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A crow was looking so sad standing in a snow drift.
He couldn't find any food. Snow was everywhere,
A squirrel ran up and down a tree and landed in a
snow drift. The squirrel climbed out and jumped.

The squirrel looked at the crow. "What's wrong with
you?" He asked the crow. The crow thought the squirrel
was a pain. "I am looking for food and my claws get cold
digging through all this snow. Do you want to laugh at me?"

"No. Hey! Why don't you fly up to my tree and I will share
my food with you." The crow thought why not. The squirrel
went to his tree and the crow flew after him and the squirrel
shared his corn and nuts with the crow. The crow was grateful.

The squirrel's spot in the tree was warm and the squirrel told
the crow about his parents, brothers and sisters and the squirrel
had a mate and she would be moving in soon. The crow's family
had flown away and he was looking for a mate of his own.

The crow visited the squirrel every day and the winter left and the
crow was able to find his own food. He soon found a mate and the
squirrel and his mate shared the tree with the crow who soon had
his own family. The crow and squirrel stayed friends all their lives.

The crow and his mate even flew at owls and raccoons who tried
to harm the squirrel family. They watched out for each other. A
impossible friendship? No. Not really. Life is stranger the fiction. Who
knew a squirrel and a crow could be friends?

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