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"Hey mom!, Can I go to the park with my friend?"
"Whats your friends name?"
"Its Senka mom!"
"You know, you've been hanging out with this boy alot and I havent met him yet, When am I going to get meet them?"
"Ugh mom I dont know, can I go please?!"
"I suppose...but you better be home before dark"
"Thankkks mom and I will!!"
"Hey no running in the house!"
"Love you!!!"
"Loooveee yooouuu tooooo"

"Hey Senk whats up!?"
"Sorry my mom held me up back there"
"Such a sunny day out, I cant wait to hit up the slide!"
"We're almost there! Race you to the swings, Last one theres a slowpoke!"
"haha beat you again, just not your day i guess"
"Hey dont you wanna swing or are you just gonna stand there and watch me?"
"Ok man suit yourself. You dont know what yer missin"
"Ahhh I wish I could spend every second out here hangin wit..........."
"Oh crap Senk that looks like Joey from school"
"Ugh why does he have to be at the same park as us!!!!"
         "Hey would you look at that if it isn't little Billy sucksalot. What? are you talking to yourself cause you got no friends or what?"
"I could say the same about you Joey"
         "Yea ya could if you wanted to get beat!"

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