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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2147379
Welcome to a new Universe where every Faction wants to gain control over the world.
Kadiax Co.

The first group was mostly comprised of scientists and mercenary personnel. The scientists had a few main objects to make Kadiax's vision of the Company possible, to become the best buyable army. The first goal set for the scientists was to create the ability for the Company to live in the No Man's Land in Siberia. This wouldn't only make attacking the base nearly impossible but hard to discover with the later invented satellite cloaking. Afterwards, the scientists were expected to make cloning possible. At the same time, however, NASA has invented their first working self-sustaining spacecraft. Kadiax saw the possibilities and took action on seizing it with the army of 50 mercenaries employed under him. He captured the ship and to avoid disposing the location of the Company's main building he flew it into space.

While in space and exploring planets around the galaxy and taking detailed notes on resources he found a planet with life. On this planet he met Blake. Though the planet is never specified by Kadiax and Blake himself doesn't know his home world. Blake has just had a episode and slaughtered his birth family along with his entire village. Kadiax approached the kid and he asked Blake. "You did all of this?" Blake didn't answer. Kadiax asked another question. "Where would you go now?"
Blake asked. "Why are you talking to me? Are you blind? I'm a monster..."
Kadiax not seemingly paying mind to Blake's words asked. "How did you accomplish this? This level of death?"
Blake responded after hesitating. "I'm a demon."
Kadiax: "A demon? You look like a boy to me."
Blake: "Because they are satisfied..."
Kadiax: "If they need bloodshed to be satisfied and you fear harming those who are good come with me. I can offer the demons their blood and you a life."
Blake: "You don't know what your dealing with."
Kadiax: "I believe you want to be good. I'm offering you a chance at humanity." Kadiax holds out his hand to Blake.
Blake hesitated thinking about his options and takes Kadiax's hand. They walk to Kadiax's ship that was later dubbed the Recruiter.

Blake would immediately start training under a unnamed mercenary. This is where he got a lot of his training to become an Assassin. By the time they reached the next planet, Blake has already started to serve as Kadiax's right hand. Where Kadiax went Blake wasn't to far behind. They would come across a few more planets with life before visiting the Cogger planet Mecharin. Seemingly all life was wiped out by a large military force. However among the wreckage they found a Cogger. He was in a coma with a hand tightly gripped his rifle. Kadiax brought him to the Recruiter and during the travel they would try to remove the rifle with no result. Kadiax's full focus became fixing the Cogger. It was a obsesion. After replace a lot of the rusted components and a few attempts and reviving him the Cogger woke up. The Cogger laid still seemingly processing the environment. The Cogger got up and introduced himself as Bronze but the Company would later call him Bullseye.

Bullseye would eventually agree to serve for Kadiax's Company. Kadiax would appoint him as his "Gun". If Kadiax instructed him to kill someone or shot at someone with his hands Bullseye would execute not ever asking a question no matter the target even if it was other member of the Company. Eventually the scientists would complete their projects and Bullseye and Blake executed them all one at a time.

Eventually the Earth he was on would try to destroy his Company. In this war he would discover his greatest General. Carter was causing the Company trouble seeing how he was seemingly impossible to kill. Blake was dispatched to deal with Carter but for the first time in Blake's career he was defeated in combat. After this Kadiax had to personally meet Carter and during the meeting the two came to really like each other and Carter joined the Company. Carter would be the leader in every major combat strategy never failing any of his missions. Carter's high success rate was because of his ruthless strategies and willingness to throw his units to die as long as it meant success in the long term.

After the conquering of the whole planet and the changing the name to Kadaxia. The Company would declare itself as a Faction in the Universe. Which brought the attention of the other major players. Believe the Company to be an easy prey to add to their undead army Death sent down his plague and cultists. On a Kadiax Company planet to test this new player. Carter would be sent to investigate but the planet was already for the most part gone but he found a kid. The kid was ruthless and creative with his weapons. Carter had trouble getting to him. But when he did the kid put up a fight that impressed the General. He invited the kid. Kade would except after some discussion. Kade would be crazy enough to attempt a lot of the designs which would be stapled into the Company's armies. Magically enhanced cloning, the War Platform, and Hangar Tanks. More would be added into the O5 later into the Companies next foundation.

