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(commissioned work) a young man is about to discover his family of vampires "new" powers.
This world of ours is filled with… oddities. People who are different from you and I. but some differ than others. To many these people are monsters, to me however their family. Its difficult to explain exactly what they are, to most people there what you would call “vampires” though that’s not exactly right. They can go out in the daylight, a wooden steak to the heart would kill anyone and well after seeing what my older sister enjoys eating I can assure you that they enjoy garlic bread. If I was to call them anything it would be “dream eaters”. They don’t feed of blood or eat people. They wait till the dead of night and strike when their victims are in a deep sleep. See whilst I may call them “dream eaters” their what you would call “nightmares”. They feed on others dreams, creeping inside them whilst you sleep. Just as your dream becomes enjoyable they strike out at you, quickly transforming your fantasy land into a hellish landscape. All this just so that they can feed. How do I know all this? Well ironically, I’ve found myself related to them. It took me a while to catch on, they weren’t born like this. They caught it, like an illness ya know? They fell victim to a dream eater themselves. Soon they noticed the changes, their new powers manifesting inside themselves. After they accepted themselves for what they had become they informed me off what had happened. At first, I was sceptical, but when they showed me these new raw powers that they now possessed I was speechless. It’s been two years since then, I’ve slept with a dream catcher ever since. My mother bought me it on holiday, said she wanted to protect me from what had happened to them. It’s been years since that day, time passed on and so did I. I moved on from the shock and what was once the supernatural became natural to me. Life became harder once I grew older, but I always had my family by my side.

One day I sat alone in the living room. Sat Coseley on the sofa by myself I began to realise just how mundane life had become when your entire family have powers and abilities you could only dream off. There I sat bored to death of the normal television routine when out of nowhere some young women I had never seen before entered the house. What!? Who was she!? Why did she just walk in? the girl turned around waving to some other girls outside as she walked in through the front door slamming it behind her. She had just walked in so casually, like she lived here. I had never seen this person before in my life, from what I could tell she had to be in high school. She was still wearing some trendy clothes and was pretty small compared to me, she had her long red hair tied into a pony tail falling around her shoulders. As she finally finished entering the room she caught a glimpse of me and instantly froze in front of me. “um… hi?” she said to me. I began to freak out, how could she be so calm? I reached out for the television remote and pointed it towards her in self-defence. “who are you! Leave this place or I’m calling the cops!” I yelled at her, trying to hide the panic in my voice despite its pitch being higher than normal. The girl just returned a confused look at me, as if I should already know who she is. She continued to stare at me before smacking herself in the face, realising her mistake. “wait a minute, I forgot about all this” she said in a calm tone. A bright light shined on her form, forcing me to quickly shield my eyes from its penetrating ray’s. when the light dimmed down I lower myself only to find that she had disappeared, and in her place stood my father. “what!? Where’d she go!?” I demanded puzzled by the situation. My dad looked around the room before turning back to me “I’m still here?” he responded, confused by the question. What!? What was he on about?

“oh yeah I forgot, ok so you’re already sitting down, that’s good. You see your family and I have more abilities available to use than just turning into bats and entering others dreams. See when we enter someone else’s dream it’s easier to well, wear a disguise.” My father began to explain. “you see, we transform ourselves into another form of our choosing so we can feed of our prey much better. As we accumulate more and more prey we gain more varied forms that we can take. We’re not limited to dreams either, we can change form in the normal plain too.” He finished. My mind began to race full of thoughts after these new revelations. “so, what was that just now? Have you done this before?” I asked now growing even more curious. “well that’s some young girl I invaded a few weeks ago, she’s got some good friends. I decided to enjoy her life a little is all. Not to mention your mother and I have traded places before to see if anyone would notice, heck not even your sister noticed the difference” he laughed to himself. “so, you can just change whenever you feel like it?” I asked, growing ever increasingly excited with the possibilities of such a power. “what you want a demonstration, alright give me just a moment. I have the perfect example in mind” my father boasted. Once again, he became consumed by a bright light covering his entire being. After the light died down I became astonished by what was before me. It was my neighbour Liz from next door, the summer had been hot and she paid me to cut the lawn every now and then. The money wasn’t much but I would never miss out on the chance to catch her rocking body, clad in a tight red bikini. She would always lay out there whenever I was at work, leaning back into her sunchair, shades on giant hoop earrings glimmering in the summer sun. part of me always thought she was doing it to keep me coming back. I began to feel my excitement swell up in my pants. I quickly reached out to cover myself slightly as to not let who had been my father moments ago notice what was happening. “see? What do you think? No bad hey. Always thought Liz was hot, though don’t tell your mother that. She was my first victim you know? Been a favourite form of mine ever since” he boasted to me in his new soft sultry voice. “ye…yeah” I stammered out, still trying to hide my erection.

