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I wrote this a while back and I just thought I'd share
Technology, it's what we've started relying on for everything. It's everywhere. In our houses, in our schools, in our pockets, and on the roads. But sometimes, technology can fail us when we all need it most. This happened one day at the intersection of Sunnyside street and Overmill road in the early morning. The stoplights, that people take for granted so often, didn't work properly, but in this new technology age, we were too distracted by our pocket-sized technology to notice the life-deciding technology right in front of us. What happens when a senior that attends the high school on Overmill road is texting his best friend about the radical prank they'll be pulling on the teachers later that day. One of these teachers was Mr. T, which happened to be at the same intersection as the senior prankster. Mr. T was on the phone with his wife, who was in the hospital and suffering from breast cancer. He had just bought a box of chocolates and a bouquet of artificial flowers to give to her after school. The woman who he had bought these from was known as Holly. She was a single mother with 3 kids and had been living paycheck to paycheck until a kind man who had bought chocolates and flowers for his wife gave her a $500 tip. She planned to drive home as quickly as she could, so when she saw the green light, she sped through. The texting teen, the worried teacher, and the excited merchant just happened to be at the same intersection with a stoplight that was green in all directions. When they collided, time itself seems to freeze. The phone in the prankster's lifeless hand was still buzzing with the unaware accomplice's plans. The call to the teacher's wife was cut short, but not before she heard a loud crash and her husband's scream. The single mother was crushed in between the two other cars, her heart as dead as the other's, her 3 children excitedly waiting for their mommy to come home.
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