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by BSmith
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Fearing being arrested. Growing up with a family. Fear meets whoever you are?
Being married to my wife with a daughter. Who i unfortunately only get to see every six months is hard. Especially if your the type of father who has to stay behind during the Christmas seasons. Luckily. I never missed christmas with the kids. I knew it would break her heart’s if they didn’t get to see there daddy walk through the door and open the presents beside him. However this year was sadly different ~1~

The plans of me returning to Christmas had been cancelled after the interstellar war that threatened Earth existence and grew greater. However we managed to put a stop to them and was able to restore peace a tough match when you realise how devastating your live would be. ~2~

I returned on Christmas day and was able to pack my stuff to leave my job. With a wealthy fortune and a honoured earth badge. ~3~

Returning to Chicago at 18:45 i knew i missed dinner. My wife would be pretty upset that i missed my childresn christmas. So i tried my best to buy a lot of gifts and an apology card. ~4~

This is where my story begins: ~5~

In the cold Christmas night on the deep snow of Iceland winters, stood a young alien father who had watched the sight of his pretty wife who seemed to be doing the dishes at the kitchen. Already knowing he had missed the family feat of honey-roast turkey. He couldn't stand being outside. Holding a small present for the family with a bouquet of Orchids and a box of chocolates. He was hoping to win her heart. Being away for six months without seeing the family on a secret workplace trip, it distracted him, he couldn’t bare Christmas away from his family which is why he was sent home early. Walking up towards the door and gave it a few knock, making sure his designer jacket was clean while unclipping his rifle strap around his chest, he held the rifle up so that it doesn’t look like he was planning on shooting them. Standing and waiting for you or the kids to answer. He let his magenta eyes wonder as the white pupils looked around the neighbourhood.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2146835