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My pursuit for writing
It was the summer of 2016, when, I started my life as a writer. I started to write a memoir of my life, and, today, I have about a thousand pages written, which, I am, now rewritting, and, condensing into a 500 page submittable book. I started to write about what I was unable to talk about with anyone. It is about my life living with severe Social Anxiety. There are many books for people, who, have been able to confront their anxiety, and, live a life with people. However, my book is to give a voice for those, who, have been unable to confront their fear, yet, they are still living a content life. It may not be a happy life, because, everyone wants to share their life with someone. However, they are able to find ways to still be happy, despite, being alone. I feel I will never learn to socialize, and, I have accepted my fate. However, this acceptance, does not mean I still do not hope for it to change. This is a complicated acceptance, and, it is why I want to write about it. Also, all the books I have found for Social Anxiety were from those able to socialize. I do not know about it getting published. Also, I am not sure about how to write about my mother, because, she is still alive. I thought about not including her. However, it is impossible to write about my SA, without, including her. She has had the greatest impact upon my life, both good and bad. I do not believe, I might have SA, without her. I have been writing every day for two years, and, at the end of this year I will be ready to start submitting my book. However, I am not sure where to start.
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