s new world while the astronaut chose to remain hidden. It acted much as the astronaut had when they had first arrived, it’s actions strangely relatable for such an odd-looking creature. The only thing that the astronaut couldn’t explain was the creature’s habit of stopping every so often and raising one of its four arms in the air. The astronaut continued to observe for several days while the creature continued to act normally apart from its one strange habit of raising its arm at irregular intervals. The astronaut couldn’t fathom what it was doing, was is a religious observance, some quirk of alien biology? It made no sense to them. Until finally, in a sudden flash of insight they understood. The alien was waving! It knew the astronaut was watching and was inviting them to come say hello. Feeling more than a little foolish the astronaut stood and approached their strange new visitor welcoming it to this world. One year and much hard work and many misunderstandings later and the two explorers had become the closest of friends. No longer alone and never lonely they both agreed on a name for the distant planet they had found each other on. From that day forth they would call it home. By:Spindizzy

448th Entry -

Once upon a time there was a starship that traveled the galaxy looking for other signs of intelligent life. Everyday, they investigated planets and moons looking for some indication that they were not alone in the universe. One day, they discovered an alien race in a distant solar system and made contact. Because of that, humanity made its first space friends. Until finally, our new alien friends found an opportune moment and launched their first strike. By:Jeff

449th Entry -

Once upon a time, there was a blazing hot sun. Everyday he would check into to his twelve hour shift in light distribution making sure everyone had their fair share. One day, his wife shows up to work and stands in the sun's way to soak up all of his light demanding that he should speak to her. Because of this, the two argued about how much time they don't spend with each other until finally, he embraces her with his outer ring. She leaves satisfied and happy and goes back home. By:Octavius

450th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a house at the end of a lonely dusty road. There was nothing remarkable about it, save that the paint on its walls were peeling. The roof had fallen down in places where the crows had made their nests. The windows and the doors had been nailed shut, and the yard, overgrown with weeds. The last occupants had long left it; the quiet of the village, the drudgery, and moved to the city where they could pursue their dreams. But the house had a story to tell. When Kojo first brought Edna into the house, he was fifty and she, thirty. She was beautiful with thick black hair, permed, so that it fell in soft waves about her shoulders. It was very quiet with their closest neighbor, fifteen minutes away by car, and with the husband being away so often on business trips, she was alone most of the time. To keep busy, she made a vegetable garden behind the house, and at the edges of the walkways in front of the house, she planted the most amazing flowers. You could tell she was gifted, could make a drab house look gay. A year later, the baby was born and when she sang, you could hear it all the way down the road. She had the most amazing voice, used to lead the choir back in her church before she got married and moved away. Everyday, she sat on the porch singing to her baby, filling her heart with all the love she had. The husband's absences got more frequent, and she filled the voids in her heart with more and more love for the baby, until there was no longer room for her husband there. One day, the singing stopped. Just like that. Kojo, her husband, had returned home the night before. This time there was no welcome kiss and there was no basin of warm water for him to soak his weary feet in. The next day, she went to the baby's room to take him and sing to him, but the baby would not wake up. The baby had died in his sleep. Because of that, the husband called his boss and told him he wanted to travel less, so that he could spend more time with his wife. But there was one thing he didn't know. His wife had buried her heart with the baby. six months later, Kojo disappeared. Some said he had run away with his lover. In her soft quiet way, she said he had gone away on one of his trips and hadn't returned. She sold the house and moved away two years later. The house fell apart, crumbled in many places, hid snakes and scorpions in its cracks. Until finally, a developer bought the house and the land and finally razed it to the ground. Among the heaps of broken stones and debris, the skull and bits and pieces of bones from an adult man was found. There was much speculation, but whoever it was, was never known. By:Ametorpe

451st Entry -
Once upon a time there was a young man, barely eighteen, who inherited so much money that he could do whatever he wanted. He wanted to be a published author. Since he already knew how to write, he quit college. Every day, he sat at his desk, typed on the computer, and printed out the results. But every day, he threw away the terrible results. One day, the computer failed. Because of that, he went for a long, long walk. Until finally, it came to him. He couldn’t write a good story, because he never lived a life. By:Ari Lox

452nd Entry -
ONCE UPON A TIME there was found a black bead,then a blue bead,then a red bead,then a white bead. EVERYDAY another bead was found and put into a broken earthen pot.ONE DAY the little girl to whom this earthen pot belonged to thought to herself; " my earthen pot is getting full,now what do I with it'. BECAUSE OF THAT she began to join the beads together on a string, thinking that they looked pretty she joined more and more of them UNTIL FINALLY a beautiful beaded necklace hung around the beautiful Maasai girl. By:bokeye

453rd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a place where everything was beautiful; full of color and light, happiness and peace. Everyday, each person did something that astonished the others. a witty young girl with long course hair would pick the sweetest berries, a sweet young man with two blind eyes would weave the sturdiest baskets, a sturdy old woman who always smiled would roast the finest dinner, a fine young mother who had the spirit of a dove created the most vibrant shelters, a vibrant old man who had never heard a sound taught young children the signs of their people. each person uniquely valued and completely accepted. One day, the strangers came and brought no sweet young men, no sturdy old women, no vibrant old men; only witty young girls and fine young mothers along with their brothers and fathers. there were no sweet blind weavers, vibrant deaf teachers or sturdy cooks who couldn't help but smile. the strangers were not unique, they were instead very similar and quite unaccepting. Because of that, the people began to believe that what made them unique was no longer a trait to be valued but a feature to be discarded. for centuries to follow there was a horrible struggle between those who were unique and those who were similar, the unique were forced to fit into the mold of a similar person but found it completely impossible, they just could not be similar; they were unique. their uniqueness was too inconvenient for the similar to handle, so they locked the unique ones away with accusations of lesser importance. even the similars sometimes gave birth to uniques and still refused to see their value. this place which use to be full of beauty, light, and peace, was quickly distorted into a gray mess of ordinary uniformity. any sign of uniqueness was given a label, those who were vibrant were seen as crazy, those who smiled with no reason were called insane. almost everyone had forgotten the way this place had once been, except the few who believed that uniqueness was valuable. these few treated the unique as equals and began to show others how wrong they had been to discard them. the people had been so lost in their struggle to be similar that they had forgotten the beauty of being unique, they had forgotten that a blind man can still learn, a deaf man can still teach, and a woman who smiles for no reason at all may be the one with the kindest heart. Until finally, the people understood what they had done, the place that was once so peaceful had become so broken and hurtful and bland. slowly the unique ones began to take the light again, they began to live beside the similars and even taught the similars how good it can be to be different. slowly the place became beautiful again. By:gracerin

454th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a cowboy who loved to read poetry and Shakespeare. Everyday, he'd read a few pages before going to bed. One day, another cowhand seized his book and made fun of him, causing all the others to laugh in the bunkhouse. Because of that, he only read in secret or out in the woods. Until finally, an slightly older cowhand with a deep voice was hired who loved to recite Shakespeare or poetry from memory. The others were entertained by him and realized they had been giving the young cowboy a rough time. From then on, he read when he felt like it, off duty, that is. By:pumpkin

455th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who live alone in a tiny little castle. No one ever came to visit her because she lived so high up in the mountains. Everyday, she would look out her window and dream of seeing the world. She would imagine other people as well. One day, a huge storm blew in causing her tiny castle to feel cold and damp. The princess longed for someone to come and be with her during these long cold hours. Hidden in the castle, a fairy heard the princess's wishes. Because of that, she felt sorry for the lonely princess. The fairy zoomed out into the storm. She kept on flying and flying. Until finally, she came across the closest village. There she found two men, brothers, that she deemed worthy to keep the princess company. She knocked them both out and brought them to the tiny castle's front doors. The fairy knocked hard on the doors before zooming away. When the princess finally to the door, the two brothers were starting to stir. They asked the princess if she had room for them to stay the night. The princess readily agreed. Tonight would be the happiest night of her life. By:E. M. Gale

456th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a pointless man. He was tall, but his curved back never allowed him to show his true height. His limbs were bony, but his belly kept ripping off the buttons on his jacket. The hair was thinning and weak, but his body compensated it with a beard he couldn’t defeat by shaving twice a day. His nearsighted eyes appeared to be popping out of their sockets, and his teeth were never revealed in a smile.

