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by Elle
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List of nominees for the 12th annual Quill Awards (2018 edition)
Note that this is the 2018 nominations list. Click here for other years

Nominations close at the end of January 2019. To nominate someone, please use the "2018 Nomination Form for Quill Awards.

If a statement was included with the nomination post or email, it is also included below. Statements included may be edited from the original nomination statements and may be removed or reasonably edited at any time if the Quills panel deems it necessary or appropriate. Names of nominators are not included for privacy reasons.

The following categories are open for nominations:

*Quill*           *Quill*           *Quill*           *Quill*           *Quill*

Non-Static Awards:
created and/or reasonably active in 2018

Best Forum (Non-Contest)
"Question of the Day!"   [18+] by Lilli
         A fun, simple way to get to know what your fellow writers are thinking!
This activity encourages members to communicate with one another and build friendships, plus it is decorated in a very Pink & Fluffy way with hearts, flowers, and coffee.
1. It's an interesting idea, to have a question a day to answer.
2. It's very well run. The hostess promotes it on the newsfeed each day with a relevant quote, and replies to every post made.
3. The questions make me think, and it's nice to know how others have answered them.
"Scheming Scoundrel's Forum of Finesse"   [E] by LJ-Catching Moonbeams
         The changing variety of promoted contests encourages users to participate in a fun way. For example, I have entered a certain contest each week and haven't won (yet). But I feel like I've got my own cheerleading team behind me, motivating me to keep learning from my non-wins and persevere. The changing variety of contests pushes me out of my comfort zone and introduces me to new challenges and people.
This activity encourages members to enter different contests each month and rewards people for doing so. It encourages creative writing, participation, and community spirit. The forum is also decorated in an imaginative fashion with very humerous rules.
"Community Recognition Assist"   [13+] by Andy52in52~Wodehousing
          I think this is such a valuable forum! I hate that I didn't find it sooner! I think I'll be using it a good bit now that I found it. I hate to give folks an award that I don't think they REALLY deserved, but it's sometimes easier to do that than to get someone to give a MB. CR Assist solves the problem! I can reward folks with MBs, even if I recently gave them one
"The Contest Challenge"   [13+] by Schnujo Ho Ho Ho
         A fun challenge, inspiring you to enter more of the fantastic contests around Writing.Com. A generous and fun host also makes the forum always worth a visit.
"Rach's Chocolate Emporium"   [13+] by Choconut
          I love the variety of items she has to offer from reviews to MBs and more. The packages come in a variety of price points to suit most people's budget. This forum offers a great opportunity for giving out treats to anyone you want to shower with love here on WdC.
"TLC Support Forum ~ Reach Your Goals!"   [13+] by Patrece~So busy!!!
         The Losers Club has given me incentive to lose weight and the encouragement I've received is warm and welcoming. I've worked harder than ever since joining The Losers Club.
"Suggestion Box"   [ASR] by The StoryMistress
         While it might not be the most exciting forum, I LOVE giving my opinions. lol I also love giving suggestions and I love that we can do that so easily here. *Bigsmile*
"I Write in 2018"   [E] by Octobersun
         Excellent concept, requires both writing AND reviewing, generous incentives. Opens writers and readers up to a variety of genres and other talented WdC writers!
"Newbies + Poetry Group Review Page"   [13+] by Sally - 4 years today!
         This group encourages members to review newbies' poetry, so improving the welcoming experience of people new to WDC. The layout of their forum and the review signatures they use are very Pink & Fluffy!
"What's for Dinner?!"   [13+] by Hannah
         I think it's a really fun idea to share recipes with each other. Many people love to cook and experiment with/experience food from around the world.
"Space Junkies"   [13+] by Hannah
         This is a great forum for imagining what life might be like on Mars and some of the difficulties that might arise in getting there and living there. Creativity is encouraged as well as role playing characters on the planet.
Space Junkies not only teaches participants about Mars and the solar system, but an occasional contest is run so that participants can use their own imagination while learning . And because it's FUN!
"a very Wodehouse challenge"   [E] by iKïyå§ama

