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My opinion on a Richard Bach quote. This is my first post so enjoy!
“ A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.”
-Richard Bach

To be honest, I have no clue what I’m doing. So why not start it off with a quote? I mean I am NOT the authorly type. I’m more of the person who just writes. Not because someone told me to but because I have an opportunity. Which comes by quite often but I’m always in front of the TV or reading. I probably sound like some stupid teacher or something like that .

But back to the quote, honestly that Richard dude is right. We are all amateurs! Some of us longer than others. Haven’t we all been to that part of life where we go ‘I’m gonna go make myself a YouTuber and get famous and rich’ and all that. But we didn’t because... well we were gonna look stupid and some of us are just too lazy to do it. Like our society influences what we’re going to do. Like we won’t do something if a friend doesn’t want to or we probably going to get teased by others. And this is all for FRIENDS. Be honest with me here, we would rather go and hang with a friend then babysit your sister. I mean like all the oldest siblings have at least felt this way once.

Anyway thanks for reading!
-Alpha Wolf

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