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by Elle
Rated: E · Appendix · Writing.Com · #2147964
List of nominees for the 12th annual Quill Awards (2018 edition)
Note that this is the 2018 nominations list. Click here for other years

Nominations close at the end of January 2019. To nominate someone, please use the "2018 Nomination Form for Quill Awards.

If a statement was included with the nomination post or email, it is also included below. Statements included may be edited from the original nomination statements and may be removed or reasonably edited at any time if the Quills panel deems it necessary or appropriate. Names of nominators are not included for privacy reasons.

The following categories are open for nominations:

*Quill*           *Quill*           *Quill*           *Quill*           *Quill*

Non-Static Awards:
created and/or reasonably active in 2018

Best Forum (Non-Contest)
"Question of the Day!"   [18+] by ☕️ Lilli
         A fun, simple way to get to know what your fellow writers are thinking!
"Scheming Scoundrel's Forum-ALL NaNo NOV"   [E] by LJ soaring-TY Mr Bones, Vampy!
         The changing variety of promoted contests encourages users to participate in a fun way. For example, I have entered a certain contest each week and haven't won (yet). But I feel like I've got my own cheerleading team behind me, motivating me to keep learning from my non-wins and persevere. The changing variety of contests pushes me out of my comfort zone and introduces me to new challenges and people.
"Community Recognition Assist"   [13+] by Andy52in52~Wodehousing
          I think this is such a valuable forum! I hate that I didn't find it sooner! I think I'll be using it a good bit now that I found it. I hate to give folks an award that I don't think they REALLY deserved, but it's sometimes easier to do that than to get someone to give a MB. CR Assist solves the problem! I can reward folks with MBs, even if I recently gave them one
"Rach's Chocolate Emporium ~ BACK IN DEC."   [13+] by Choconut ~ NaNoing. Go Purple!
          I love the variety of items she has to offer from reviews to MBs and more. The packages come in a variety of price points to suit most people's budget. This forum offers a great opportunity for giving out treats to anyone you want to shower with love here on WdC.
"The Contest Challenge"   [13+] by RememberAllWhoFellToProtectUs

Best Campfire, In & Out, or Interactive
"Daily Snapshot"   [E] by Genipher
         A fun image captioning contest.
"TV Shows and Movies Campfire 2018"   [ASR] by Princess Megan Snow Rose
         This wonderful campfire spans many decades of entertainment and it has moved at lightning speed, capturing historical perspective throughout.
"Jane Austen CampFire, Her Life, Stories"   [ASR] by Princess Megan Snow Rose
         This is an original idea and it promotes reading and learning about a legendary author, Jane Austen.
"Quotes From Authors Campfire Writings"   [ASR] by Princess Megan Snow Rose
         It is an original, well written idea that involves finding writing quotations and interpreting them and bringing real-life experiences to bear. The writers write often so it moves along nicely.

Best Single-Person Activity
"Daily Snapshot"   [E] by Genipher
         So fun, mentally challenging, and addictive for such a simple activity I'm surprised no-one came up with the idea before.
"Rach's Chocolate Emporium ~ BACK IN DEC."   [13+] by Choconut ~ NaNoing. Go Purple!

Best Image/cNote
"Chickadee"   [E] by Jayelle—Hi Ho Silver (Nano)
"Jake Voss, Galactic Bounty Hunter"   [18+] by LJ soaring-TY Mr Bones, Vampy!
         This is the authors own personal sketch of a character in his novel.

Best Image/cNote Shop

Best New Contest
"18 IN EIGHTEEN "   [13+] by Carol St. Ann
         This contest is so cool! It's unique, clever, and beautifully laid out.
"The Weekly Echo"   [E] by Genipher
"WDC Photo Contest"   [ASR] by Abby Gayle
"A Fistful of Merit Badges"   [13+] by Andy52in52~Wodehousing
"Twisted Traditional Poetry Contest."   [13+] by CJ

Best Contest
"30-Day Blogging Challenge"   [13+] by Fivesixer ☮
"SCREAMS!!!"   [XGC] by Angus
          This contest has been one of the mainstays here at WDC. It is not easy to run monthly contests, let alone a daily one like Screams!!! Kudos to Angus!
"The Bard's Hall Contest"   [13+] by StephB Autumn is here!
"Construct Cup Chinese New Year Edition"   [18+] by Ren~Construct Cup Opens 11/23!
"Endings are the New Beginning Contest"   [13+] by Lostwordsmith- Thanks, Jody!

