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by BunBun
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In my creative writing class we are given journal writes, this is one.
Before we start I would like to mention the following:
1.) I am still in high school, this means I'm still learning. I do like constructive criticism but that doesn't mean I like rude comments!
2.) The topic our teacher gives us is just something to spark our imagination, that means I don't have to write about it. The topic she gave us for this journal write was this, "You are in Times Square and you are holding three items in your hand, a potato, paperclip, and clown nose." no joke. I took Times Square and thought of Broadway so this was the result of said potato, paperclip, and clown nose.
3.) I DO NOT claim to own Hamilton, I am simply writing about it, everything belongs to Lin Manuel Miranda

         In front of me sits the famous Broadway stage, everyone rehearsing lines and practicing their dances. I had always dreamt of this moment...but...not like this. I think back to the events prior to my current situation of gawking in awe.

         I walk around the long, vibrantly carpeted hallways of the large building, my smile not leaving my face for even a second. I felt just like a kid in a candy shop, surrounded by my favorite sweets. My arrival was very early, the show wasn’t supposed to start for another three hours. I bought tickets to see the show Hamilton which featured all the original cast members, I was so ecstatic I couldn’t hold back my squealing when I saw the tickets, for a cheap price too!

         I had lost any sense of direction as I got distracted by the glamour of the building and its decor. “You must be (too lazy to think of a name)!” I heard a familiar voice say from behind me. I spun around at the sound of my name, I was face to face with the one and only Lin-Manuel Miranda. I about passed out when my eyes met with his, “Sorry to have frightened you! I was worried that our new crew girl would get lost, I guess I was right.” He said with a bright smile and comforting chuckle. ‘Wait...new crew girl?’ before I could open my mouth to protest his hand gently grasped mine and led me to a different side of the building.

         “Oh look! Looks like we’ve got ourselves a cutie!” I heard a high and perky voice say followed by another, “I didn’t think she would be so young!”. I look at the girls who spoke and felt my knees wobble briefly before I was picked up in a tight hug by the one and only Phillipa Soo, best known as Eliza Hamilton. I felt so helpless as she spun me around and then sat me back down, “You are so small! How old are you sweetie?” she asked with a smile. I felt my cheeks flush and I looked down, nervous around so many people I admire. “Alright guys let’s get back to our rehearsals! The show starts in three hours and we need to bring our newbie up to speed with what she needs to do!” said the very excited Lin.

         I snap back to present time, making sure to take in every bit of information. The girl they had hired was supposedly in charge of transitions, this meant I got my own costume to blend in. While I moved certain props I had to learn certain moves so I looked like one of the dancers. My mind was reeling from the excitement. I was listening to my instructor, Lin himself, he was insistent on teaching me since he didn’t need anymore practice...I mean...he DID write the musical.

         “In this scene we’ll be transitioning from A Winter’s Ball to Helpless… you’ll be front left stage and grab the prop before heading over through to back right stage. Got it?” I nodded enthusiastically with a big smile. He laughs, “Alright now for-” Lin is cut off by a loud thud followed my a screech. I turn my head around towards the cry and found that Phillipa Soo had fallen off the stairs and was clutching her ankle as tears fell down her face. I immediately ran over to her, “What happened?” I asked as I rolled down her sock, exposing the large black and blue bump on the side of her ankle. “I overstepped and fell down, I landed funny on my ankle and felt something snap.” I nod and gently runs my pinky finger across the bruise and she let out a hiss of pain, “That hurts?” I ask and she nods in reply. My eyes roam over the site of the injury, “I want you to stand up and try to walk ok?” I stood up and helped her up. The second she put her injured ankle down she let out a cry and started to fall. ‘Crap!’ I thought as I lunged to support her.

         I felt the burden of her weight as I struggled to keep her upright, I glance over to Lin, “Her ankle is most likely broken or severely fractured.” I stated. Everyone just stared at me as Lin walked over. “We’ll get her some help right away…” He said, transferring her weight over to himself. Everyone watches her leave before going back to rehearsal, I felt a hand on my shoulder, “Are you actually here for our stage crew” whispered a voice. I sighed and turned around to face Renee Elise Goldsberry, Angelica Schuyler, “N-no...I was here to watch the show. I heard Mr Miranda call my name and he mistook me for a different girl. I was going to say something but I was never given a chance…” I said as I looked at my feet. “I’m sorry if I ruined everything for you all…” I mumbled. “How well can you act?” I froze and looked up at her confused, “Her understudy is out sick and we need someone to cover for her,” she smiles, “If you’re a fan, then I can assume you know almost all the words?” she asks. My eyes brightened and I nodded urgently. “Alright then...sing” she said. I felt nervous, a single drip of sweat slides down the side of my face. “B-but” She interjects, “No buts...try to sing.” she says gently. I fidgeted and opened my mouth slowly,

         “I have never been the type to try and grab the spotlight we were at a revel with some rebels on a hot night laughin' at my sister as she's dazzling the room then you walked in and my heart went "Boom!" tryin' to catch your eye from the side of the ballroom everybody's dancin' and the band's top volume,"
At this point all of the back up singers had began to sing with me and I was as red as a tomato yet smiling bright. I couldn't believe I was here, here on the Broadway stage, surrounded by the cast of Hamilton singing with me. I was one hell of a lucky girl.
"grind to the rhythm as we wine and dine grab my sister, and whisper, "Yo, this one's mine." my sister made her way across the room to you and I got nervous, thinking "What's she gonna do?" she grabbed you by the arm, I'm thinkin' "I'm through" then you look back at me and suddenly I'm helpless! Oh, look at those eyes oh! Yeah, I'm helpless, I know I'm so into you I am so into you I know I'm down for the count and I'm drownin' in ‘em.”
Once the song is over, everyone begins to cheer and I laugh, my face still flushed, “I think we’ve found our new Eliza” said a voice behind me, I looked and found Lin smiling at me. “So what do you say?” he asks, I smile brightly, “I’m not throwing away my shot.”
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