He followed a meaningless regimen. Every day, be it a national holiday or a weather disaster, he dressed as he would for work. He would strangle himself with a neck scarf and throw on a jacket with greasy elbow patches if only to descend two floors to pick his newspaper. He only read the horoscopes, which he didn’t believe in. He skipped breakfast, rode a bus, and dined alone. He spent the remaining waking hours at his desk immersed in charts and numbers. He was a slow thinker, but diligent enough to weed out his mistakes. He earned enough money; he had nowhere to spend it.

One day, as he picked up his morning paper, something fell out and rolled to his feet. He reached for a colourful ball of hard candy. Emendation, its wrapper said. How did it get there? An accident? Who would keep candies and newspapers together? No, a mailman must have put it there for him to find. A small token of appreciation. A gift. No one ever noticed him or gave him anything. He never received a birthday present; he never was bribed. Because of that, even such a small thing as candy seemed like an enormous prize. He couldn’t just eat it. It had to be saved for dinner. For a candlelit feast where it can be the crown jewel.

Never in his life, he was this excited to go home to unfreeze a boxed meal. He barely touched it, his mind fixed on the precious dessert. With his shaking hands, he unwrapped the shiny paper and looked at the sparkling caramel. He placed it on his tongue to taste the juicy sweetness. The candy rolled in his mouth, coating the inside with sugary freshness, its scent tickling his nose, it danced on his tasting buds, it turned, leaving a tail of tenderness, and it slipped inside his throat, halting midway through. He tried to nudge it back; it firmly held its ground. He coughed. The candy stayed in place, pressing on his windpipe. He strained to breathe in, producing only a faint hiss. He fell to his knees, trying to pat himself on the back, crimson terror on his face. He clawed at the tight neck scarf. He drummed on his chest. He put fingers in his mouth. Until finally, his oxygen-deprived brain gave up, and his body fell lifeless. As his killer slowly melted inside his
throat, the eugenics committee was putting a new surprise candy into another pointless man’s mailbox. By:J.B. Ezar

457th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a young rooster named Roo. Everyday,
Roo woke up listen to his fellow male chickens sing. One day, there was a fox walking around the hen house. Because of that, Roo crowed "Er-er-er-er-errr" very loudly. Until finally the farmer and his dogs woke up and chased the fox away. Everyone was so proud of Roo. By:Dorianne

458th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a mighty demon. Everyday, the demon tortured a different soul in the depths of the chasm that he called home. One day, a new soul arrived who was ripped apart, its light was dim unlike the other souls he received. The demon asked the soul how he became this way, it was evident the soul was already tortured. The soul spoke with a flicker of its light, “Self hatred has eaten me inside, doubt has sucked out my light. Don’t hold back on your torture, demon, it will be welcomed”. The demon was taken aback, he was challenged. Because of that, he thought of how he could torture this poor soul. Day in, day out he was designing different forms of torture in his mind and giving up on them. He stopped torturing other souls too. This one soul had become all he could think about. Until finally, the demon could not take it anymore. This had become a torture to him. He went to the soul, reached into the depths of its being and crushed the light within it. The soul evaporated in a slight sigh. The demon stretched out his wings and flew out of the chasm, never to return again. By:Gregowich

459th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a little boy of about six years of age in Wonderland. Everyday, he treks to school which was about ten kilometer from his home. One day, as he was walking his way to school, he saw a puppy that was lost which belonged to a nearby rich man and took it to the owner. Because of that, the rich man bought him a bicycle. Until finally, he could now go school on a bicycle. By:Kay Salisu Titilola

460th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a 19 year old woman named Sarah Nicholson, who with her blonde hair, blue eyes covered by glass,large breasts usually covered by a pink t-shirt and curvy hips and bubble butt covered by a short black skirt,which along with her fun and outgoing personality meant the young woman attached interest for both male and females but Sarah was happy with her current girlfriend Rebecca.

Everyday, Sarah would take a walk through the forrest and enjoy the peace and quiet. One day, Sarah was walking along when she spotted a rabbit hole and went over to have a closer look, the hole was rather small but when the young woman spotted a red rose,her favourite flower,her curiosity got the of her and she stuck her head inside and after a struggle due to her breasts,her entire top half was soon inside, leaving only her hips, curvy backside and legs sticking out. Sarah grabbed the flower and put it in her hair before joking,"I must look so silly with my backside sticking out" before deciding to back out of the hole but was shocked to discover that she couldn't. "Maybe this wasn't a good idea", said the young woman as she placed her hands against the hole and pushed and pushed with all her might but still she didn't move and was now concerned and a bit annoyed. Sarah then tried to push herself free again, even putting her foot against the hole for more leverage but still she didn't budge,Sarah was completely stuck. Sarah then decided to phone Rebecca for help,but remembered that her phone was outside in the back pocket of her skirt.

Because of that, the young woman couldn't phone for help and began shouting"could someone please help me,I'm stuck but no one was nearby to hear her voice. Time passed with Sarah remaining in the hole and said,"at least,my day can't get any worse" as a dog walking passed spotted the young woman's situation and grabbed the seat of her skirt and began to pull as Sarah felt the sudden tugging and growling of the dog and began wiggling her rear end and said,"hey let go of my skirt,you naughty dog"but still the dog continued to pull until a RIP sound was heard and Sarah's face beet red with embarrassment as she realised that the dog had pulled off the seat of her skirt and exposed her bubble butt,which was barely covered by red panties before the dog left, leaving the humiliated young woman still stuck and now with her underwear showing.

"I think I'm going to be stuck here forever", said Sarah as just then a voice said,"Sarah,why is your backside sticking out a rabbit hole and why can I see your pants?" Sarah realised that the voice belong to her girlfriend, Rebecca and replied,"hi honey,I went inside this hole to get a flower but I got stuck and it was a dog that did that to my skirt, could you please give me a hand?" Of course, we'll help" as Rebecca revealed that the two's friends Chloe and Penelope were with her and after everyone laughed at the ridiculousness of the situation before a chain was formed with Rebecca pulling on Sarah's hips, Chloe pulled Rebecca's waist and Penelope pulled Chloe's t-shirt and Sarah pushed. "1,2,3, heave,said Rebecca as the tug of war began as the foursome pulled and pushed with all their strength but still Sarah remained in the hole when the dog from earlier grabbed the hem of Penelope's dress to help to pull. The tug of war continued Until finally, a POP sound was heard and everyone flew backwards into a heap on the ground as Sarah was pulled from the hole at last. "Thank goodness for that said Sarah as she hugged and kissed her girlfriend Rebecca before thanking everyone including the dog from helping her out before everyone laughed at the ridiculousness of the entire situation as they went back to Sarah and Rebecca's house for some lunch together with Sarah using her hoodie to cover up the hole in her skirt. By:Kieran1998

461st Entry -
Once upon a time there was a boy who believed in fairy tales. He believed he could write his own happy story in reality. Everyday, he would wake up and simply hope that today was the day he would start writing chapter one. Many years passed by, but this thought never left him. He was clearly desperate, but for what, he didn't know. One day, he finally had the chance to write his story. He began doing just that. It made him really happy. Many months passed by and he was busy writing new chapters. However, he could see that he was the only one writing happy stories. Everyone around him didn't want to write anymore. Because of that, he simply couldn't write anymore. It burned a hole right through him, and it hurt. Very bad. He tried to ignore his pain and suffering for many days. One day, he became fed up with his pathetic existence. He just wanted everyone to start writing too. Until finally, he decided to quit. He couldn't take it anymore. Eventually, everything went back to normal, but he never did. He couldn't find a way to fill the massive void left inside him. Nothing would help. He couldn't carry on his miserable experience. He now stopped writing happy stories. I didn't believe in fairy tales. All he had, were his nightmares. By:Existence

462nd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a troll (his name was Grundlebletch von Hoogenspit) who lived deep underground in a cave. Yes, he was a cave troll and, accordingly, he had no time at all for forest trolls, considering them flighty and irresponsible with silly ideas of going out in the daytime, unprotected from the harsh light of the searing sun.

