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What is more romantic than a newly-married girl lying on bed, naked, with her brother?
“Five years,” he said, lighting the cigarette in his mouth, “and it still feels strange.”

Tim was not particularly proud of this affair, however degrading he thought of his sister. Mary was not intelligent enough to see through their romantic relationship – she was unaware of her brother’s attitude, although she would not necessarily disagree. She understood the concept of adultery and sin and whenever she struggled, a simple thumb rule guided her – the more enjoyable it is, the more punishment you get, be it in this life or another. After all, this was the only plausible explanation for the names she had been called throughout the school years – slut, whore, etc. all for the same desires she shared with almost everyone else. Almost, because her teachers did not show any of those traits. Catholic schools are though places to grow up, especially when it comes to explorations – of mind and of body.

This strict school cannot be called successful at preventing explorations on Mary’s body though. Both she and others had had many opportunities to go down her pants or under her shirt; her lips had been tasted quite a few times; her bottom was no stranger to curious hands. And the worst part of all was that she actually enjoyed these. Maybe if all these had happened while she was sleeping, then she would stand some chance for a place in Heaven (and her companions a place in jail, that is, if they were male). But alas! She was not lucky enough to be raped, she had failed to satisfy God’s fetish, and she was going to pay for that. None tells an omnipotent being cannot be both God and Satan at the same time anyways.
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