Best Campfire, In & Out, or Interactive
"Daily Snapshot"   [E] by Genipher-gone fishing!
         So fun, mentally challenging, and addictive for such a simple activity I'm surprised no-one came up with the idea before.
"TV Shows and Movies Campfire 2018"   [ASR] by Princess Megan Snow Rose
         This wonderful campfire spans many decades of entertainment and it has moved at lightning speed, capturing historical perspective throughout.
"Jane Austen CampFire, Her Life, Stories"   [ASR] by Princess Megan Snow Rose
         This is an original idea and it promotes reading and learning about a legendary author, Jane Austen.
"Quotes From Authors Campfire Writings"   [ASR] by Princess Megan Snow Rose
         It is an original, well written idea that involves finding writing quotations and interpreting them and bringing real-life experiences to bear. The writers write often so it moves along nicely.
"Corrupt-A-Wish"   [13+] by BCM
          I love this short activity! It's so fun to go in and find ways to ruin people's wishes and interesting to see how they ruin yours. I can participate without having to spend an hour creating something. I appreciate that.
I love Corrupt-a-Wish because it's fun and easy, but also interesting. It's a great way to pass a few spare moments...or to eat half an afternoon. *Smile*
"The WDC Cookbook"   [E] by Dragon's prepping for CNY!
         This is a small, but growing interactive which was a really creative idea! It helps us learn about each other and our cultures and I love that!
I think the idea of an interactive cookbook is a wonderful idea and am so glad she thought of it. It's great to see recipes from different places!

Best Single-Person Activity

Best Image/cNote
"Chickadee"   [E] by Caerlynn
          This is the author's own original sketch.
"Jake Voss, Galactic Bounty Hunter"   [18+] by LJ-Catching Moonbeams
         This is the author's own personal sketch of a character in his novel.
"Advice"   [ASR] by WhataByte
         I've never been married, but I love this c-note from her Snarky 1 collection! Hilarious!
"Bad Decisions"   [E] by WhataByte
         This c-note cracks me up! I used to have a Soldier that said the same thing. Too funny!
"Man Tales ~ Weight"   [ASR] by WhataByte
         This is just perfect! I love this c-note! *Heart*

Best Image/cNote Shop
"Lilli's Sarcastic C-Notes"   [13+] by Lilli
         Original and hilarious!
"Movie Quotes Gone Wrong cNotes"   [13+] by Lornda
         The cnotes are hilarious and we need to laugh more in this world. Unique messages, accesible to all levels of funds.
"C-Note City"   [E] by WhataByte
         WhataLand has an awesome collection of c-Notes! I love them--especially the snarky ones. *Bigsmile*
"Plushie Post"   [E] by Dragon's prepping for CNY!
         Adorable and creative use of plush toys.
"Sharmelle's Expressions: Halloween"   [13+] by Sharmelle Expressions
"Magical Thank You's"   [E] by New Moon 🎇
         Cute pictures!

Best New Contest
"18 IN EIGHTEEN "   [13+] by Carol St. Ann
         This contest is so cool! It's unique, clever, and beautifully laid out.
"The Weekly Echo"   [E] by Genipher-gone fishing!
"Twisted Traditional Poetry Contest."   [13+] by CJ
"WDC Photo Contest"   [ASR] by Abby Gayle
"Second Time Around Contest"   [E] by Choconut
         It has excellent prizes, holds polls to cater to participants, two categories, is fantastically managed, and has drawn plenty of Quill-worthy submissions in its very first round!
Rachel's contests are always well-run with generous prizes, but this one really takes the cake with two categories. The first round alone received 63 entries! But the main thing is the idea behind it -- making us dust off our old treasured pieces that failed to place and giving them a second chance to shine! How many broken hearts is this contest going to mend here?
"The Hunt for the Rhyming Rascal"   [E] by Lostwordsmith❆
         Did a great job of developing the character and created a very unique challenge by burying clues within other contests and activities.
This is one of the cutest activities of 2018, where hunters follow a raccoon called the Rhyming Rascal around WDC, with activities along the way that get participants more familiar with the site and all it has to offer. It's super Pink & Fluffy!
This activity features a very cute raccoon called the Rhyming Rascal. It encourages members to explore the site, improving their knowledge of WDC and all it has to offer.
"18 Ways"   [13+] by DancingPen
"24 Syllables"   [E] by Lostwordsmith❆

