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by Spree
Rated: E · Appendix · Sci-fi · #2147615
An ongoing tabulation of Phu Sector University's OOC information
Phu Asteroid Research Center
Home to Phu Galactic University
Located in the Candoria planetary system (-82, -80)
System Coordinates (13, 9)
Population: 221 flats
Famous for: Rigorous and extensive curriculum as well as cutting-edge research in both the medical, natural, and social science fields.
Visitor amenities: Landing pad, three privately owned eating establishments, two parks, library, and a museum. There is an interfaith chapel, one hotel, rooms to sublet, and free accommodations for medical patients.
Student amenities: Three dining halls, each occupying one floor of the main residential building. A beautiful campus packed to the brim with activities, parks, and other outdoor decorations.
Business accommodations: Two office buildings outfitted for several purposes. First off, they are all owned and operated by Xucphra Corporation. They are utilized to entertain customers, as off-site clinical areas from the hospital for research purposes, and as quieter office space for researchers and other workers to do their work away from a stressful hospital environment.
Business deals do not get done just in the offices though, many are made over meals. There are two small restaurants and one tavern which are wonderful locations for negotiations of contracts in a less formal environment. However, one of the two restaurants is quite upscale and fancy, while the other is a more family-friendly eating establishment which is much more suited for large, casual dinners among friends and family.
Think of it as an intellectual hub of the Phu sector. In fact, think of it as a planet-wide university. The two largest buildings in the city are dedicated to university necessities. The R&D building is filled with the foremost scientists working hard on fantastic new machinery and technology. In fact, the building will have a few classrooms and lecture halls, so they can teach students who have come to learn the fascinating world of scientific research. The library and museum are to showcase the history of the galactic movement towards a more and more advanced society.

The hospital is not only a top notch medical facility, but a teaching hospital and a home for clinical trials on experimental medicine. No doubt one would find Spree spending most of his days in some isolated room crunching numbers or reading or writing.

The hotels are for patients and their families, offworld lecturers and students, and visitors. The landing pad would be used for emergency vehicle takeoff and landing, as well as other permitted ships.

There are two park areas in the city. The smaller of the two is located right next to the hospital. Its primary purpose is to provide a place for doctors, students, and patients alike to unwind in peace and quiet, or to eat lunch outside as a break from the artificially lit labs or patient rooms.
The larger park (two park squares with a fountain in the middle) is a much more recreational area for students and visitors to get some exercise! Intermural sports and pick-up games flourish here as teams face off against each other under Candoria’s sole sun.

The bank and garage are pretty self-explanatory. Gotta store money and cars somewhere! :)

All of the power generators are out of the way and the shield generator is right next to the council flats, a lower rent building for the broke students or low-wage workers. Obviously the two high rises are for a majority of the population: workers, students, professors, scientists, and more permanent visitors.

And, as some icing on the cake, there is a tavern. After a hard day's work in the lab or the classroom or the many other facilities, the community can sit as equals and get totally drunk together!
Overall, PARC is called home to those who wish to live in academia and partake in cutting edge scientific research. The best and brightest young minds flock to this asteroid for a unique experience of learning from and working with the greatest scientists and doctors ever to grace the galaxy. The University of PARC is an intellectual hub of the galaxy.
Students get an immersive experience as well. The living quarters on the asteroid range in luxury, depending on the status of the student, worker, scientist, or doctor. The largest building on the asteroid, aside from the Research Center itself, is the Dormitory. It is home to the many students who frequent the school, as well as dining halls, a fitness center, and a few study lounges. Further north on the asteroid is the medical campus, where the ins and outs of medicine are taught to fresh minds. Additionally, this is a fully functioning hospital! Everything from routine check-ups to cybernetic surgery is offered at the General Hospital.

NOTE: The best part about the hospital is that we can keep the level 5 medic NPCs there, citing them not only as doctors, but as educators!

Staff (rumored):
University President: Dac Kain (Mecrosa)
University Vice President: Benjamin Kain (Xucphra)

Natural Science: Wes Reed
Medicine: Dr. Spree Razzix
Social Science & Business: ??

Instructors (and a very brief description of their area(s) of expertise):
Natural Science:
• Wes Reed – Engineering,
• Dr. Spree Razzix – Anaesthesiology, surgery
• Dr. Liam Wallace – Military medicine
• Benjamin Kain – Business of medicine
Social Science & Business:
• Dac Kain – Corporate management, psychology of business, social psychology
• Willam Kain -

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