As I finished my sentence I noticed her look down towards my pants then back up to me, a grin forming on her face as she did so. “it seems you had a thing for the neighbour too then, huh?” she said with a chuckle. I felt embarrassed, before me stood my father now transformed into a woman I had been crushing on for years. Not only was it my father but it was also someone who I would take to my bedroom and make mine if I was ever given the opportunity. I began to feel conflicted, my mind and body giving me different thoughts and ideas, each one conflicting with the other. Deep down this Liz was still my father but my body didn’t care for that. My body ached for her, to have her all to myself and use her to pleasure myself. She continued to stare at me, only now did she start to slowly walk towards me. Each step ahead of the other, slowly she worked her way towards me. Her chest bouncing up and down slightly, the light reflecting of off each individual gemstone on her earrings. I felt myself freeze over, she or rather he hadn’t said anything. They continued to walk closer towards me, nothing slowing down her pace. She strutted her way towards me eventually pressing her chest up against the lower half of my face as she towered over me. “u…uhhhhhh” I stammered out unable to word my anxiety. “something the matter?” she asked, as she stared down towards me. I panicked, why was they doing this? What came over them suddenly? “you want to know the best part about shifting into someone else?” she said as she pulled me towards her breasts and played with my hair. “when we shift into others we can take on other, more qualities than just their physical form” she said now choking me out with her breasts. “go on, I know it’s what you want, and I know for a fact its way she… I would want. Go on, make me yours” she let out. Holy shit, was this for real? Before I could even begin to think things through my body reached out instinctively garbing her sweet tight ass. I gave it a good tight squeeze finally being able to feel it for myself. I heard her let out a slight moan in response, she moved her hand from my hair to the back of my head and forced me deep into her chest. I enjoyed this smothering feeling, they were so warm and so soft. I pulled my hands up slightly and dug my hands back down. This time I moved them below her lower bikini, under the cloth I could feel the soft warmth of her tight, tight ass. In response I felt her begin to move her hips in response, grinding up and down on my crotch as she did so. It was like a dream come true, her face soon began to turn red as she grinded up against my hardened crotch. I felt myself becoming lost in all the excitement. She lunged her free hand deep down into my pants grabbing hold of my erect cock. The sudden clash of her cold hands over my warm shaft caught me off guard, how did it come to this? I looked up to her as she smiled at me. I could tell that if anything she seemed more into this than I did. “d…dad?” I asked hesitantly. “your dads not here no more, call me Liz darling” she said gasping between breaths. She strokes my dick softly catching me off guard once more. This time my knees caved in and I fell slightly landing my face fully into her soft warm breasts. She continued to massage my dick, slowly and softly she pumped away, teasing me as she ran her fingers up and around it. I trembled at this feeling, my face buried into her chest, and her wrapping her fingers around my dick. As my knees gave way she rested me against a nearby wall, her breasts muffling my moans that became ever increasingly louder and louder. “such a good boy, I think it’s time we wrapped things up” she said a smile spread wide across her face. She leaned in closer now pumping away faster and faster. I trembled at these sensations. Something within me was building up. She pumped and tugged away, my dick now throbbing from this all. I let out each breath heavier than the last. She continued to work away letting out the occasional screech of excitement. “hmmm, time to wrap this up, I smell fresh meat” she said as she began sniffing around the room. She pumped away much faster and aggressively now, until, until…

Splosh! I felt it shoot out from me. My hot cum launching itself into my underwear covering her hand slightly. She let out a final deep breath and realised my now twitching cock from her hands and bought it up to her mouth. She licked her hand clean in front of me, making sure I saw her devour every little drop. “it’s been fun kid, but I’m on the hunt. Oh, and by the way you might want to get a change of clothes. You’ve made yourself an awful mess down there.” she said as she pointed towards my crotch. She jumped up into the air and transformed into a bat before my eyes, and with that she flew out the window away from my house. I grabbed hold of the wall attempting to stand back up. Slowly I climbed up the stairs and made my way to my room, changing my clothes before collapsing on my bed. My vision began to fade and before long I passed out.

KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK!!! The loud bashing against my door waking me up. I awoke to find it now much later into the evening, barely able to recollect what had taken place hours ago. I looked towards the door and yelled out “who is it!” “it’s me your dumbass. I want to talk to you about something, privately” I heard my older sister yell from the opposite side of the door. I got up and opened the door letting her in, before promptly shutting the door and sitting down on the bed beside her. “ok what did you….” I began to ask before she cut me off. “you fucked dad! Didn’t you?” she asked. The question coming as a shock, the expression across my quickly changing. Before I could do anything else she just sat there and laughed at me. “oh, don’t worry, it wasn’t him. Well technically it was but you know? Anyway, that’s not why I’m here. I’ve came here to make you a deal” she said catching my attention. “a deal? What kind of deal?” I asked her, now curious. “well it seems both you and dad enjoyed yourselves so I’m here to make you an offer. Anyone you want, real or not. But in return I get to fuck your girlfriend in your body.” She asked you. What? Why my girlfriend? “why do you want to sleep with my girlfriend?” I asked her. “well I’ve never done it as a guy before, that and she’s pretty hot. Please let me fuck her, just a little. In return you get whatever you want with whoever you want, deal?” she hastily asked. I could tell she was eager to try this, that and the deal was tempting. Anyone I wanted, that was a big list but luckily, I knew exactly what I wanted. “fine, we have a deal. However, I want my end first.” I stated standing my ground. “fine, as long as I get to do what I want with your girlfriend I’m fine for whatever” my sister quickly responded. I retreated to my thoughts, I got one person whoever I wanted so long as my sister had consumed her dreams or some off her blood. Luckily though they had been around long enough that by this point I doubted that there was anyone in town who they hadn’t drained. Heck if my sister had drained me, then there’s no way she hadn’t drained Suzie from school. “what about Suzie from my high school?” I asked her. “that slut from the year below you, hmmm sure thing” my sister replied all too eager to get started. “wait! before you do can I make one request?” I asked as she stood up. “what is it?” she asked me. “can you maybe haver her somewhat dressed up as Zelda but like also in a swimsuit?” I asked, my own words embarrassing me. “hmmmm” she let out. Without answering she beamed in a bright glow blinding my vision. As I retreated my hands there she was, Suzie but now with longer bright blonde hair matched in elegant jewel. Across her body was a tight blue one-piece swimsuit, tightly hugging her body. I crossed my legs attempting to hide my new erection from the sight in front of me, once more I would get to indulge in my fantasies. She sprawled on the bed and crawled towards me, prying apart my legs exposing my erection. The cloth on my trousers hanging up high as my dick held it there. “why cross your legs for? You know exactly what comes next. Come one then, why don’t we have a little fun?” she said as she stared at my erect cock. She pulled down the one piece revealing her now slightly smaller but still entrancing breasts in full view in front of me. As she crawled over my crotch I felt her breasts rub against my dick, the soothing feeling taking over my body. Her top half was now leaned over on top of me, her breasts slightly rubbing up against my dick as they swung back and forth. She slowly began to lower herself down deeper onto my crotch.

She leaned in closer, wrapping her hands around the belt line of my pants. Slowly she began to unzip and undo my pants, she began to wriggle them side to side pulling them down further and further. As my pants found themselves around my knees my cock sprung upwards smacking against her chest, the warm soft milky breasts of hers gritting it as it collided with them. She turned her face towards me and licked her lips seductively. She began to look back down and lower herself even closer to my dick. Now I could feel the warmth of her breath as she grew closer and closer and closer. The next thing I could feel was an even warmer damp feeling, looking down I realised what she had done. She began to lick my dick up and down, starting from the top and working her way down to the bottom before reaching the top again. “figured I’d get an up close and personal inspection of it, seeing as how I’ll be the one putting it to use after all this is done” she let out teasingly. The next sensation if let was my dick now being smother by the same warm sensation from moments ago, it pierced through her lips making its way into her warm mouth. I could feel her tongue flicking away at the top of my cock as she continued to use her lips up and down against my warm shaft. The feeling relaxed me as air gave way to whatever she was doing, as I lay back the only noises to fill the air was the slurping and gagging noises leaving her mouth. She continued to pump away as I lay there enjoying the feeling of her warm damp mouth slightly gripping around my cock. Seconds turned into minutes as I lay there motionless. The only interruptions where the occasional moments where she would stop to gasp for air. After a while I could begin to feel myself well up on the inside. She was bringing me on the verge of Cumming inside her, and she was more than aware of this. She began to slow down teasing me more and more. Now every so often considering my eyes and smiling at me. If she was so willing to do this without hesitating, what on earth was she planning on doing with my girlfriend as me? It didn’t matter, she continued to tease me. She wanted me to beg for it, and beg I did. She once again began to suck my aching cock, and within seconds I felt it shoot out from my body and directly into her mouth. She didn’t stop there, she continued pumping away even after I finished. Eventually she raised her head away from my now limp dick, using her arms to position herself upright, her exposed breasts swinging back and forth. She opened her mouth in front of me, almost boasting that every drop I had shot out of my cock had been swallowed. “now then, my turn”

And that’s my story so far. Here I lay, in my sister’s bed watching television. Only being interrupted by the occasional banging on her wall, followed by the moans of ecstasy from my girlfriend over in the other room. My sister must have really been enjoying herself in there I thought. Here I was laying down in her form, legs spread open deciding that if I was going to let her fuck my girlfriend I would enjoy myself too. I found myself attracted to her still, even as my sister. She had traded our forms in many ways, turns out they have more powers than I had ever imagined. Things from now on where going to be a whole lot more “fun”. I got back into it now sliding my new feminine fingers up and down into my newly wet slit. Who knows, maybe there was more to yet experience? But that was a story for another day…
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