Every day Grundle (as his friends called him) would wander through the tunnels radiating from his cave, searching for the worms, burrowing beetles and larvae that formed the basis of his diet. He had never tasted the flesh of creatures that walked above the ground, protected by the sunlight as they were, so he did not yearn for anything more tasty than his daily fare.

But do not think that Grundle was devoid of imagination. Cave trolls are a serious bunch and they think profound thoughts regarding such things as the decomposition time required for a leaf to turn into soil, why dirt dislodged from the roof of a tunnel always falls downwards rather than any other direction, what makes the mole run from a troll in such obvious terror. Cave trolls, indeed, are the intellectuals of their species.

One day Grundle discovered an unexplored tunnel. It was right at the edge of his range (which explains why he had never seen it before) and he stood immobile for long minutes while deciding whether to see where it led. Grundle was exceptional amongst cave trolls in that he sometimes allowed curiosity to get the better of him and so he set off up the new tunnel.

After some time he became aware that the tunnel was heading upwards, not steeply but steadily. The thought occurred to him that he might be on his way to the outside. Because of that he stopped and pondered for a while, wondering if he was being led astray. His curiosity won in the end, however, and he continued on his way.

There began to be a faint glow of light in the darkness but Grundle’s eyes were fixed on the floor, avoiding intrusive roots and protruding rocks. Then suddenly he was at the end of the tunnel. Still concentrating on the floor, Grundle kept going until finally he was right out there in the open. He stood in horror as he realised the terrible thing he had done. The sun shone powerfully overhead and he knew he had only minutes before he would be shrivelled up like a dead leaf. He must find shelter quickly!

Now, you and I would know that all he had to do was turn around and walk the few paces back to the tunnel but trolls don’t think like that. Their thought processes proceed in straight lines and do not countenance deflection from their chosen path. This is why any company of orcs and goblins will always put the trolls in the front of the column. If anyone is going to walk into an ambush, let it be the trolls - they won’t stop.

There was, therefore, only one way for Grundle to go. He began to run forward. Well, I say “run” but trolls don’t really run. They accelerate slowly into a lurching, swaying sort of stumble that is, surprisingly, a lot faster than you would expect. And Grundle was spurred by his growing fear of dehydration and mummification by the sun.

Ahead of Grundle there was what we would describe as a river. Grundle did not even consider what it might be, seeing only that there was a stone arch that crossed the water thingy (as he later named it). Under the arch he could see darkness, darkness that offered shelter and survival. With a desperate last effort he threw himself forward and landed with a mighty splash in the water flowing under the bridge. Darkness enveloped him and he lay back in relief in the water, not caring that the stony bed of the river was uncomfortable (to say the least).

In his subsequent examination of his situation, Grundle realised that he was rather limited in his options. He was forced to spend daylight hours in the shadows under the bridge and at night he dared little more than brief food foraging expeditions as close to the bridge as possible.

Eventually, Grundle accepted his lot and even began to enjoy it. Memories of his cave faded until he imagined that he had dreamt the place. There came a day when a female forest troll walked into Grundle’s home under the bridge and they became friends. In time they were married and, a bit later, they produced a brood of baby trollettes.

And that, of course, is how bridge trolls came about. Take my advice and cross bridges quickly, especially the arched kind made of stones. By:Beholden

463rd Entry -

Once upon a time there was a girl who tried to express her thoughts and emotions through writing poems and stories. Every day, she would practice writing about her life experiences with passion and her creativity began to flow. One day she got the courage to show some of her writings to a well respected professional. He actually cried after reading one of her poems. Because of that totally unexpected reaction to something she had penned, she joined the WDC community, yet still felt inadequate, until she began to win contests judged by other authors. She still felt almost like she was an imposter posing as an author, until finally she began to slowly realize that she did have some talent to share with other writers. By:Mari McKee

464th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a good Catholic girl who attended a public university. Everyday, she woke up and went to her calculus, chemistry, and other courses. One day, she fell in love with one of her classmates, but he was asexual. Because of that, they broke up and she was devastated. Until finally, she decided she’d love him for the rest of her life no matter what and became polyamorous, moving on but never forgetting him. By:K5Rakitan

465th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a war.
Everyday, a piece of the earth died.
One day, the last piece was destroyed.
Because of that, earth dies.
Until finally, i woke up. By:I65BC

466th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a youthful, yet cunning, witch that lived in a clay shingled cottage. Every day she would study diligently, thumbing through countless grimoires with cracked leather straps and sun tinted pages while practicing her incantations with outstretched arm.

One day a teller with an urgent message came calling, soaked from the raging storm that flashed luminously through the gaped wooden shutters in the galley. His grey flannel overcoat and baggy poppers hat dripped profusely onto the chipped hickory flooring as he handed me the crinkled envelope, Honorary Witches Foundational Society stamped in broad letters across.

Because of that, I quickly thanked the messenger and escorted him out with creak and click of the door without regards to the looming conditions outside. Pondering on the contents as I sat on my red and black checkered bedside I finally decided to stash it away in the side drawer of my streaked mirrored bureau, locking it with a short twist of a tiny brass key for fear of reading of my refused admittance.

Until finally, miserable and distraught from unknowing, my hand eagerly removes the lightly dusted parchment, swiftly ripping the corner down the length before unfolding the letter.

In fine feathered penmanship it read of my acceptance into the highly regarded community of accomplished practitioners of the magical arts, bringing with it an explosion of teary eyed recollections and glee. Never again feeling a want for something better or being told I wasn't good enough I made preparations to leave the breezy, shoddy, mirky confines of what once was a woeful existence of past failures and hasty decisions to move on to a greater purpose, never to look back on my humble beginnings. By:Compendium

467th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a brave girl. Everyday she would hear the noises , and breaking of glass coming from the room. Her mother was wearing sweaters in summer again , and dad was kissing ass. One day the little girl became very sick, troubled if you would say. She was diagnosed with ptsd. Because of that, she couldn't focus or finish school. She dropped out at 16 years old while in foster care, eventually having a baby girl of her own. Not knowing how to be alone she met a guy, head over heals. But instead of sweeping her off her feet , swept her under the rug. Another door mat in the cycle of domestic. Until finally she looked at her baby girl and saw herself. She knew it had to stop as the little girl had tears down her face and was running for her life. Never to look back, starting fresh at last. By:BeautysDarkness

468th Entry -

Once upon a time there was a little girl. Everyday, crying of her stressful life of being an orphan. One day, she decided to go and see a psychologist at the nearby clinic. Because of that, her worries disappeared, and self-esteem regained. Until finally, she became a motivational speaker. By:Ntembeko Gwebityala

469th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a lie, ever so sweetly made. Everyday, dreamers came, searching for a place to rest. One day, the lie was discovered. Yet it mattered not, reality was still too harsh for many. Because of that, a few were lost within reality's dreams. Until finally, it was recognized, perhaps life was just meant to be as such. A difficult journey made for wool gatherers to lessen life's tiring antics. By:Melly Lane

470th Entry -

Once upon a time there was a very tall and skilled basketball player. He was one of the biggest, most fit ball players ever. He had hands like a huge claw and braids as soft as suede. But what he did not have was his dad to cheer him on at his basketball games; which made him very sad. Everyday, the ball player would practice his shooting, he would do strenuous workouts in order to be the best player ever. One day, the ball player decided that he would travel from city to city winning championships because he knew this would be a great way to spread happiness to himself as well as every city. The only problem was when ever it was time for the ball player to leave the city, everyone became sad, angry and entitled. Because of that, the ball player became very quiet, and refused to tell anyone of his plans for his next city for playing ball. This caused a media frenzy, as sports commentators begin to guess and over exaggerate news stories, as they speculated his next move. Until finally, the basketball player decided he would play for the Women’s Basketball League, because he knew that they behaved more like true champions, instead of like a bunch of two-year-old’s. By:T-Writer