Era 2

Becoming a Corporation.

Know he cant live for ever Kadiax began preparing for what he planed to be his successor but his visions were ambitious and he was nearly a man. He needed to build a masterpiece for his clone counterpart to wield. Some thing stronger then Blake and the twins demons with in him. Something that could stop on of Bullseye's bullets. Something that could perhaps beat Carter. But this would require the skills of someone more daring then he was for messing with the mystic arts is dangerous. Little would he have expected to find someone more ambitious then him and more loyal to him then his adopted son Blake.

After Kade heard of Kadiax's ambitions he couldn't help himself but starting pitching ideas and possibilities. Soon Kadiax's ambitions shaped into a possibility. The just needed one thing. A Dream Crystal, though only being mentioned in legends amongst the galaxies Kade insisted that it was indeed real and that they were just not in the right dimension. After a bit of arguing among the O5 they voted to let Kade continue informing them of his idea. Kade believed that gods or celestial as he referred to them had their own dimension and that the crystal was sitting in one of the pedestals waiting to be taken by them. He said his words in such a way as if they all were destined to go take the crystal. Eventually a plan was devised just to figure out if such a place existed using Blake as a test dummy since he was seeming immortal.

Kade would spend months making and re engineering his portal to other dimension. During his trial and error he had success in transporting Blake to a different dimension. Blake wandered this place and met a teacher that taught him how to fully use his abilities. (A more detailed page will be written later about characters abilities, race and origin.) After returning and reporting his findings Kade went and took several books of magical arts and research from a library on the world and began learning the arts of spell wielding becoming adept at conrtol magic and later mastering it.

Eventually they get to the right dimension where Kade believed to crystal to be but the Corporation was met with the Celestials onslaught of monsters, soldiers, and magics. Their first attack seemed unsuccessful but the Corporation's capabilities were underestimated by their foe. Blake using his newly learned skills walked in the shadow realm till getting to the weakly guarded Dream Crystal and easily assassinates the guards stationed. Blake made of with the crystal and the portal was closed preventing the celestials from getting to them directly giving the Corporation time to prepare.

The base piece of the suit was built. It was a exo that would infuse to the users main skeleton worn on the back part of the users body.The celestials attacked the Corporations main base killing a large amount of soldiers. After the battle the base took major damage and 80% of all the Corporations soldiers died but this was no big deal they'd always clone more but Kadiax died in the fight. This caused Kade to reclone a clone specifically splicing the best of all the O5's genes. Though not granting the new Kadiax clone abilities. This clone was more capable of handling itself in combat. Kade would finish building the suit naming it the Dream Suit as it had the ability to allow the user manipulate matter into anything. He remained true to his word to the original Kadiax and gifted the suit to his successor, the newly created Kadiax clone.

The second Kadiax's character was very loving and carrying to the clones and the people working under him in the Corporation and sought to improve the universe. This was before the faction met the C.I.E, other wise know as The Combine Intelligence's for Evil. Where the second Kadiax wanted to bring wealth, hope, and safety to the many races of the universe the C.I.E wanted to completely encases in with their machines and death. The first faction war comes, the universe being its staging ground. The War of Machine and Clone would be what most called it. Out of the trillions of clones sent to battle only around a thousand would see the hole thing through. Some being called a new class known as heros. Clone-EY-1000 was the first clone to be recognized by the 05 as such. Hero's lose their numbers in place for a name that'd they chose. EY-1000 chose the name the clones called him in the field, Eyi (Eye).

Toward's the end of the War the older clone pods began to glitch making clones with enhanced abilities, some even gaining powers. Kade was quick to begin to try replicating and forcing the effects but the only successful clone recorded is S-057. S-57 was constantly in a state of regenerating and devouring. This means he is both physically decaying and regrowing all the time. Kade began to test 57 abilities more. 57 is capable of regenerating at a rate faster then a full body incinerator which is capable of melting a persons complete matter by fractions of a second. Not just this 57 is also capable of regeneration from severed limbs though he can't have more than two consensuses at one.

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