Best Contest
"30-Day Blogging Challenge"   [13+] by Fivesixer
"SCREAMS!!!"   [XGC] by Angus
          This contest has been one of the mainstays here at WDC. It is not easy to run monthly contests, let alone a daily one like Screams!!! Kudos to Angus!
"The Bard's Hall Contest"   [13+] by StephB Happy 2019
"Construct Cup Chinese New Year Edition"   [18+] by RenRen~a month til Maui!
"Endings are the New Beginning Contest"   [13+] by Lostwordsmith❆
"A Fistful of Merit Badges"   [13+] by Andy52in52~Wodehousing
"24 Karat Gold Reviewing Competition by Hannah
"The Writer's Cramp"   [13+] by Sophy
         Other contests come and go, but this one is the longest lasting and most reliable of all. If you want to write any day of the week, all you need do is visit the Writer's Cramp, which has produced some of the finest writing on the site and many Quill nominees.
Like most great things in life this wonderful contest has been taken for granted. What would we do without it? Contests come and go, but great writing has been inspired by "The Writer's Cramp [13+]. We ignore that what does it say about us?
"The Pink Fluffy Unicorn BIRTHDAY Contest"   [E] by Robert Edward Baker
         It just screams creativity!
What could be more inspiring than pink fluffy unicorns?
"Shadows and Light Poetry Contest"   [E] by Angels in my Ear
         Not only is it impeccably run with fantastic prizes, it never fails to draw the best entries from all the poets here on WDC. The quality of the submissions is simply astounding! It is also among the most popular contests here on this site.
"Honoring the Dead"   [13+] by Warped Sanity
"The Newbies + Open Poetry Contest"   [18+] by Sally - 4 years today!
"Blast Off!"   [13+] by Hannah
         This well-rounded contest combines writing, reviewing, and judging...all done by the contestants!
"Grim Blunt Trauma Contest"   [13+] by Fictiøn Ðiva the Wørd Weava
         This contest is dedicated to great writing in the Horror Genre. It has produced some outstanding writing over the course of many years.

Best Raffle/Auction
"Cupid's Lucky Arrows Game"   [13+] by Hannah
         Well, who can argue with a raffle that encourages role play? Also, I think this is one of the few places where you might get rewarded for being bad. *Rolling*
"Marvin's Birthday Auction"   [E] by Chris Breva - Go Herd!
          This is one of the best by far auctions I've seen run!
"LUCKY BONES GAME 2018"   [13+] by Hannah
         Lucky Bones has been a mainstay October/Halloween contest for five years now. The contest is fun and rewards participants for 'dressing up' in roles, donating, and generally springing prisoners from the dungeon, as well of course as for winning a bone-tossing contest. Hannah and her helpers spend countless hours on making the dungeon a great fun place to hang out. Not only do the earned GPs go to other worthy groups but it's one of the few 'fundraising' activities for the Paper Doll Gang, a review group whose focus is on quality not quantity.
It was a fun and creative activity with interesting role playing.
It's such a fun activity! Roleplaying adds so much to this and it's very entertaining!
"SuperPower Animals Auction for Charity"   [13+] by Schnujo Ho Ho Ho

Best New Group
"Mental Health Writers Alliance"   [GC] by Char ♡
         Because it serves a huge need!

Best Group
"WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group"   [E] by Maryann
          1. It's the #1 reviewing group on WDC's 'most active' list, by a MILE!
2. There are activities and incentives throughout the year, to encourage reviewing. These are run very efficiently.
3. There is a lot of help for newbies and a lot of encouragement for oldbies.
4. It's a wonderful group, overall!
It is super in reviewing power, promotes reviewing, open to everyone and their unique review styles. Positive leadership and friendly helpful members.
"I Write "   [E] by Octobersun
         This group encourages weekly reviewing and writing, which are both positive activities that engage members in the writing process and with each other. This group produced a lot of reviews and actual writing in 2018.
"Jane Austen Group"   [E] by Princess Megan Snow Rose
         This group encourages writing and reading in those who admire Jane Austen. Princess Megan Snow Rose produces well written and informative monthly Newsletters that keep members interested and engaged.
"The WDC Soundtrackers"   [ASR] by Jeff
         This group engaged authors of all ages. It still produces (among its members) writing related to music and its appreciation and interpretation. Many members still write Soundtrackers items in their portfolios. Never focused on hierarchies, this group is the ultimate expression of encouraging writing in a genre and is carried forward by those who honor its creator as they carry on.
"SIMPLY POSITIVE GROUP"   [E] by Simply Positive
         This group is carried on in the memory of SHERRI GIBSON , which is a pretty awesome thing. It is about positive encouragement of writing which is a great goal for a reviewing group.
"The Witch's House"   [13+] by Ŵeb☆Ŵiɫch
         This group is positive and focused on activities that help others on the site, like RAOK. Holiday and fundraising activities are always outstanding and run with a flair that engages everyone in an encouraging and good-natured way.
"The Writer's Cramp Judges Group"   [E] by Sophy
"RAOK Upgrade Brigade Group"   [E] by Writing.Com Support
         For almost 17 years, this group (an outgrowth of Pay It Forward) is about consistently helping those who are active on the site, but need assistance in keeping upgraded memberships. All involved are about helping others and making a positive difference and paying it forward. Time, effort and efficient management have kept this endeavor alive for many years of positive interaction in the community.
"Newbies + Poetry Group"   [E] by Sally - 4 years today!
         This group is very open and welcoming to new members. It is focused on reading and reviewing and getting comfortable with the process and with each others. The emphases is on learning, warmth and kindness all the way through and positive reinforcement resonates throughout.
"The WDC Angel Army"   [ASR] by iKïyå§ama