471st Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a thirteen year-old girl trying to find a reason to live. She had been diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety, and she had to take meds throughout the day. Every day, she would tell herself that she was worthless and that she shouldn’t be on the planet. She had nothing to live for and everything always seemed to go wrong. She was constantly bullied, her parents were alcoholics, and she had no friends. Eventually, she began to flush the Lexapro and Concerta down the toilet. She began cutting again. One day, the girl decided she’d had enough and decided that she was going to kill herself. That day at school, on the way to the buses, a girl told her that she was the ugliest thing she had ever seen. The girl’s eyes filled with tears, and she turned to walk away. Suddenly, she heard a small voice rise to say something. “Stop,” a boy said to the bully. The girl turned around in shock. “She’s not ugly, and you shouldn’t call her that. She did nothing to you. Leave her alone.” A tear fell from the girl’s cheek, and she wiped it away smiled. Nobody had ever stood up for the girl before, until now. Because of that, the girl decided it best to stay alive and try to make the most of things, because if one could have a kind soul, there was bound to be another. The girl began to find things to look forward to. Until finally, her depression vanished, along with the bullies. By:becca

472nd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a young girl with big dreams, hopes and an attitude of a child - trusting everyone wholesomely. Doubting was never seen nor heard from this young girl. She is kind, sweet and joyous. Everyday, she made it to a point that she can make everyone around her smile, in either small or big gestures. Her positiveness radiates to every corners of the room. Everyone loves and adores her. She is loved by her parents but most by her older cousin. They are inseparable. They look after each other. Her cousin is so protective of her that boys are afraid to come near her. Suitors are scarce and is appraised to a very last detail. One day, her family received a call from a stranger, a disastrous predicament. Her cousin was instantly killed in a brawl. Unexpectedly the young girl didn't cry. She grieved in silence, shedding not a single tear. Because of that,the young girl became distant. She rarely talks and smiles, she always wants to be alone. No one knew what made her change. But as soon as the sun sets in and she is alone in her room - she cries her heart out. Not a scream nor wailing can be heard outside. Tears would just freely escape from her eyes. Until finally, she had the sweetest dream. She dreamt of her dear cousin, comforting her the way she missed it. And with his last words, he told her, "Don't worry sweet cousin, everything will be alright. I'll be just up there watching over you, just as the moon is watching you every night". She woke up feeling different - with an assurance from her cousin. Every night she always looks for the moon and smiles and she is in peace. She no longer grieves but she is never the same again. By: yanna

473rd Entry -

Once upon a time there was a lonely girl. Everyday, she wished that she could find just one true friend. One day, she found a writing site and joined. Because of that, she found there were people all over the world that had similar interests as her. Until finally, she met a real friend. By:Lilli

474th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a king of a castle. Everyday, he ate his favorite soup. One day, his favorite soup was not on the table. Because of that, he went to every kitchen staff to ask them about his soup. Until finally, one of them admitted to eating the soup that was supposed to be on the table. By:EnterName5312

475th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a very happy go luck boy, who enjoyed playing with his cars and friends. Everyday he would wake up early so that he is able to go outside and play with his friends and all their cars. One day, he got into an argument with a few of his friends and decided that it’s best to play on his own and this went on for many years after that. Because of that, he has now come to realise that his best friend was always himself. Until he grew up and started finding and making and building true friendships and relationships. Until finally he met someone who he fell in-love with and loved with his whole heart, only for it to be broken by that person but still made sure that his true friendships that he build was as strong as ever. By:melanchoLyle

476th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a cooling cup of coffee in a well loved mug with a couple chips at the top. Everyday, an elderly man with a deeply creased face drank several times from this same cup. One day, the old man did not take his deep sips from the mug. Because of that, the cup grew fearful that it was no longer loved since it was not in use. Until finally, the cup was once again rejoicing from the warm feel of coffee being poured into by the old man's own daughter. By:Vampyrix

477th Entry -

Once upon a time there was a wicked wind whipping at the skyline. Everyday, the young boy known as Quilo would go about the tallest mountain to shout at the wind god. One day, the wind god had finally responded to the persistent male. Because of that, the towns nearest had been destroyed entirely leaving Quilo to watch. Until finally, Quilo was able to summon the right words and persuade the wind god. The heavens had not known of this plan. The plan was seduction. Only liable one when it comes to a whipping wind god. By:Nuri

478th Entry -

Once upon a time there was a smart, greedy little monkey called Mokie. Everyday, Mokie would go scavenging for food near a human camp. He had a knack for arriving at just the right time, usually after a meal or fruits were prepared and left unattended on a lunch table or chair outside a tent. Mokie studied the humans’ movements carefully and when the coast was clear, he would scurry across to the table or chair and steal as much as he could. Sometimes, it required him making a few trips to the woods to store the stolen goodies inside the trunk of an old tree for later retrieval. However, when the humans returned to enjoy what they prepared, they were astonished and annoyed to discover that some or all of their food had disappeared.

One day, Tom, who was a regular camper brought his dog, Max along after becoming a victim of Mokie’s frequent robbery. Max’s purpose was to alert Tom to any intruders. Confident that Max would soon catch the culprit, Tom started making preparations for breakfast. He was a man who enjoyed cooking and had a big appetite to boot. Max had run off into the bushes to do his business especially after he smelled the bacon and eggs that Tom was frying. He was smacking his jaw and salivating at thought of munching on his share.

Because of that, he was completely oblivious of Mokie watching him from a low-lying branch. Mokie guessed at the reason for Max’s appearance but didn’t let that deter him. He still intended to continue with his thievery but decided to avoid any campers with dogs. He hoped this was the only one present, and that there weren’t others, otherwise that would just foil his plans. Mokie had jumped to the ground while pondering different scenarios and possibilities. Engrossed in thought, he didn’t observe Max stalking him.

Until finally, he turned around and stared into eyes of Max who was a huge, black rottweiler poised to attack. The frightened Mokie could only tremble and gulp. By:Nitraits

479th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a dragon warrior (no,not kung fu panda,this is a htf alternate au) this warrior had a dream to officially become one of king Flippy's knight of the inner circle. So he planned to impress him in the upcoming tournament.
Everyday he would meet several people along the way
Handy the blacksmith,who he chose to help from being harassed by brigands and bandits for his disability and in return sharpened his sword,
Cuddles and Giggles,a stableboy and noble's daughter had a Romeo and Juliet-esque love dillema and for his help,gave him a horse,
Nutty the owner of an inn who baked several sweets meals for him during his stay,
Shifty and Lifty,after defeating them agreed to lead him out of the misty forest,
Lumpy,a traveling merchant who was being harassed by bandits,offered him a permanent discount on his shop for his protection
Toothy,a lumberjack,agreed to repair the broken bridge in exchange for killing a giant bear and making the forest safe again
Lammy,a peaceful witch living in solitude,gave him a charm that would ward off ghosts after convincing the people that she is not evil
Flaky agreed to go with him,since her abilities to see into the future would be of great help
Mime went with him,after making him realize that he could be more than just Disco Bear's court jester
Disco Bear,a wealthy baron who was intimidated into freeing Mime by the warrior,agreed to leave them alone
One day, he he thought he fulfilled his dream,until he learned from the servant girl Petunia,that Flippy was being mind controlled by Splendont,and Splendont wanted to possess his body.
Because of that, he had to escape with all the companions he had gathered so far. Petunia informed him of a good twin brother of Splendont and sought to travel and seek the help of the wizard. He encountered Russel the pirate king,after his surrender,Russel agreed to help them,not wanting to become a slave of Splendont
Using Russel's ship,they found Splendid who advised them to gather all manner of factions and so they traveled the whole land.
Buddhist monkey,after repelling Splendont's forces with the help of the warrior and his friends,agreed to abandon their pacifist ways in order to achieve peace and help in the assault of the keep with his battle monks
Cro-Marmot who after having his best barbarians defeat,agreed to lend his army's aid
The emissary of a secret organisation of Mole agreed to help them after having a sefret meeting,with he help of the shadow agents,they'd burrow underneath the castle to catch Splendont's forces by surprise
Pop,a former knight agreed to join the warrior after helping his son ge cured by seeking a rare herb to cure Cub
Recruited Sniffles who lived in an ancient library,agreed knowing Splendont would come for him for his vast knowledge on the monsters he can summon
Disco Bear was bribed into having his own plot of land to rule to lend his troops in the upcoming attack
Until finally the siege on the castle took place and with the help of the new army the warrior united called the happy tree friends,they helped Flippy turn back to normal and turned the warrior into his royal protector
Splendont was imprisoned by Splendid into a dark realm until he repented
Splendid became the new court wizard of king Flippy
Handy became known as the best blacksmith in all the land
Cuddles and Giggles got married and proved that your status doesn't matter
Nutty became the castle's royal baker and his sweet recipes were published by Sniffles
Sniffles got his own library,everyday filling it with newfound knowledge
Shifty and Lifty abandoned their thieving lifestyles and became rangers of the misty forest
Pop signed on to return as the captainof the knights
Cub became Handy's apprentice
Petunia became Giggles' handmaiden and wife of Handy
Lammy was no longer discriminated and taught how to use witchcraft for good,marrying Splendid and opening their of magic school
Flaky married Flippy,who fell in love with her innocence and beauty
Disco Bear developed compassion for his subjects and was loved by them in the end
Toothy founded his own repair business and everyone came to him for the repairs and construction of buildings
Lumpy built and established branches in all the places throughout their journey,making sure everyone got the products they wanted
Mime became an entertainer for the children,occasionally hosting public puppet shows and playing music with his lute
Russel and his crew became sailors,living an honest life and abandoning their lifestyle of pillaging villages