Best Raffle/Auction
"Cupid's Lucky Arrows Game"   [13+] by PDG Rocks! ♫♥♫
         Well, who can argue with a raffle that encourages role play? Also, I think this is one of the few places where you might get rewarded for being bad. *Rolling*
"Marvin's Birthday Auction"   [E] by Chris Breva-Go Marshall!!
          This is one of the best by far auctions I've seen run!

Best New Group
"Mental Health Writers Alliance"   [GC] by Charlie
         Because it serves a huge need!

Best Group

Best Blog
"Herding Cats & Squirrel Tracks"   [GC] by Jayne
         Hilarious and interesting. What more do you need from a blog?
"Chris' Christian Blog"   [13+] by Chris Breva-Go Marshall!!
         It is possibly the written blog on this writing site
"A Journey Through Novel Writing"   [18+] by K. J. Miller~For Schnujo!
         This is an interesting and insightful blog on writing. Kerri draws from her own experience to offer sound advice to others embarking on the novel-writing process.
"Caerlynn's Positivity Cafe"   [13+] by Jayelle—Hi Ho Silver (Nano)
"Fading Nearer To Black"   [13+] by happy thanks giving 🦃

*Quill*           *Quill*           *Quill*           *Quill*           *Quill*

Static Awards:
must be static items created in 2018 unless otherwise noted

Best Short Poem, Structured
"Fleeting Moments"   [E] by Gypsy Ann~the dark poet
         In just six lines, Gypsy Ann has crafted a beautiful, poignant moment.
"Uninspired"   [E] by Queen Kissy
"Ode to My Ex-Husband"   [13+] by Queen Kissy
"Silly Boys"   [18+] by Robert Edward Baker

Best Medium-Length Poem, Structured
"The Unicorn Danced"   [E] by Mordee2
         Hilarious entry for, and co-winner of, "The Writer's Cramp [13+].
"Trapped"   [ASR] by CJ
         This is a poignant description of life with depression and anxiety. Really well written. Emotional.
"The Lonely Bear"   [E] by John Hawkes
         I thought this was a really cute idea, a nicely executed poem, and it made me feel for the bear, Fuzzy.
"One More Light Chester Bennington
         The best poetry comes straight from the heart as this one does.
"Faded Flowers"   [13+] by Robert Edward Baker
         This poem was written in La Charta form, which is difficult. The author was extremely creative and did a wonderful job. It read smoothly and I didn't stumble or question its meaning.
"The Little Arsonist"   [18+] by Jayne
"ECSTASY"   by Romanika
"Into The April Wind"   [13+] by ♥HOOves♥
"My Conversation With a Daffodil"   [E] by The Batty Bard
         A wonderful poem using symbolism
"Memories of Home"   [E] by 🌜 HuntersMoon

Best Long Poem, Structured
"Divine Feminine"   [13+] by Warped Sanity
         This is a mammoth poem! The form is really tricky but perfectly executed. And I love the celebration of being a woman. It's brilliant!
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         The poem is humorous throughout and kept this reader's attention, and that is not easy to accomplish with a poem of this length. It reminds me of a Roadrunner and Wile E Coyote cartoon.
"Looking for Love "   [18+] by Beauty4Ashes
"The Defoliation of America"   [13+] by 🌜 HuntersMoon
"Don't @ Me"   [18+] by Jeff
"THE SITE OF THE SOUL "   [18+] by Romanika
"Surviving A Drama Queen"   [13+] by 🌜 HuntersMoon

Best Short Poem, Free Verse
"Poetry Is... by happy thanks giving 🦃
"The View "   [13+] by Beauty4Ashes
"Forever Feeling Your Love"   [E] by Legendary MasK 💓
         This poem just touched my heart and really moved me. I definitely believe it is quill worthy.
"Yellow Rose Blessings"   [E] by PWheeler ~ thankful
         The best poetry comes straight from the heart. This is an amazing tribute for another member, who has passed on.
"Fuck Mother's Day"   [GC] by Lyn aka Hecate
"The Man on the Corner by 🌜 HuntersMoon
          Shines the light on the plight of homeless veterans - evokes emotion with only 24 syllables
"Verbal Battery"   [GC] by PWheeler ~ thankful
"Hidden"   [18+] by ☕️ Lilli
"You Break It, You Broke It"   [GC] by Fringenstein's Cinnamonster
"Left Exposed"   [18+] by Jim Hall

