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Warning: Nightmares are NOT a joke.
They taught me to fear the dark. . .
Their hidden in the day and strike fear in my heart.
Shadows in the cracks,
Rising upon my walls like tons of rats,
As soon as the lights wink out.
I used to doubt,
But now I see very clearly.
They don't just disappear, then come back yearly.

Shadows haunt every step, every breath, everything to do with you.
They watch you cry when your blue.
They will watch every tear-
They see what you bring home from every little shop,
And just before you flip that terrifying switch,
You take a breath, shadows they are fake, sleep should come without a hitch.

But, what if?
Imagine if shadows come alive quicker then a sniff.
You gasp with fear as they peel off your wall,
Out they come faster then you can say C-L-I-CK
Stealth is there middle name.

Shuddering with fear you try to run.
The feel of their cold hands reaching out to grab you is no fun.
They pull you back and you jump onto your bed, one foot hanging.
Your heart is banging,
You scream as a hand grabs your ankle,
Your fear continues to make you rankle.

You gasp awake in a dark room.
You see the shadows on the walls winkling your nose like you smell a bad fume.
You turn on the light,
Squinting your sight,
You know your safe,
And your sudden faith,
That shadows are real fade and you know it was a dream.
That had slipped through the seams.
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