The end
The monks,barbarians and the agents passed their training and knowledge,and in turn established a healthy relationship with the kingdom By:Ugandantenno

480th Entry -
The Island of the Mysterious Red Flowers

Once upon a time there was a mysterious red flower that grew all over an uncharted island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. One day, a couple became lost at sea and crashed into this odd island. They instantly noticed all of the red flowers and went to smell them. Because of that, something unusual happened to them.

“Jerry, what’s going on? We’re growing a mermaids tail!” said Brittany.

“It’s true, how odd! Quick! Let’s get to the ocean!” exclaimed Jerry.

Jerry and Brittany spent the entire day exploring the ocean together. They even found oysters with pearls and a sunken ship with a treasure chest in it. They were over joyed! Until finally, their mermaid tail finally was turning back into their legs.

“Quick! Let’s return to the island! My legs are starting to grow back!” said Jerry.

“Mine too!” stated Brittany.

After they returned to the island, they gathered what they found and were rich. A cruise boat appeared and Jerry and Brittany somehow caught the captains attention. Jerry got to pay in gold and spent the rest of their honeymoon together on an unexpected cruise and they both lived happily ever after!

The End! By:blueflowers777

481st Entry -
Once upon a time there was a little princess who thought to be not beautiful enough for getting married with a handsome man.
Everyday, their parents, the king and the queen, started to plan their lovely daughter some meetings with good-looking princes, owners of other kingdoms. Nevertheless, each date always turned out in a very bad one, owing to her shyness and her low self confidence.
One day, the princess decided to look at herself in the mirror, analyzing every little flaws of her body and her face.
Because of that, she suddenly realized that it didn't matter how many scars she had, how common and basic her soft face was or how dark her hair was. She understood it was her soul that really mattered. Therefore the princess started getting self confidence, she gained more self esteem and stopped being shy. She looked happier and more serene than she ever was. Until finally, the little girl succeeded in getting the perfect and beautiful man she always desires, but it didn't matter much anymore because she was already in love with herself. By:Clarice

482nd Entry -

Once upon a time there was a snake called Charley. Everyday, it seemed without a doubt, Charley would wonder about his pad, which was on the East side of Brookdale, in the upper side of Snake Valley. One day, many moons ago, Charley could not find his pet Cricket. Because of this, Charley put an ad in the paper "Lost, my friend Cricket" Please see Charley at Charley's pad in upper side of Snake Valley. Charley got lots of contacts and was about to go pickup Cricket, when Cricket showed up on his own. What a relief, now Charley would not have to pay anyone a reward. Not nice of Charley. Until finally, Cricket asked for the reward because he turned himself in. By:Seabreeze

483rd Entry -
Once upon a time there was a magic squirrel named Grant. Everyday, Grant would wait until no one was watching, then he'd recite a few magic words. Immediately he would begin to grow and wouldn't stop growing until he was tall enough to reach the highest nuts on his favorite tree. One day, when he was finished picking all the nuts from the top of the tree and was ready to go back to normal squirrel size, he couldn't remember the right magic words to change him back. Because of that, he stayed a giant squirrel and couldn't fit into his small squirrel home. Until finally, one day while he was walking down Main Street, an old lady turned the corner, saw him, dropped her bag of groceries and yelled "Goodness gracious, holy cow, you're far too big, get small now." With that, Grant shrank back to normal squirrel size and spent the winter, nice and warm, in his cozy squirrel home. He never used magic ever again. By:Leadwood

484th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a young man who was out with his friends and one of them asked if he would like to try some drugs. The young man was no fool and he politely declined. The friend who had offered the drugs to the young man had no problems with his friends choice and they all had a good night out except that the young man became tired and decided to depart although most of the people who were in his group stayed on and partied into the wee hours...but eventually they had had enough dancing and laughing an getting with strangers and so they also left for home and as they walked out of the club the sun was beginning to rising and people who were on their way to their jobs were staring at these young people who obviously had not slept and judged them for not getting with the program. And the other reason they had a problem with the happy group of druggies was because they looked like they were having a really good rime while they themselves had to go to jobs they hated and got paid a pittance to do..Over the following weeks the friends would speak to one another deciding where they would be going out that weekend and they also spoke about purchasing the drugs that more and more of them were beginning to take. The young man noticed that almost all of his friends were super hyped and were talking to girls and picking up and had energy to burn while he was not getting into it and not getting out of it and so the inevitable night came when he began to experiment and pretty soon was with his friends all dancing and having the best timer of their lives..Then there was a DJ from Europe that was playing the club they frequented but he was playing on a Wednesday night and so the group along with the young man got their drugs and partied mid week for the first time. This then became the norm and instead of taking drugs to party only every few weeks most were now not really going out much at all and were staying home and using. Everyday the young man began to notice changes in his friends behavior and the closeness that was once the strength of them was fracturing and they ended up not being friends anymore. One day the young man was having a particularly bad come down and decided to talk to someone about the issues of addiction and the reasons why he had chosen to do them in the first place. Because of that, the young man found sobriety and although he now had to face a lifetime of temptations and had many relapses and tough days he continued to talk to his counselor and even though he had setbacks his family and counselor never gave up on him. Until finally, after not using for a very long time he finally felt free from the demons that had plagued his life since his fateful decision to use all those tears ago and he never relapsed or even thought about using again. Well he did but he never told anyone about it so that was as good as if he never thought about using ever again..almost as good but better than if he did actually use. By:Neil

485th Entry -

Once upon a time there was a postman. Everyday he delivered mail. One day he got sick and had to stay home for a long time. Because of that all the letters remained undelivered and people could not receive the good news or the bad news written in them. Until finally the postman got better and delivered at once all the undelivered good news or bad news which, with the time passing by, turned to be not so good or not so bad." By:Daniela Kuzmanova

486th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a lonely man, living his life stuck in a rut. Every day, he woke up, did the same routine, and worked at the same job. The cycles was endless and repetitive, spiraling on as far as he could see. One day, he tried something new. He went out for a walk around his town, visiting a cafe and walking through the park. Because of that, he felt happier and less lonely. He continued doing this, working up the courage to talk to people. Until finally, after talking to countless people, he clicked with someone. They became friends, then more than friends, and his loneliness was dispelled. By:vastowen456

