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Since you liked my first one... here’s another one!
“ Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination”
-William Longgood

I couldn’t wait a week to share something with you guys, so I decided to share early. I just want to say thank you for all the encouraging reviews I’ve gotten so.... THANK YOU!!!!

Now back to the quote for today, we all made resolutions for 2018. Right? Well I certainly did. My resolution was to write more and share my opinion on things, which I think I’m doing right now. There are two parts to this quote; Dreams and dedication.Everyone has a DREAM. Most users on Writing.com would say, “My resolution/dream is to get my writing published,” or “ My resolution/dream is to write more and share it.” But in order to have that dream come true you need DEDICATION. What I guess Mr. William here was trying to say is “When you put your dreams with hard work and effort (dedication basically) you can achieve it.” Which is very important. Albert Einstein didn’t become Albert Einstein by giving up the first few times, did he? Only when he ACHIEVED that goal, he worked towards another and another and so on. I’m not trying to sound like your school counsellor, or your teacher, or your parents, or your boss. I’m trying to sound like ME, if that makes sense.

I hope this helped!
-Alpha Wolf
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