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Rated: E · Poetry · Fantasy · #2146754
A look into Karina's mind, a character in the upcoming story Wings of the Eternal Sky.
I have no known what flying is like for a long time. I have not felt the wind in my face in forever. I am grounded, like a bird without wings. The darkness crept up and tore me from the sky, it made me heavy and weak. It’s so cold. . . I cannot feel. It’s so quiet. . . I cannot hear. It’s so dark. . . I cannot see. It’s like life is painfully, slowly, leaking away. But wait. . . there’s a light. It’s small and faint, but it’s there. It’s growing. My body is getting warmer. I can hear. . . I can see. . . what is this light? It is her. My other half. I reach out for her. She is getting closer. . . I can almost reach her. . . ah. She stopped. Why did she stop? Right. . . she likes to tease me. She’s there, just out of reach. I show her my best pout. She simply laughs and smiles. I smile too. Then she comes closer. Oh. I feel her warmth. She is hugging me. I can hear her speaking, but I can’t make out the words. But I don’t need to, I understand what she is saying. She takes my hands in hers. With a gentle kiss, the last vestiges of darkness are swept away. In its place lies beauty. She is my world, and I am hers.

Together, we grant each other the strength to fly.
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