Best Medium-Length Poem, Free Verse
"Deadly Charms"   [E] by Chris Breva-Go Marshall!!
         I love this short poem called Deadly Charms the rhythm is excellently done.
"Honey Crisp Kisses (33 Lines)"   [E] by ♥HOOves♥
         This is a delightful poem about a beautiful Basset Hound. It makes me smile.
"Stills"   [18+] by Choconut ~ NaNoing. Go Purple!
         Great work incorporating form elements reminiscent of Mina Loy's futurism style.
"The Freezing of Patriotism"   [18+] by Lorraine
         It's a poignant reminder that war destroys people in more ways than just on the battlefield. It reminds us that veterans should be honoured, not ignored.
"Manipulating Magdalena (18+) by DancingPen-NaNoBlue
         This poem has great imagery. It's interesting and educational, as well as being beautifully and sensitively written.
"You Would Have Been Loved"   [E] by Azrael Tseng
          This poem is heartbreaking. I love the emotion, but also the visual aspect. The layout is so creative and clever. I knew this was a Quill nomination the moment I read it.
"Lost In The Shuttle by happy thanks giving 🦃
"Broken Promises"   [E] by innerlight lit candle for him
"Mourning After"   [13+] by innerlight lit candle for him
"Time After Time"   [E] by Queen Kissy
"Your Decades-Old Socks"   [E] by Jayne
         It is powerful and evoked emotion and was well researched and written.
"ISOLATION"   [E] by GenreJunkyAtLarge
"WEATHERED LANDSCAPE"   [E] by GenreJunkyAtLarge
"Rid The Parasite"   [18+] by intuey
"Truth and Lies"   [GC] by Lostwordsmith- Thanks, Jody!
"Slow Descent"   [XGC] by ☕️ Lilli
"Wish"   [E] by L.A. Grawitch
"Dried Flowers"   [13+] by 🌜 HuntersMoon
"Shedding the Masks"   [18+] by ☕️ Lilli
"Poor Little Things"   [E] by Jayne
"When We Argue"   [18+] by Solace.Bring
"Finch"   [18+] by Tileira

Best Long Poem, Free Verse
"Children Don't Run Here"   [13+] by DancingPen-NaNoBlue
         This poem has fantastic imagery that breaks your heart the more you read. The image of children running is so nicely written. Great work.
"Within His Eyes by Lisa Noe~kittylove
          Lisa has written an awesome piece of work that touches even the coldest of hearts. This particular piece pays homage to the wildlife in zoos and how miserable they are. She captures the quiet desperation of the beast.
"Acceptance- A Novel Idea"   [E] by Fyn

Best Poetry Collection
"Construct Cup: Chinese New Year Edition"   [18+] by Jayne
         All of these poems are based off prompts and the contestants only have 24-hours to come up with something. The poetry in this folder is just remarkable!

Best Short Non-Fiction
"Warped Tour Diary"   [18+] by Thankful Jess
          I got completely lost in Jessica's experiences. The atmosphere is really well described. It's also really interesting.
"Collecting Happy Moments in 2017"   [E] by Thankful Jess
         This is such a fab idea. I found it really interesting and, actually, quite inspiring.
"More XGC than there used to be?"   [ASR] by Joey loves the Colors of Fall

Best Long Non-Fiction

Best Non-Fiction Collection

Best Flash Fiction
"I Am Death, the Harvester of Souls"   [ASR] by Jim Hall
         An extremely dark and well written piece by a very talented writer!
"mama"   [13+] by MysteryBox42
          As a published writer of horror myself, I thought this was one of the best I've read in awhile!
"Pomegranate Seed"   [13+] by Uncommonspirit
         I love the imaginative martian world this story inhabits. It's a great read.
"Honor Bound"   [13+] by Uncommonspirit
         This is an exciting tale of a mage's power being passed on to another. I love the open ending.
"Mum's the Word"   [E] by Queen Kissy
         This is a beautiful story of a mother-daughter relationship. It has a great twist at the end.
"Heroes"   [13+] by Tobber
"The Box"   [18+] by dragonwoman
          I've read this author for years, and she all of her FF is always incredible!
"Peeps"   [E] by L.A. Grawitch
         This is an incredibly creepy story by incredibly good author. She's able to think far outside of the box when it comes to using prompts!
"Hazmat"   [18+] by Jayne
         This is an incredibly twisted piece of Horror!
"Boo"   [13+] by Choconut ~ NaNoing. Go Purple!
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"The Value of a Rose"   [ASR] by Pesky Amanda - Yellow Team!
"Thankpology"   [E] by Writers_Cramp
"Both Sides Now"   [E] by D. Reed Whittaker
"Meeting at the Park"   [E] by QPdoll
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"Chocolate up to experience"   [13+] by bobturn
"The Quarter"   [E] by D. Reed Whittaker