487th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a girl, a girl who shared a strained relationship with her father and never believed in love.But she learnt to be happy by herself and wherever she went she made people laugh. Everyday, she would go to school and study with a curious yet innocent heart and then return home to once again face the traumatizing experience of the consequences of her father's drinking habit. One day, she met someone who fell in love with her and so did she but she was afraid to fall in love as she believed that everyone in this world leaves you one day not by means of death but by consciously choosing to live a life without them.But he was so determined to love her that one day she just gave up and surrendered her heart to him.She thought she found true happiness but one day he went away to fulfill his dreams and she was left with nothing but loneliness to engulf her in times of pain which he used to heal.It was not his fault but it was his choice and this choice affected their relationship to the extent that even when he came back to her, it didn't last long and he ended up falling out of love with her.Hopelessly in love as she was, she stayed with him for as long and in any way he could allow. But a time came when he started to disrespect her,judge her habits,her likes and her love for him.He rejected her in the worst way possible making her doubt herself. Because of that, she grew unhappy and distressed.She was devoid of all hope and all she was left with were questions that she longed to ask him and her father but there was no one to answer_________________________. Until finally, the loneliness stopped to bother her and she strived to survive this loss.She didn't try to overcome the pain but to accept and embrace it because she felt that this pain is what defined her.She decided to let go of them but still loved them enough to accept them and cherish them if they ever wished to return.But about one thing she was sure that everyone does leave and may be that is what makes you understand yourself better. By:busybutterfly

488th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a lonely man. Everyday, he would see this beautiful woman working a job at a coffee shop. One day, he finally worked up the courage to ask her out. Little did he know that she had a boyfriend. Because of this, she rejected the man. He was devastated for a while, until finally he was able to get over it and move on. By:Some random guy

489th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a chihuahua named Trixie. Every day, she watched kids walk home from the bus stop. They happily ate after school snacks and laughed about what fun the day had been. One day, the kids noticed Trixie barking and whimpering more than usual. Because of that, they felt sad for her being alone. Until finally, one little boy decided to let the dog out of the backyard to play. He put his bag on the ground and opened the gate. Trixie excitedly ran out. But instead of playing with him, she grabbed his bag of Cheetos and ran through the doggy door into the house. By:Queen Kissy

490th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a girl who wished she could be normal. Everyday, the shadows inside whispered words of hate and loathing, for herself and those around her. One day, this girl finally broke down and gave in to the demands of the voices. Chaos ensued, hearts and lives were torn asunder. Because of that, the girl was locked away until such time she was no longer a threat to herself or others. Doctors filled her full of medications that warred amongst one another; eventually turning the girl into a zombie version of herself. But finally,on the brink of her death, they took her off these drugs and the shadows poured in once again. It was then that the girl wondered if she was really human after all and not just another shadow puppet. She strove to find balance in a world where insanity was commonplace yet none spoke about it. Every day was a battle of will to save her mind and soul. Until, one day, she was accepted for who she was; insanity and all. I'd like to say she lived Happily Ever After, but this is real life and not just a fairy's tale. Her struggles continue to this day, but now she has someone who lets her know she is never alone in her struggle. By:Simply LeJenD'

491st Entry -
Once upon a time there was a scared woman. Everyday she sat in her home and waited. One day she found a long forgotten book tucked beneath the couch. The binding was cracked and the pages worn, but beneath the neglect were stories of rescued princesses and daring saviors. She imagined a brave knight in silver armor climbing through her window and stealing her away. So she drew the curtains and opened her window before bed, but not even an ant crossed the sill that night.

The next morning the scared woman sat glum by the hearth when a realization struck her square between the eyes. With a frantic laugh she sloshed water over the flames until only a whisper of smoke was left. If her knight didn't want to use the window, she'd allow him use of the chimney. Deciding this would surely be the night of her rescue, she prepared her morning tea with a smile. But a wandering eye caught the warming kettle and caused her brow to furrow. Who was the woman peering from the reflection? Her hair, once radiant, now hung dull and tangled. And whose lips were those? Surely hers were once blushed and full. With a start she rummaged through cabinets and drawers and grabbed whatever smelled lovely.

That night she lay prettily before the hearth, hair combed to a gleam and lips painted with berries. But by morning she was shivering, and still no knight. Because of that she sulked by the mirror, pulling flesh this way and that until she was beautiful. If she tried harder her knight would come. If her hair was more golden it would catch his eye in the moonlight, and if she was lighter he'd be able to carry her to his waiting steed. For many weeks the scared woman ate sparingly and combed her hair scrupulously, until bones poked from her skin and her hair shone like a silk ribbon.

The night came when she felt ready. With great effort she drew the curtains and opened her window. Heaving the bucket of water drew nearly every bit of energy, but with a groan she gently tipped it over hot logs. Sighing, she carefully arranged her beaming hair around her face as she lay before the hearth. The moonlight slowly crawled across the floor, but still no knight. Cold and hungry, the scared woman rose to her hands and knees. With sunken eyes she watched an orange glow peer from the seams of her door. The woman pulled herself to her feet and reached for the color. Warmth touched her fingertips, like touching a steaming teapot. It felt good and she wanted to touch more. She pressed both hands against the seams and grinned with relief. But still she pressed her body closer, wanting the orange warmth on every bit of skin. Until finally she felt the cold knob press into her stomach. Gently she opened the door and stepped into the light. The sunrise greeted her between the branches and trunks of trees and the morning dew clung to her socks. With hands spread forward she tried to catch the warmth and store it in her pockets. What was brittle began to mend as she leaned into the beams of sun. She wouldn't know it yet, but the scared woman alone in her home had saved herself. By: Marion Parker

492nd Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a website called writing.com. Everyday, innovative and creative writers would upload their ideas and stories onto this website to receive constructive feedback and honest reviews from the beta readers and reviewers on the website. One day, I befriended someone on the website and we started reviewing the work of each other on a daily basis to help each other grow as writers. Because of that, both of us improved our writing skills a lot. Criticism was always important for us to grow as writers and it took us time to realize that but we finally did. Until finally, one day, we were both nominated as the best writers on the platform of writing.com. We had come a long way and we were very proud of ourselves. We had no one but each other to thank for it. By:abaru

493rd Entry -

Once upon a time there was a little lonely girl. Everyday when she’d walk to school she would always walk by herself. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to have company, but she was shy and was afraid to meet new people. Every day she hoped that another little girl somewhere would see her and reach out to her and become her friend. One day a new family moved in right next door to where she lived. Their little girl was sitting on her front stoop quietly watching other children as they played in the little park near her house.

The lonely little girl saw her sitting their so quietly and thought “I’m going to say hello to her. She looks lonely, just like me. Maybe she’ll be my new friend.” Because of that, this little girl soon became almost a sister to her. They walked to school together; played with their dolls and had sleep overs. Years went by and they grew closer until finally they realized how lucky they had been to meet each other. This was a friendship that would last through the years and as both of them grew up they understood how blessed they were. By:ShelleyA~10 years at WDC

494th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a woman named Petra Stoner, who drove trucks full of hazardous waste in The Freelands.

Every day, she drove the broad freeway from Stor City to Rorsellus, or the winding, torturous curves from Rorsellus to Sustura, or the hilly northern hairpins of Eptlira Road.

One day, she picked up a hitchhiker who told her that the odd hills seen in the distance from parts of Eptlira Road were refuse mounds from as long as 9,000 years ago.

Because of that, Petra Stoner got in touch with a scholar at the University of Sustura, and learned of an amazing artifact located at one of the refuse mounds.

