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A letter to myself to help me stay on track with intended goals
Dear Me,
It's hard to believe another year has come and gone. 2017 is now a year in history. This is a year I am definitely happy to see come to an end. It plowed through like a hungry lion, biting off pieces of my heart and clawing my very essence to shreds. When it had its' full, it sashayed out of our lives without a single thought to all of the heartache and pain left for me and my family to try and dig out of.

Rest in peace, my baby. We miss you more than you'll ever know. Even though I am still angry and sad at times, I do feel blessed to of had you with me my whole adult life. Thirty-five years is something to be proud of.

2018 is now dawning and with it dawns another chance of new beginnings and making peace with the old. I know you don't really believe in resolutions, but you do believe in goals and right now you need them more than ever! Use this letter for encouragement only. If something happens and you are not able to meet the goals you have listed, be gentle with yourself and just continue on with the next goal on your list. When 2018 is coming to an end and you find you were only able to accomplish a few of your goals, do not be discouraged, instead pat yourself on the back -- after all, each goal accomplished means you were in good enough health, spirits and frame of mind to complete them -- and that my dearest friend should make you very happy.

ALL YEAR - Try to blog on a regular basis, at least three to four times a week. You're a writer, so be creative and write, even when you don't think you have anything to say or share -- talk to your friends through journaling ... heck, talk to yourself! Don't be so guarded and scared to let others' in. If given a chance, they may surprise you and you may even surprise yourself.

*Bullet* Make sure you visit your friend's blogs about four times a week, and every once in a while (try once a week) drop in on blogs of those you don't know. Hey, you may make a few new friends and at the least, find some very entertaining reading!

*Bullet* Work on being positive and learning how to do things without Eddie. I'll see him again one day, but in the meantime, I must keep going.

*Bullet* Try to write regularly -- whether it's stories, poetry, journaling, etc...

*Bullet* Work on submitting one book and three or four short stories/poetry for publication. Also, research companies who accept memoirs.

JANUARY - Get your port in order Time to straighten and clean it up!

*Bullet* Be sure to keep first fruits in mind the whole month. Sow as many different fruits as you are able. Remember, first fruits can be many things to God, not just money.

*Bullet* Start reviewing again and be sure to include newbies. Always make sure they know they can contact you anytime. Also, award the reviews on the reviewing page on a regular basis.To start, at least a couple of times a week to ease back into it, slowly increase as you are able,

*Bullet* Take some time to just be quiet and appreciate your family. We have been through so much pain and heartache, but have grown even closer emotionally and spiritually.

FEBRUAY - Get your house in order as much as possible. I won't always be living my life scattered in boxes. Remember, this to shall pass. So work with what you can and be thankful for it.

*Bullet* This is the time to start editing and revising the old writings in your port. This is a very important goal that you seem to keep putting off. You'll be so delighted to know you took the time to work on them when someone clicks on an old writing to read!

MARCH - Keep working on your memoirs -- step it up a bit, let's try to complete it this year. Add some more of your biographical stories to your Strange Life folder. I know it's hard to relive some of those stories, but in the end, it's therapeutic. Whatever you do, do not make yourself write memories that you are uncomfortable writing. They will come when you are ready.

APRIL - This is a great time to start studying grammar rules again.

*Bullet* Establish some sort of activity for all case colors on WDC. I want it to be creative and different, so ... think, think, think!

*Bullet* Start making a quilt for the kids from their daddy's clothes. Scatter fabric photos throughout. (Heck, I want one also! So count me in *Wink*).

MAY - Keep involved in different activities on WDC. By now you should be involved in several different contests and activities throughout WDC!

*Bullet* Make a special place outside just for you: stones, flowers, herbs, water and a nice sitting area to read and write.

JUNE - Finish organizing all of your poetry into a book and search for a publisher. Offer it up on Amazon yourself if you need to. Don't let anything stand in your way!

*Bullet* Make sure you are involved in activities in your hometown. You need human touch and interaction now more than ever! Do not let yourself become (or stay) isolated -- it's not good for you or your family.

JULY - Use the experiences of going out with new people and doing new things to improve your writing -- maybe even start a new novella or journal of these experiences.

*Bullet* Take time to visit authors on WDC, you've never read or reviewed before. I want to do this approximately two or three times a month,

AUGUST - Start making shoebox Christmas packages for needy children. Make sure to get the grandkids involved.

*Bullet* Use this time to work on all of the writings and activities you have going on. It's a great time for cleaning up your port, as well as staying involved in others' activities.

SEPTEMBER - Start a new contest on WDC. Try hard to make it something truly unique!

*Bullet* Plan to spend personal time with the family. Bring as many together near and far as possible. Perhaps, start a story getting everyone involved.

OCTOBER - Wow! It's getting close to the end of another year! Hopefully, this has been a renewal year! Take this month to look back on the goals you wanted to achieve this year. Use this month to catch up on anything you may not have been able to accomplish yet.

NOVEMBER - Take time to inner-reflect. How's your personal and spiritual growth? Is there anything you can do or add to your life to have peace and help you evolve? Are you being a good example to your family and others? Mostly, it's the time of the year to be thankful for all you have.

*Bullet* Does your family and friends know how thankful you are to have them in your life? Make sure they know.

*Bullet* How about all your friends on WDC? Do they know how much fuller your life is with them in it? Take the time to do something special for them. Make sure they know how much they mean to you.

DECEMBER - Call the hospitals around town to find out how many boys and girls they have. Take the grandkids to hand out little boxes of presents -- just to let them know someone is thinking about them this time of year.

*Bullet* Be involved in Secret Santa on WDC.

*Bullet* Last but not least, remember the reason for the season and rejoice! Be sure to let everyone on WDC and the physical, know how much they mean to you.

*Bullet* Say a special prayer for all those no longer with us.

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