Best Blog
"Herding Cats & Squirrel Tracks"   [XGC] by Jayne
         Hilarious and interesting. What more do you need from a blog?
"Chris' Christian Blog"   [13+] by Chris Breva - Go Herd!
         It is possibly the written blog on this writing site
"A Journey Through Novel Writing"   [18+] by Kerri J. Miller is Revising!
         This is an interesting and insightful blog on writing. Kerri draws from her own experience to offer sound advice to others embarking on the novel-writing process.
"Caerlynn's Positivity Cafe"   [13+] by Caerlynn
"Fading Nearer To Black"   [13+] by Sundown-er Kid
"Growing Bald With Lynx/ The Better Wife"   [E] by Azrael Tseng
         Well written and thought-provoking entries.
"Wandering- Not Lost"   [GC] by Lostwordsmith❆
"Love, Joy, Peace and Weirdness"   [18+] by PWheeler ~ 1 year celebration!
"Complex Numbers"   [18+] by Robert Waltz
"The QPdoll Blog"   [18+] by ~QPdoll
"Loving Libby"   [18+] by Charity Marie back & writing!
         This is the most heart-wrenching blog I have read this year. Everyone should take a look at it.
"Persistent Perseverance"   [18+] by Krysha is running out of faith
         This blog is a train wreck, in a very interesting, very REAL way. Well done, thank you for sharing!

*Quill*           *Quill*           *Quill*           *Quill*           *Quill*

Static Awards:
must be static items created in 2018 unless otherwise noted

Best Short Poem, Structured
"Fleeting Moments"   [E] by Gypsy Ann Winter Faery
         In just six lines, Gypsy Ann has crafted a beautiful, poignant moment.
"Uninspired"   [E] by Queen Kissy
"Ode to My Ex-Husband"   [13+] by Queen Kissy
"The View "   [13+] by Beauty4Ashes
"Left Exposed"   [18+] by Jim Hall
"Made Whole Again"   [13+] by Hannah
         A beautifully written story filled with love and compassion.
"Scary Love"   [GC] by Robert Edward Baker
         Shape poems are always difficult to craft, and this one not only does that well, but also sports perfect meter and rhyme with a twisted theme!
"HELP!!! by Lisa Noe~Kittylove
         It is very special as it shines a light on others less fortunate.
"Martyr"   [18+] by Ray Scrivener
         This poem is a great example of historical horror. It has very descriptive imagery.
"(Wistful) 24 Syllable Contest~November "   [E] by Innerlights 1st New Year alone
         It's such a deep and lovely poem, especially considering its size.

