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Sometimes a girl can draw you in just to break your heart
She broke my heart
The only woman I ever really wanted broke my heart
How could she do this to me
Together I always wanted us to be
Now there is nothing left in me
She broke me
I’m in pieces
There is nothing left except for the pieces of me
I was just being honest and I told her how I felt and the outcome of it wasn’t so great
I feel like I would never get over her
My feelings for this other chick completely erased
Replaced with thoughts and feelings of the heartbreaker
I don’t think she intended to though
I think she was somewhat oblivious to what she was doing with all those wonderful things she said about me and then that look or stare she would give me dead in my eyes
And it would give me butterflies and turn me so on
I can’t distinguish the difference between love and lust
My heart I need to trust
I just need to know what differences in my feelings so I won’t become the heartbreaker

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