Until, finally, Petra knew what her whole life had been for: to know more of who these people had been so long ago. By:Edgar J. Wurst the 2020th

495th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a lone girl in the subway who always wore headphones too big for her tiny face. Maybe she looked so sad because of the music she was listening to. I don't know why, I found myself staring at her deep blue eyes, as they stared back, a look filled with contempt and need, both at the same time.

we both would stare at each other at the subway. She always stood in the same corner of the train, just like I never changed my corner. We stood at opposite corners. I always felt like we were both trying to read each other's minds and somehow peer into each other's hollow souls, and everyday I felt like I succeeded in doing it. I felt like I had known her since forever, and I knew exactly what she was thinking and feeling at all times, and I felt that she felt the same way about me. I believed that if we ever conversed, we would realize that we found the one person we had always been looking for. But we were both too introvert to initiate a conversation with each other. I really wanted to talk to her, but every time I took a step towards her, she would too, but we both halted there, because seeing the other step forth, we would hope that they would take the second step too, but neither of us ever did.

One day, the train stopped midway for some reason, and we both jerked hard and banged into each other. Her skin was cold and smooth, oddly like glass. I looked at her, and she had the same anxiety on her face, the same kind I was feeling. I was hoping she would break the ice and initiate the conversation, and I patiently waited for her to say something, until I realized that there was nothing to talk about. Even though I believed that I knew her thoroughly, I had no clue what to say to her.

A wave of anxiety and need washed over me and because of that feeling, I involuntarily reached out to her and she reciprocated. Our palms touched, her cool and soothing touch making me recover from my helplessness. Without a word, I knew that we had finally connected. Through that touch, I said everything I ever wanted to say to her, and heard everything she wanted to say to me. We had connected, a full circle. It was an unusual moment, rare and enigmatic. I refused to let go of her and she held on too, just our palms touching, and our fingers didn't even entwine. Her soothing touch alone made me feel whole. As the train approached my stop, I tried to hold her and consume her, keep her all to myself and never let go of her but I couldn't reach out to her anymore. I couldn't understand why.

Looked at her sadly, but this one time, she did not look back at me with the same sadness, and I realized that this was the first time our feelings weren't mirroring each other's. She had a beautiful smile upon her face, so captivating, I simply couldn't look away until finally, she began to dissipate, her smile never wavering. Her body began to turn transparent and disperse like pieces of paper... everything, her clothes and her bones, and floated in the air enveloping us, never settling. I stared in distraught at her disappearing body, at her beautiful face smiling hopefully at me. I tried hard to capture all her floating bits but in vain. Why couldn't I have her to myself? Where was she going? Will she not take me with her? Weren't we meant to be? As I saw the last bit of her wonderful eyes float away, I began to sink on the cold metal floor. But just at that moment, all the bits of pieces entered into me through my heart. It was a painful moment, but I had never experienced anything more exotic than it. The bits of paper plunged into and entered deep into my soul. It was then that I realized that the beautiful girl was my own spirit who had finally become one with me. My spirit, my consciousness had found its destination deep within me and I had finally found myself. By:Kiara

496th Entry -

         Once upon a time there was a Young boy. A young boy who lied to play in the woods. Of course he saw nothing wrong with this, when your young you don't care about the horrors and consequences of the world. you only care about what joy and adventure you can find. And this boy opitmized that. The other kids being amazed at this boy at how fearless he was. Not knowing that it will be that fearlessness that will cause his soon to be anguish. Everyday he would enter the woods, right after the school bell ended. Running off in all different paths finding what he could. Animals, Bugs, Fallen Timber. Of course the sight wasn't what he was longing for, it was the adventure that came with it. One day though, he decided to go,and not turn back. Wanting to see what was next constantly. Never stopping and never turning back. The boys fear of what might happen not being there. The voice in his head telling him to stop and turn back was not there! The boys common sense not telling him to turn but to keep going. Eventually he reached further then he ever has, however that was not a good thing. Because the more the boy went into this untraveled path, the more it became wicked and twisted. The trees, losing their leaves. The sky, darkening with the clouds. The dirt, turning grey... More ash like. Without the fear, the boy kept going. looking more as the next thing to go was life itself. All the birds, animals and bugs stop. No sound. No wind was in the air. Replaced by stillness. The boy slowed his pace, looking around. for the first time the boys common sense kicked in. Telling him to turn, to run before something gets him. However when he heard a sound it grabbed him. It was the sound of teeth, slamming together. Looking ahead the boy tried to see what the sound was, but it was too far away. The boy, raised in the wrong did the one thing that sealed his fate. He walked towards it. The curiosity getting the better of him as he approached the teeth chattering. Every step he took the teeth got more and more common. Slamming into each other almost like it was getting more and more restless. Eventually he saw something in front of the teeth. Two, glowing, lifeless eyes. And then a giant... boy eating smirk. Because of that, No other child stepped foot in those woods in the past twenty years. not since the disappearance. Parents, Teachers, Adults using that story. Using that story to make sure the children fear the unknown and have the common sense that boy did not. They don't want to feed the children courage, and they don't want to feed whatever is in there. The fear in the child held them at bay. Until finally, a boy, with adventure and joy, who didn't care about the horrors and the consequences of the world walked into the wood as well. Making another mistake, and feeding IT one more time. By:Lover Of All Giantesses

497th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a man whose very soul enveloped sadness. Everyday, he woke up to a tear stained pillow, a well worn hand written note, and an immutable emptiness. One day, he decided to end his life. Because of that, the spirit who'd been watching him intervened. She loved him and wanted him to live, to flourish. She kissed him with her ethereal breath until finally his void was filled and he could feel her move within him, dancing. And he lived. By:Even Though I've Died

498th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a girl who adored the beauties of nature, and spent more time with it than with her family or friends. Everyday, she would roam the woods and listen to the sound of the trees, or fell the water flowing in the river, but never crossed the river. One day, she fell asleep on a rock near the river after watching the sunset. She heard the owls hooting, and the moonlight was too bright. Because of that, she woke up, and saw a bear eyeing her closely. Naturally, she panicked and started to scream. The bear edged closer and she fell into the river. She swam for hours, Until finally, she reached the other side of the river, ready to explore a new terrain she had never been to. By:Caterina Archer

499th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a . . .
young girl who loved to play in the woods.

Every day, . . .
She made flower necklaces and bracelets.

One day, . . .

She found a bunny.

Because of that, . . .

She ran home and asked her mom if she could keep it.

Until finally, . . .

Her mom said yes and there were twice as many flower necklaces and bracelets laying around the house! By:Rory

500th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a story that started with once upon a time. Everyday it stood waiting for a soul, longing to make a mark in this story. One day, the Creator of the blanks decided to send out a an email trying to find the right person to fill in the blanks. Because of that people flooded the stories everyone with their own ideas, everyone taking a shot a winning the story's heart but even though the stories were amazing and everyone had a gift for the Creator of the Blanks, someone just had to stumble across and not meet the quota. Typing away she went, just typing and typing and not knowing what to write. Until finally, an idea popped into her head... The story can't wait any longer but it will have to wait to be continued. I'm sorry to the Creator of the blanks, The story didn't want me to continue on it's adventure. But the girl with the fast typing fingers will return. By: nat

501st Entry -
Once upon a time there was a feral kitten who was found abandoned in a empty field. Too young to survive on her own, she was rescued and given to an older couple who wanted a companion for the bed bound husband. Of course at first, everyday, the wife would nurse the little kitty with a special formula and care for her needs while the husband was in recovery. They named her Molly and she would curl up and sleep next to the recovering husband but when awake she preferred to follow her nurturer around begging for attention in the cutest but sometimes destructive ways. As domesticated as she was, she was also still a wild feral and clearly longed to be outside on the hunt. One day, Molly was allowed outside. Tentatively of course, because at night she would be prey of coyote, fox and the occasional bobcat. But she was unafraid, she climbed trees, stalked through the brush and began to hunt. Because of that, she became a little less destructive when inside. However, she did bring her prey inside the house to torture and kill. She mostly caught salamanders, lizards and dragon flys. Until finally yesterday, she brought in a squawking bird that she had snatched out of the sky. Feathers flying everywhere as Molly paraded through the house showing off her prize. A chase ensued to save the poor bird and gratefully she gave it up only slightly injured. The bird was allowed to fly away. By: Tinker

502nd Entry -
Once upon a time, in the isle of Rozzen there dwelt a bard called Matteal. The favourite of both the gentry and the tavern crowd, he was beloved both for his good looks and especially his voice.

