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A Motivational Letter to Myself

Dear Me,
         Let’s have an honest conversation. We deserve it. After all, we know each other very well. No sugarcoating. Deal?

         Sometimes, I wonder if I still know who you are. Why do I say this? Well, for a hundred and one reasons. I know. I’m exaggerating. So, let me just mention some of them, especially the important ones.

         For one thing, I know you have a passion for writing but may I be blunt with you? You have procrastinated in taking it to the next level. Now, don’t make lame excuses because I will not accept them.

         Just think: the year 2017 has come and gone. I understand your writing was paralyzed by the traumatic and premature passing of your beloved baby sister. You have wallowed in your sadness and grief. I think it’s time you get up, wipe those tears away, brush your hair, and face a new day.

         I’m proud of you for writing a tribute to your sister last year, although, it was the only writing you did all year. That was an accomplishment, considering how devastated you were then.

         But, don’t stop there. Keep going. You have a lot of writing to do. It is waiting to be penned in black and white. You’re not only disappointing yourself when you slow down. You’ll be disappointing your loved ones and friends who are counting on you to leave a historical legacy of your journey from the humble beginnings you and your family originated from to become a part of the western world in this century.

         Now, now, now. Stop being so scriptural. You always have a quote for everything under the sun. Okay. I heard that before. You’re going to recite that to me again? Oh well, go ahead. Say it one more time.

         “Ecclesiastes 12:12 …be admonished: of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh.”

         Don’t give me that. You’ve only self-published one book. And, that was ten years ago. Had you finished what you started, you would have at least five books published by now. And five more in the works.

         I know what your hang up is. You hate learning and re-learning cyberspace lingo and technological manipulation. Did you say you’re not computer savvy? Somehow you got to learn the ropes to get from here to there. Stretch your brain a little. It will pay dividends. Just because you’re retired does not give you permission to be lazy and rusty.

         Remember you retired early in order to follow your dream. Stay with it with determined passion.

         I’ll be behind you all the way. Whatever you need, I will accommodate. Just dictate to me what’s building up inside you and I will let my fingers do the keyboarding. We are in this together. Your failure is my failure and your success is my success.

         Let’s do it, partner. You and me will leave a lasting legacy that will be etched in our headstone which nobody can take away – now or ever!
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