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Synopsis of story
This will be a dark ghost story.  It will start out in the living years and transition into the spirit years.

1.          Synopsis of Story – A dark historical fiction of a ghost and the woman and man he has chosen to complete his mission on earth.  An early American war hero has chosen to stay behind to protect America.  When he is ready to “cross-over, he has forgotten how and the familiars from his lifetime are not available to assist him.  Working on the premise that there are no accidents, only good or bad outcomes, my story will be that constant struggle to get back up when you fall or are pushed down, and that final time when you choose not to rise again.  All characters, whether spirit or mortal, will have those times when they are allowed to choose and have to face the consequences of those choices.

2. Sketch of Central Character – The scene starts out in the early 19th century and ends around the beginning of the 20th century.  I reserve the right to adjust that.  A war hero who is just looking to complete his spirit life to cross-over, but there is always something that prevents it.  Now that he is in a new time and place, he has elevated his skills to be able to jump into the living and thereby live again. 

3.  Wants Needs and Desires – In the living years:  Wants: recognition
Desires:  to protect his loved ones.  Needs:  To avenge his brother’s death at the hands of the British.  In the spirit form:  Wants to go home (cross over).  Desires to tarry on earth longer to protect his new family.  Needs to be the protector for those he loves. 

4. Life Changing Event – My CC will need to have two LCE’s.  He died as a result of a battle wound in the War of 1812.  He won’t leave the battle until those who caused his death are revenged, so most of his shenanigans will occur after life.  The LCE is in the time when he is in spirit form and has to choose life or dissipation.  He chooses to abandon the precepts of his faith and share a body with a mortal.  The LCE will explore what happens when a body has two souls and the impact on those affected by that choice. 
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