Everyday he would sing to the fishing folk in the tavern and every evening he would entertain the lord and his family in his hall.

One day, when all the fishing boats bobbed at anchor, and all the fishermen were in the tavern and all the birds in their nests and even the waves rested and came to shore with a gentle wash, something moved in the afternoon sun. Without a sound, and, from deep beneath the waves, a mermaid, daughter of the ocean king, rose to the surface and climbed out onto a rock in the harbour's cove. Her name was Carvissa.

She sat atop the rock and looked at herself in the quiet water, and then combed all the little crabs and seashells from her long, long hair. As she combed, she listened to the murmur of the waves and wind. And borne on the wind was Matteal's singing.

Carvissa stopped her combing and listened. "What breeze is there that blows such a song?" But then the wind died, and the song with it. The sun disappeared, and she slipped back beneath the water to her home.

Because of that, the next evening she came again. But not to the rock. This time she swam closer to shore, the better to hear. And once more Matteal's voice carried out to sea, and Carvissa listened.

"What bird sings so sweet?" She searched around but darkness fell and she saw only shadows.

The next day Carvissa came even earlier. She floated right up by the fishermen's boats and when she heard Matteal's voice, she called, "What reed is there that pipes such music?"

There was no answer, just the swishing of the water round the skiffs.

Carvissa would and must know more about the singing. So she pulled herself up on the shore itself. From there she could see the tavern and hear the music pouring from its open doors. Nothing would do then but she must peek in and learn for herself who sang so sweetly.
Still, she did not go at once. For, looking behind her, she saw that the tide had begun to ebb and the water pull back from the shore. And she knew that she must go back, too, or be left stranded on the sand like a fish out of water.

So she dived down beneath the waves, down to the dark sea cave where she told her father the king what she had heard.

The king was so old he appeared to be carved of driftwood, and his hair floated out tangled and green, like seaweed. After hearing his daughter's story, he shook his massive head from side to side. "To hear is enough, my child. To see is too much."

"I must go, Father," she pleaded, "for the music is magic."

"Nay," he answered. "The music is man-made, and it comes from a man's mouth. We people of the sea do not walk on the land of men."

A tear, larger than an ocean pearl, fell from Carvissa's eye. "Then surely I may die from desire down here."

The king's sigh was like the rumbling of giant waves upon the rocks; for a mermaid to cry was a thing unheard of and it troubled him until finally he said, "Go, then, but go with care. Cover your tail with a dress, such as their women wear. Go quietly, and make sure that none shall see you. And return by high tide, or you may not return at all."

"I shall take care,” Carvissa said. “No one shall snare me like a herring!"

The king gave her a beautiful dress crusted with pearls, sea jade and coral. It hid her tail, and she covered her shining hair with a net, and so disguised, she set out for the tavern and the land of men.

Walking was difficult for Carvissa. She wasn't used to the dress of an earth woman. But she pulled herself forward by grasping on the trees until she was at the tavern door. She was just in time the bard's last song.

No one noticed her, but she saw them, and Matteal as well. He was as handsome as any creature she had ever seen and when he sang it was like music from the stars.

Each day thereafter, Carvissa would dress and go to the tavern, to look and listen, staying but a few minutes and always leaving before the last note faded and in time to catch the swell of high tide. And day by day, month by month, Matteus grew taller and his voice grew deeper and stronger.
One evening, Carvissa lingered longer than usual. She had heard Matteal sing one verse, and then another, and begin a third. Each refrain was lovelier than the one before, and she caught her breath in a sigh.

It was just a little sigh, softer than the whisper of a wave. But it was enough for Matteal to hear, and he looked towards the tavern door and saw her. Carvissa's shone, the net had slipped from her head and her wet hair gleamed. Matteal stopped singing, struck silent by the vision she made.
Carvissa's father had warned that none must look at her. Besides, the tavern was warm and dry and merpeople must be cool and wet. She shrivelled and shrunk in haste from the door.

"Stop. Wait!” Matteal ran out of the tavern after her.

Carvissa tripped, tangled in her dress, and would have fallen had not Matteal reached her side and caught her.

"Stay! Whoever ye be, do not leave!"

Tear as salty as the sea itself, rolled down Carvissa's cheeks.

"I cannot stay. I am a sea creature, and must go back where I belong."

Matteal stared at her, at the tip of her fishtail poked out from beneath the dress. "Then I will go with ye. For with ye is where I belong."

He picked her up, and she threw her arms about his neck. He hurried down the path with her, toward the ocean's edge.

The fishermen came out of the tavern. "Matteal, stop!"

His mother pressed her hands to her cheeks. "No! No, Matteal!"

But Matteal was bewitched by the mermaid and ran the faster with her toward the sea.

The fishermen gave chase, but Matteal was quick and strong and outdistanced them. And Carvissa was quick and clever. She tore the pearls and coral from her dress and flung them on the path. The fishermen were greedy and stopped to pick up the gems. Only Matteal's mother still ran after them.
The tide was going out. Great rocks thrust up from the dark water. Already it was too shallow for Carvissa to swim. But Matteal plunged ahead into the water, stumbling to his knees. His mother caught hold of his fisherman's jersey, but still, Matteal pushed on, until the sea rose to his waist, and then his shoulders. Then the waters closed over Carvissa and Matteal, and his mother was left with only a bit of yarn in her hand, like a fishing line with nothing on it. Never again were Matteal and Carvissa seen by the people of Rozzen. By: A E Willcox

503rd Entry -
Once upon a time, there was a young boy who loved Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum. Every day, he would take his allowance, hope on his blue racer bike and speed to the 7 Eleven. One day, the store was completely out of his favorite Hubba Bubba Bubble gum. Because of that, tears welled in his hazel eyes and his head sagged sadly downward. Until finally, his attention was drawn to something he'd never noticed before. Whoa, when did someone start putting bubble gum with baseball cards? His young heart galloped in his chest as he excitedly grabbed a pack and quickly paid for it. Right then and there on the store sidewalk, he tore into the packaging. The scent of bubblegum wafted up and without hesitation, he shoved the whole piece into his mouth and chewed with great satisfaction. Wow, this was GREAT! He got gum AND a baseball card! As he contentedly blew his first bubble, he read all about some ballplayer named Babe Ruth. By: Tina Stone

504th Entry -
Once upon a time, there was an angry little pixie. Every day, that pixie pulled on other pixies’ wings until they screamed. One day, the other pixies had had enough and all pulled on that angry little pixie’s wings until they tore right off. Because of that, the pixie had to live wingless, ostracized, and angry. Until finally, one day the pixie found peace with its existence and went back to live with the other pixies, promising to never harm them again. By: Alyssa

505th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a terrible war that affected the entire world. Everyday, men, women and children on both sides of the conflict suffered and died, and it seemed there could be no ending acceptable to all the warring parties. One day, a man nicknamed "Oppy" oversaw the first successful test of a new device. Because of that, a way was seen to shorten the horrible war. Until finally, in 1945, an atomic bomb was first used in war, changing the nature of warfare forever. By: Soldier_Mike

506th Entry -
Once upon a time there was a very sad girl. Everyday, she felt miserable but just couldn’t figure out why . She wanted so desperately to be joyful but couldn’t bring herself to smile. One day, she could do nothing more than cry and cry and cry. Because of that, she felt very lonely and unwanted, and others found her too depressing to be around. Until finally, she found something that made her very happy, nonetheless it was a fleeting high. She still enjoyed herself for as long as she could even though that thing was considered taboo. Sometimes, the best things in life last only last moments before they become perfect memories and nothing more, however they may cost a piece of your soul to obtain. Always consider the notion that it may not be worth it, but you must ask yourself: are you really living life to the fullest if you don’t pay a high price once in a while? Otherwise, you could miss out on the best things in life that aren’t meant to last forever but are still enjoyable when the memory is revisited. A smile induced by a thought is what keeps one reaching for more and a willingness to make countless precious memories. By: Luckie

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