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by Bruce.
Rated: 18+ · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2147187
Vialians attack Mossley.
Chapter 20

Morgan noticed the look of hatred on Elfwine's face. “You know this Oliver Fenglast then?” Morgan asked.

         “I've heard the name before. Is the spy still living?”

         Morgan laughed. “Of course he is. He’s in the cell.”

         “Can I have a word with him?”

         “I don't see why not. Drink up and I’ll take you to him.”

         “More ale?” Flora called.

         “No, not just now, Flora," Morgan said." We’re too busy but don't worry the light in you life will soon return.”

         "Yes, I'm sure he will when you've gone out."

         The men walked outside and Morgan called out to a guard. “What are you doing?”

         “I'm just doing a patrol of the streets, sir."

         “Never mind that, get over to the small gate and cover for me for a while. I need to go to the guard master's office.”

         “Yes, sir, of course,” the guard said and ran off towards the gate.

         “Sir!” Baldwin said and gave a laugh.

         “Like I told you before, Baldwin, I wouldn’t take this job unless I had some authority.”

         They walked into the cell and Weasel’s fear was more severe at the sight of three big, strong-looking, men. “What do you want? I thought you were letting me free.”

         Elfwine sat opposite Weasel. “Oliver Fenglast. Where is he?”

         “I told your friend where they are, Elfwine, and where the camp is.”

         "You know me?"

         "I have seen you about the town."

         "Have you spoken to Fenglast about me?"

         "No, no, only Guy, he was asking who destroyed his gunpowder."

         "So you were spying on me, but no matter. Back to business and you would be well-advised not to lie to me. Where is Oliver Fenglast?”

         “I’m not lying, I want my freedom.”

         “I know Oliver Fenglast. He will not stay in a camp; will not stay in a tent.”

         Baldwin looked at Morgan and raised his eyebrows.

         “No, you are right. That is why they are camped there. There is a cottage at the back what Oliver took over and moved in.”

         “Oliver! Friend of yours is he?”

         “No, I just work for Guy, I hardly see his father.”

         “All right. What do you know about a Vialian spy who works from the left peak?”

         “Nothing, I know nothing of him.” He looked up at Morgan.

         “I’d think again if I were you,” Morgan said.

         “I meant I don’t know him. I have only seen him once. He lives in a hide up there and only reports in if there is a ship in the bay near The Flashes and he can see another bay further up the coast towards Advent. He also gets a view of some of the approaches to Mossley and reports back on any large movements.”

         “Quite a lot for someone you don’t know about,” Elfwine said. “Why has Fenglast a strong interest in sacking such a small no-account town like Mossley?”

         “He has no intention of sacking the town. He wants it intact so he can use it as a base and develop it to accommodate the hundreds who he believes would want to join him there.”

         “And what would be the future of the town’s folk?”

         “The skilled he would make use of, the fit would become slaves, the women would be used as prostitutes, and the remainder would have no future.”

         "So you live amongst these good people and try to give Fenglast the means to bring that horror onto them? Don't answer that," Elfwine said before Weasel even had a chance to. He looked at Morgan. “Can I kill this man?”

         “No, he is under my protection.” Weasel breathed a huge sigh of relief.

         The men left the offices. “You seem to know more of this Fenglast than you are letting on,” Morgan said.

         “It’s personal,” Elfwine said. "I have a score to settle with Fenglast."

         Morgan just shrugged his shoulders. “I’ll have to get back to my post. If you two want to go back to the Inn, I’ll see you when I finish my time.”

         “No. I’m going back to the cave,” Baldwin said.

         “So am I,” Elfwine said. “But I’ll make a detour over the left peak.”

         “I’m with you then,” Baldwin said. The words had just left his mouth when the warning horn sounded across the town. “Not again,” he said.

         “It might be a false alarm,” Morgan said. “We have had quite a few just lately. But we had better go to the fence and see.”

         “How do you know they will be on this side?” Baldwin said.

         “The other side is a swamp and a nasty one at that," Morgan said.”

         "How have they dug a trench in a swamp?" Baldwin asked.

         "The trench is there in firm ground," Elfwine said. "But the land drops down into the swamp about twenty yards away."

         "They could still launch an attack from along the side then?"

         "They could but it would be very costly," Morgan said. "They would be easy targets for the archers with no escape except back the way they came. We still have a few guards on lookout there. Just in case."

         "If I were in charge of the Vialians, I would see that as a weak point and would attack there," Baldwin said.

         "And your men would be slaughtered," Morgan said.

         They were soon on the ledge looking out. “This is no false alarm,” Baldwin said. “There are lots of them coming this way. There are only a few peasants running for the small gate. They should easily outrun the Vialians.”

         “But they won’t outrun that bastard on the white horse,” Elfwine said.

 The Flashes. Chapter 21  (18+)
Panic as a ship enters the bay.
#2147299 by Bruce.

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