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by Tinker
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This weekend's events sparked this poem.
Women's March

Let the light in, push darkness out.
The Women Marcher's theme of note,
"register and step up to vote".
Solidarity in numbers
ensuring that no one slumbers.
Time to stand up and rock the boat.
Let the light in.

Being heard is what it's about.
For so long ignored, deemed the goat,
march united, an antidote.
So we raise our voices and shout,
Let the light in!
                    ~~Judi Van Gorder

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12 Lines
Rondeau Prime   12 line poem made up of a septet followed by a quintain. Lines 8 syllables each, except L7 and L12 are 4 syllables. Rhyme abbccbR abbaR. The refrain being the first phrase (4 syllables) of L1.
Writer's Cramp for 1-22-18 Prompt, write poem in any form using the phrase "Let the light in."

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