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What to hunt in eastern Canada.
Game Hunted Most Often In the Atlantic Provinces

Hunting and trapping will always be a part of Canadian heritage. I was wondering what the most popular animals to hunt. The answer for the Atlantic Provinces might be surprising. Read on and find out.

Newfoundland and Labrador

I always thought that moose were the most popular game in Newfoundland probably because that's what most people hunted when I was growing up. Actually, the hunt Newfoundlanders most like to take part in is Woodland Caribou. Caribou are the provinces only indigenous deer. In the 1990's they numbered 90 000, but the population has declined to barely 32 000. In the Middle Region of Newfoundland there is about a 70% of successfully getting a bull.

Nova Scotia

In this province hunters are in love with the sport of Ring-Necked Pheasant hunting. These birds are not indigenous and cold and coyotes greatly lessened the population. After hunting for this bird was suspended in the sixties the numbers began to rebound, and Ring-Necked Pheasants are abundant again in Nova Scotia. You can do without it, but it might be a good idea to invest in a hunting dog to increase the likelihood of a successful hunt.

New Brunswick
Hunters here are more apt to enjoy the pleasure to hunting Woodcocks. Living along the Saint John River Valley, these birds can be a challenge hunters. If the weather is agreeable you can find a few birds to harvest. The best way to find Woodcocks easily is to identify a few patches where they regularly go. Find 10 if you can.

Prince Edward Island

Canada Geese are the popular game here. Potato crops tempt 75 000 Canada Geese every year. They tend to settle in sheltered bays on the North Coast of the Island. The unpredictability of these birds does make a hunt for Canada Geese tricky, but it is worth it. Islanders can go on a hunt for these birds by themselves but those coming from across the Confederation Bridge have to either hire a guide or hunt with a local hunting partner.

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