Best Short Story (1)
"Qetesh"   [18+] by Warped Sanity
         This is a lovely story of young love and the butterflies we feel. I love the sizzling chemistry between Shannon and Lizzy.
"Edrahil's Last Walk"   [13+] by Tiggy
         This story is rich in description and emotion. It's beautifully written. A fantastic read.
"Deep Search"   [E] by Tobber
"A Poe Choice"   [13+] by bobturn
"An Excerpt From The Grim Reaper & I"   [18+] by Alcides
"Winds from the Northern Lake"   [E] by Quest-YELLOW-Thanks Schnujo
"A Rose for Cassandra"   [18+] by Warped Sanity
"Cry of the Llano"   [ASR] by Azrael Tseng
         This short story is a well-written Native American tale. Highly recommended.
"Turning Back the Clock"   [E] by Bubblegum Jones
         It brought a smile to my face. Not much does that. It is well written.
"OLD MAN"   [13+] by GenreJunkyAtLarge
"God's Mission -- the Will of the Lord."   [XGC] by hvysmker
"The Grass Is Greener"   [18+] by Robert Edward Baker
"Guardian Mine"   [13+] by Sorji of the White Team
"The Cane"   [GC] by Jayne
"Veronica's Red Sweater"   [13+] by Donkey Hoetay
          Packs a great plot twist at the end, you never see it coming!
"Seeking the Guru"   [ASR] by Genipher
         This is a very witty take on one person's struggle with writer's block.
"Leave a Trail of Color in Your Wake"   [XGC] by Strega
         This is an incredible piece by an incredibly gifted author!
"Just Being Me"   [13+] by Choconut ~ NaNoing. Go Purple!
"The Impatient Fairy"   [E] by RememberAllWhoFellToProtectUs
"The Homemaker's Helper"   [18+] by LJ soaring-TY Mr Bones, Vampy!
"What if... "   [E] by 🌜 HuntersMoon
"Perfect Goodbye"   [13+] by 🌜 HuntersMoon
"Timing is Everything"   [GC] by LJ soaring-TY Mr Bones, Vampy!
"Samantha's Pet"   [18+] by Robert Edward Baker
"Three Wishes"   [18+] by Jim Hall
"The Benefits of Tea - a SCREAMS!!! entry by Osirantinous

Best Short Story (2)
"The Good-bye (2,900 words) "   [13+] by Noni Bird
"Time After Time"   [18+] by Eric Wharton
"Your Name"   [XGC] by Lynn McKenzie
"Inside Voice"   [18+] by Than Pence
"A Walk in the Park"   [E] by Carol St. Ann
"Some Still Believe"   [GC] by Stargopher
"Words for Snow"   [13+] by K Renée 🍂

Best Long Story
"Perfect Paws"   [13+] by Azrael Tseng
         I love Azrael's creativity. This is an insane story with intricately created layers. It's so well crafted and really enjoyable.

Best Chapter
"Chapter One by Lorraine

Best Novel or Novella

Best Short Story Collection

Best Mixed Collection

*Quill*           *Quill*           *Quill*           *Quill*           *Quill*

Best Newsletter
"The Nature of Poetry"   by The Batty Bard
"Jane Austen Newsletter August 2018"   [E] by Princess Megan Snow Rose
"Basic Meter for Beginners edited by Northernwrites
          Very informative for those learning the basics of poetry.
"The Color of Sound edited by Brooke - Busy Bee!
"Are You Okay? edited by Kittiara
         Very inspirational in a non-denominational way, which isn't easy to do. This newsletter spoke to me because sometimes all we need to do is-- ask. Great writing.

Best Educational Program

Best Reviewing
Max Griffin
         Max Griffin is a fantastically detailed and helpful reviewer with a great eye for detail, a fine sense for words and an elaborate well thought out review template.
         Angus is a great reviewer providing thoughtful and detailed feedback. His feedback isn't only technical though, he has a fine sense for tone and is an informative but compact review format.
         It can be hard to receive northernwrite's tough critique, but if this reviewer can't help make your writing better, you may just be being stubborn.

Special Contributions to WDC
(nominations for this category are not published. Only winners will be announced)

Best New Portfolio
☕️ Lilli
PWheeler ~ thankful

Best Portfolio
© Copyright 2018 Elle (elle at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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