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Rated: E · Fiction · Career · #2147671
A woman decides to finally take charge of her life and start her writing career.

Eric knew then he would be with his sweetheart forever…

         '’For crying out loud Red, are you kidding me!? What were you thinking? Don’t answer that, it’s obvious you didn’t.’’

         ‘’What’s going on with you now Ray?’’

         ‘’Don’t pretend with me madam. We both know you’re prone to taking off on a whim and hell with the consequences. We’ve been married long enough for me to know that by now.’’

         ‘’Darling, you know that’s it’s always been my dream to be a writer. Reading so much of my life, and now to finally see my own creation on the shelves is a dream come true.’’

         ‘’Look Red. You’re obviously not thinking clearly. We can talk about this and see where it goes. But you know I’ve only been working part time since cut offs. We need that extra pay check. Who knows when you’re writing will take off. We need to be practical in the now.’’

         ‘’ I understand where you’re coming from dear. Truly. I still see Mrs. Zbaracki and walk her dogs for her. I held on to my café job. In case things take a turn for the worse, I didn’t want us to suffer for it. I still do see this coming to fruition. This year I’m sure of it.’’

         ‘’Well I’m glad to hear it. I was concerned you had gone to extreme methods in following your chosen pursuit. I hope you can forgive me, but I do want us to do more than survive. I want to live fully with the woman I married.’’

         ‘’Oh Ray, you’re sweet.’’

         ‘’Now, about dinner...’’

         ‘’Ray Chambers you’ve some nerve!’’

         ‘’Only kidding dear. But seriously, I’m getting hungry.’’

         ‘’Oh, so am I. Is it really that late already?’’

         ‘’Afraid so. You were in your zone and I didn’t want to disturb you while you were on a role. But as it is getting late, maybe we could put our heads together on what to do for dinner.’’

         ‘’Oh Ray, I don’t think I could cook something tonight. I know you just came home late in the afternoon covering for Jack. I’m sorry I just can’t see cooking for us tonight.’’

         ‘’That’s alright. I’ll think of something I guess.’’

         ‘’Ray! Ray a minute!’’

         ‘’Eh? Something on your mind?’’

         ‘’Why don’t we just order in? You’ve been dying to try that new Thai place downtown, and now’s as good a chance as ever.’’

         ‘’I like the way you think wife. I knew I married you for a reason.’’

         ‘’Ray, you flatterer.’’

         ‘’I’ll see about getting a menu. You’re the best hon.’’

         ‘’I know dear.’’

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2147671