Best Medium-Length Poem, Structured
"The Unicorn Danced"   [E] by Mordee2
         Hilarious entry for, and co-winner of, "The Writer's Cramp [13+].
"Trapped"   [ASR] by CJ
         This is a poignant description of life with depression and anxiety. Really well written. Emotional.
"The Lonely Bear"   [E] by John Hawkes
         I thought this was a really cute idea, a nicely executed poem, and it made me feel for the bear, Fuzzy.
"One More Light Chester Bennington"   [E] by Princess Megan Snow Rose
         The best poetry comes straight from the heart as this one does.
"Faded Flowers"   [13+] by Robert Edward Baker
         This poem was written in La Charta form, which is difficult. The author was extremely creative and did a wonderful job. It read smoothly and I didn't stumble or question its meaning.
"The Little Arsonist"   [18+] by Jayne
         This an incredible twist of horror on an old nursery rhyme, and the author is just as incredible!
"Into The April Wind"   [13+] by ♥HOOves♥
"My Conversation With a Daffodil"   [E] by Dave
         A wonderful poem using symbolism
"Memories of Home"   [E] by 🌜 Huntersmoon
"Silly Boys"   [18+] by Robert Edward Baker
"The Defoliation of America"   [13+] by 🌜 Huntersmoon
"Deadly Charms"   [E] by Chris Breva - Go Herd!
         I love this short poem called Deadly Charms the rhythm is excellently done.
I think it's a very well written poem that certainly needs to be recognized.
"The Fall"   [E] by Casey
         While I'm not sure they followed the prompt given, I like the structure of the poem and I like some of the wording like "The clatter of my clock begins to sing."
"A Poem I Didn’t Write"   [18+] by 🌜 Huntersmoon
"My Shadow Did It!"   [E] by the Jolly Jay is merry!
         This poem is so cute! What a lovely read.
Anyone who has kids or ever was one will relate to this charming poem.
"Hiding"   [18+] by Sally - 4 years today!
         This poem is a wonderful expression of personal experience and emotions using brilliantly visual metaphors and excellent vocabulary choices.
"The People will Die by Lisa Noe~Kittylove
         It is awesome and so true and telling of the state of the world.
"Not A Fairytale Ending"   [18+] by Robert Edward Baker
"First Fire - 171 words"   [E] by Genipher-gone fishing!
"The Flags Waved on a Hillside in France"   [E] by Rhychus
         This is a moving and eloquent poem written for The Writer's Cramp.
"I thought that they would never leave"   [18+] by Thankful Sonali
         This is a wonderful and inspiring poem written for a prompt in The Writer's Cramp.

Best Long Poem, Structured
"Divine Feminine"   [13+] by Warped Sanity
         This is a mammoth poem! The form is really tricky but perfectly executed. And I love the celebration of being a woman. It's brilliant!
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
         The poem is humorous throughout and kept this reader's attention, and that is not easy to accomplish with a poem of this length. It reminds me of a Roadrunner and Wile E Coyote cartoon.
"Looking for Love "   [18+] by Beauty4Ashes
"Don't @ Me"   [18+] by Jeff
"Ghosts of Chavenage"   [13+] by Choconut

Best Short Poem, Free Verse
"Poetry Is... by Sundown-er Kid
"Forever Feeling Your Love"   [E] by LegendaryMasK❤
         This poem just touched my heart and really moved me. I definitely believe it is quill worthy.
"Yellow Rose Blessings"   [E] by PWheeler ~ 1 year celebration!
         The best poetry comes straight from the heart. This is an amazing tribute for another member, who has passed on.
"The Man on the Corner by 🌜 Huntersmoon
          Shines the light on the plight of homeless veterans - evokes emotion with only 24 syllables
"Hidden"   [18+] by Lilli
"You Break It, You Broke It"   [GC] by Cinnamon Fruitcake
"Chrysalis by Robert Edward Baker
"Balloon"   [E] by Dominique
         What it manages to capture in just 18 syllables is simply quite astounding!
"There Are No Bad Words"   [GC] by Emily

