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Nancy finds a secret underground room while playing tag with her brother.
Prompt used: The Secret Room
Word count: 1234 words

“Tag, you're it!” Nancy called out as she tapped her little brother's arm.

Nancy turned around and ran through the park's field. The grass was neatly trimmed, so she didn't worry about getting wet from the water that still clung to the grass. She looked back for a moment to see where her brother was. In that moment, however, she crashed into a tree and fell back. Luckily, she wasn't hurt much, and got up almost immediately.

The side of the tree she ran into pushed itself in, then moved to the side, revealing a small enclosed area. Curious, Nancy stepped in. As soon as she got in, the door-like piece of bark slid back into place. Then the floor Nancy was standing on went down, as if the tree were an elevator.

When it stopped, the doors opened again to show a large secret underground room. There was no one in it. Nancy cautiously walked over to a large computer, surprised to find it on. She read the document that was up.

“Lizard Girl and Gale,” Nancy read, “Lizard Girl: able to blend in with surroundings and has two teeth that can make venom if she wants to. Age: 25. Lizard Girl's real name: Lucy Laribee. Gale: able to fly and control wind and air. Age: 21. Gale's real name: Gail Gray.”

Suddenly, the tree elevator's door opened again. Inside were two women. Nancy immediately recognized them as Lizard Girl and Gale, the two superheroes she was just reading about. One had brown hair, green eyes, a green and orange costume, and a green mask that ran across her eyes. The other had blonde hair that looked nearly white, pale blue eyes, pale skin, and wore a light gray outfit with a light gray mask covering nearly all of her face, including some of her hair, which the rest stuck out the back. Nancy watched the superheroes as they walked closer.

“What are you doing here?” the one dressed in gray asked.

“I accidentally got here,” Nancy answered, surprised she could find her voice, as she was speaking with such a famous superhero, “I'll be going now.”

“I'm sorry, but you can't,” Lizard Girl said, “I mean, yet. I suppose you're another superhero that wants our training?”

“What?” Nancy asked, “N– ”

“Good, let's begin with the Tests to see what level you're at,” Lizard Girl said, “Gale, have her start.”

Gale clenched her hand into a fist, then opened it quickly and forcefully, perfectly creating a gust of wind that hit a small lever on the wall. A glass dome lowered from the ceiling and around Nancy, filling nearly the entire room. At the very middle and the very top hung a small bell.

“Your job,” Lizard Girl said, “Is to ring the bell. I don't care how you do it, just so long as I can hear it.”

Nancy looked up. The bell was too high up for her to reach, and there was no furniture in the dome. The dome was glass and had nothing on it that Nancy could climb, so she was stuck. At least, she thought so. As she stared at the bell, an answer came to her. Lizard Girl had said as long as she could hear it. Which meant Nancy didn't actually have to touch the bell.

Nancy grinned and took her belt off. She swung it around and around, then launched it into the air. It struck perfectly, creating a small dinging sound. After doing as she was supposed to, Nancy, slipped her belt through her belt loops again.

“Hmm, not what I had in mind, but good job,” Lizard Girl complemented.

Another gust of wind from Gale pushed the lever farther over and made the bell be sucked up into the ceiling. A camera appeared in the bell's place.

“Now you are to hide from the camera and not be spotted. If you can keep it from seeing you as it turns around for three full turns, then you will pass this test,” Lizard Girl informed Nancy.

Nancy estimated how far the camera could see, then stayed directly behind it. At first, the camera went slowly, but after the first turn, it sped up. This made it harder for Nancy, as she had to judge how fast to move. After the second time around, the camera sped up. Nancy sped up with it. Then it suddenly slowed down. Lizard Girl and Gale watched with amazement as Nancy slowed down and sped up with the randomness of the camera, and how she wasn't caught on the screen a single time.

“Good job, girl,” Lizard Girl said, then motioned for Gale to begin the next Test.

Gale blew the lever over another notch, although Nancy couldn't tell if it was all the way over or not. The camera went into the ceiling, like the bell had. This time, however, nothing came down. The hole was simply covered with something matching the ceiling.

“Now for the final Test,” Lizard Girl announced, “If you are able to get to me in the next twenty minutes, I will train you.”

“But I don't – ”

“And be quiet about it!” Lizard Girl screeched, “Time starts now!”

Nancy's heart raced. She wasn't sure if she would be let go after what she had seen. If she didn't make it out and they found out what she was doing, there might be consequences. She needed to get out. However, that would be no easy task. She would have to prop the dome up, but it was made of thick glass and firmly planted in the ground.

Nancy began to wish for superpowers.

If only I had laser vision. Then I could just cut a hole through it! Nancy thought, Or if I had super strength. Then I could lift it up, easy peasy! No, no, Nancy. Wishful thinking will get me nowhere. Just how to get out . . .

Nancy stared at the dome. She was beginning to get an idea, but she wasn't sure if it would work. All she needed was something to slip under the dome. After some careful searching, Nancy couldn't find anything. Then she decided it would be a good idea to search the wall for weak spots. She felt along the cold, smooth glass all around until she found a small part with a slight bump. Nancy pressed on the raised glass and found it was a door. Nancy giggled at the simplicity.

She wasn't sure how much time she had left, so Nancy quickly ran to Lizard Girl. Lizard Girl was distracted with her book, so there was no chase. Nancy simply placed her hand on Lizard Girl's shoulder.

“Tag, you're it,” Nancy said.

“How did you get out?” Lizard Girl asked, snapping her head up from the book.

“Ooh, I just love those books!” Nancy commented.

“But how did you get out?”

“Oh, I used the door. Can I go now?”

“The entire point of the Tests is for me to know what your superpowers are. You didn't use any of them. Why not?” Lizard Girl asked.

“I don't have superpowers,” Nancy shrugged as she walked toward the elevator.

The next day, Nancy looked all over the tree, but she couldn't figure out how to open it. She tried all manner of ways, but nothing worked.

I guess they must have changed the password, Nancy chuckled inwardly.
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