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A story about my beloved Shih~Tzu Brandy and her amazing life.

Brandy, You're A Fine Girl word ct.~ 1160
by: DW

It was the Spring of 2004, my husband and I drove out to Hot Springs, Arkansas to pick out a new addition to our family. She was so tiny, all white with a cream colored saddle like a patch of hair on her back and black tips at the end of her ears. So small that she fit in the cup holder of our truck. From the very moment, we saw her we knew she was the one for us. Her personality among the litter was more vibrant and exceptionally cute for a six-week-old puppy. From there we went to Indiana to pick up another travel trailer and take it to Montana.

My husband was a Hot-Shot driver, and he delivered trailers all over the United States. We named our new baby puppy Brandy. It just seemed to fit her perfectly. She made us laugh and filled our hearts every day with her silly ways. We bought her lots of squeaky toys and as she grew so did her wardrobe. Brandy loved wearing doggie clothes like sweaters, plush jackets, dresses for all occasions and a raincoat for days it rained and she didn't want to get wet. She even had a leather jacket and a Harley Davidson hat when we took her out for bike rides.

Then one summer we took her with us to Alabama to spend time with my best friend and it was so hot that summer, I bought her an American Flag print Bikini. Shih~Tzu's are very high maintenance dogs. They must be groomed almost daily and bathed often to keep their hair silky smooth. Well, Brandy got to where she loved getting bathes. I believe it was the warm water and the massages I'd give her with the shampooing and rinsing her until she was sparkling clean, then came the blow dryer and combing of her hair to a fluffy soft and happy girl. In no time, all I had to say was, "Brandy, Do you want a bath?" And before I could get her towels and bathing items together, she was already waiting for me in the tub.
Which was so unusual for a dog, because most dogs hated baths, but not Brandy.

One day at my sisters, my niece was dying her hair and she was getting ready to rinse out the dye. She had the water on in the tub when all of a sudden, Brandy jumped into the tub hoping to get another bath, I guess. My niece yelled out to me that Brandy was in the tub and won't get out. We laughed so hard at what she did. I picked her up from out of the tub, no sooner when I did, she ran back into the tub again. I told my niece that Brandy loves baths and when you turned on the water she must have thought it was for her. Well, after she did it the third time, I broke down and gave her another bath. Afterward, she stopped jumping in the tub and my niece went about rinsing her hair. She never saw a dog act that way. But, that was only one of her fun and special abilities.

Brandy also loved my son. She claimed him very early on. He was her best human and had to sleep with him every time we were home. She even said, "I Love you," to him. Mimicking his voice when he said it to her. We were all so amazed that she spoke, but only to my son did she ever do that too. Believe me, I tried and tried to get her to say it to me, no matter how many times I told her I love you, she just showed me by licking my face. When it came time for her meals, she would let me know she was ready to eat by standing at her food dish waiting for me to fill it. And when it was potty time, she stood at the door and whined and scratched at the door to be let out to do her business. What a smart dog she turned out to be. We never trained her, she just knew what she wanted and she let us know by her actions.

One year on my birthday my husband made me a birthday cake, all chocolate with chocolate icing. After the celebration, I placed foil over the leftover cake for the night. When I woke up the next morning, I noticed the cake was almost gone. My first thought was that my son must have eaten it during the night. So when I went to scold him for eating the cake, he claimed it wasn't him. I said, " Then who else here ate it?" His response was, "I don't know, but it was not me!" Then Brandy peeked out from his blankets and she had the evidence all over her face, chocolate was covered in her hair. Now, dogs are not supposed to have chocolate, but Brandy didn't know that. She did know she liked the chocolate cake and wanted it. So, apparently during the night she snuck up onto the kitchen chair and on top of the table and uncovered the foil from the cake and ate it then went back to my son's room and back to sleep. We were so worried that she ate chocolate, so I kept a close eye on her all day, but she was fine. It turned out that the chocolate didn't affect her at all. Thank goodness, that never happened again.

When her first Christmas approached, I made her a dog bone shaped stocking with her name embroidered on the front and filled it with healthy doggie goodies and more toys and clothes. She could smell the treats in her stocking every year after that and tried to get to them before it was time to reveal them. I would always let her have her way by giving in and giving her some before it's time like any mother would her child.

I can't even tell how many times Brandy made us happy being a huge part of our family. The love she gave was unconditional and gentle to all who ever met her. She became our little girl for fourteen and a half years until her life came to its end. God gave her life and time took it away too soon from our family. No other dog will ever replace her or how much we loved her and still do. But, it's all part of the circle of life and like the movie, "All Dogs Go To Heaven" She will be waiting for us there.

So, In Loving Memory, I write this for her. Brandy, You're A Fine Girl, and we miss you very, very much... :( You blessed our family and you shall live in our hearts forever more. *Heart* 4~21~2004 / 11~21~2017
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