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Entering writing contests.

Entering writing contests can be a good move for any aspiring writer for a number of reasons. You must be aware of certain things before choosing which contests to enter. There can be pitfalls.

Getting your writing out there is always the desire of any writer. For novice writers contests give you this chance. Many contests offer publication to writing websites or magazines. If you win your story gets exposure when it is published, giving you the opportunity to showcase your talent and expertise. This is a good thing for any writer. Sometimes having your piece chosen as the winning piece comes with critiques from the people that run the contest. The writer can get valuable insight into what they have accomplished and the areas in which they need to improve. In many cases, not all, contests are run by authors. It could be an opportunity to grow as an author. Seeing your piece in print or displayed on the Internet is a great ego boost for any writer. An increase in confidence can give a writer the enthusiasm to move forward and write more. For any writer who is planning to self-publish potential readers will be exposed to your work and will have your work, and name, in mind when your novel or book hits Amazon or book shelves. If your work was favorable to them they are more likely to buy your work. Always submit your best work to contests.

Most reputable contests charge a minimal submission fee or none at all. Be wary of large submission charges. These might be contests that only want your money and are not planning on carrying out the promise they offer. Make sure that the magazine or site offering the contest has a good reputation. Some research can reveal the experience other writers have had with a certain magazine or site. Don't get yourself in a situation where your work will be taken by someone else without the credit going to you.

Give of yourself to your writing and your readers. Contests give you the opportunity to show how good you are. Take advantage of this opportunity.

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