Best Medium-Length Poem, Free Verse
"Honey Crisp Kisses (33 Lines)"   [E] by ♥HOOves♥
         This is a delightful poem about a beautiful Basset Hound. It makes me smile.
"The Freezing of Patriotism"   [18+] by Lorraine
         It's a poignant reminder that war destroys people in more ways than just on the battlefield. It reminds us that veterans should be honoured, not ignored.
"Manipulating Magdalena (18+) by DancingPen
         This poem has great imagery. It's interesting and educational, as well as being beautifully and sensitively written.
"You Would Have Been Loved"   [E] by Azrael Tseng
          This poem is heartbreaking. I love the emotion, but also the visual aspect. The layout is so creative and clever. I knew this was a Quill nomination the moment I read it.
"Lost In The Shuttle by Sundown-er Kid
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"Mourning After"   [13+] by Innerlights 1st New Year alone
         I know what she is going through that prompted her to write this. It is a heart felt poem for a terminally ill husband.
"Time After Time"   [E] by Queen Kissy
"Your Decades-Old Socks"   [E] by Jayne
         It is powerful and evoked emotion and was well researched and written.
"ISOLATION"   [E] by GenreJunkyAtLarge
"WEATHERED LANDSCAPE"   [E] by GenreJunkyAtLarge
"Rid The Parasite"   [18+] by intueyHappyReNEWalYear!
"Truth and Lies"   [GC] by Lostwordsmith❆
"Slow Descent"   [XGC] by Lilli
"Wish"   [E] by L.A. Grawitch
         Engages emotions.
"Dried Flowers"   [13+] by 🌜 Huntersmoon
"Shedding the Masks"   [18+] by Lilli
"Poor Little Things"   [E] by Jayne
"When We Argue"   [18+] by Solace.Bring
"Finch"   [18+] by Tileira
"Fuck Mother's Day"   [GC] by Frosty Lyn
"Verbal Battery"   [GC] by PWheeler ~ 1 year celebration!
"The Potter."   [E] by EOIWriting
         I was sent a review request for this poem and I really liked it. I think it has an interesting double meaning and effective imagery.
"Catherine's Blanket"   [E] by ♥HOOves♥
         It is rich in imagery, takes surprising turns, has heart melting sections and is filled with love.
"Perseids"   [E] by ridinghhood--p. boutilier
" Note in a Bottle"   [E] by Innerlights 1st New Year alone
         Interesting description.
"My Voice Not Needed"   [18+] by Sally - 4 years today!
"Only in Silence"   [13+] by Sally - 4 years today!
"Baby's First Christmas by Rhyssa
"Grandpa's Best"   [E] by Sally - 4 years today!
"Halo"   [13+] by Kittiara
"Into the Mist"   [E] by Lilli
"My Adonis"   [18+] by 🌙 Darleen
         For a truly inspirational adaptation of mythology.

Best Long Poem, Free Verse
"Children Don't Run Here"   [13+] by DancingPen
         This poem has fantastic imagery that breaks your heart the more you read. The image of children running is so nicely written. Great work.
Moving poem based on real historical tragedy - Chernobyl.
"Acceptance- A Novel Idea"   [E] by flu-fyn
         Very meaningful and evocative.
"Stills"   [18+] by Choconut
         Great work incorporating form elements reminiscent of Mina Loy's futurism style.
"Sixty Feet Under"   [E] by Azrael Tseng
"Mistakes"   [GC] by Emily
         Left me speechless.
"Cars and Trucks"   [13+] by Sundown-er Kid
         This poem struck a chord in me, and isn't that what we all want from a poem?
"Silencing The Voices"   [E] by Azrael Tseng
"My Aphrodite"   [18+] by Roland King 🌙
         Great imagery, creative use of mythology in an erotic/romantic way.

Best Poetry Collection
"Construct Cup: Chinese New Year Edition"   [18+] by Jayne
         All of these poems are based off prompts and the contestants only have 24-hours to come up with something. The poetry in this folder is just remarkable!
"Poetry 2018. quill nominee"   [E] by Lisa Noe~Kittylove
         Good work.
"Haunted - A Collection of Macabre Poetry"   [18+] by Ray Scrivener
         A wonderful collection of dark and twisted poetry!

Best Short Non-Fiction
"Warped Tour Diary"   [18+] by Thankful Jess
          I got completely lost in Jessica's experiences. The atmosphere is really well described. It's also really interesting.
"Collecting Happy Moments in 2017"   [E] by Thankful Jess
         This is such a fab idea. I found it really interesting and, actually, quite inspiring.
"More XGC than there used to be?"   [ASR] by Ho,Ho,Ho,Happy Holidays to All
"Writing.Com Party Central 2018!"   [E] by The StoryMistress
         This really Pink & Fluffy activity encourages a party atmosphere during the WDC birthday week, and rewarded members for showing community spirit. With the balloons and birthday cakes, it's also very Pink & Fluffy!
"Listen to Your Gut"   [18+] by WhataByte
         It's one of those stories that you just wouldn't believe if it wasn't true.
"The Birds of Winter"   [13+] by Jayne
         I love how she compares birds in winter to people. It's a fun little item. *Smile*
"Building Self Esteem Through God's Word"   [E] by 3R Write
         He only recently signed up with Writing.Com, but he is a published author. This one item exemplifies his love for writing, his passion for the subject or topic, and his desire to produce the best quality he is capable of imagining.

Best Long Non-Fiction
"a Dream deferred "   [18+] by iKïyå§ama

Best Non-Fiction Collection

Best Flash Fiction
"I Am Death, the Harvester of Souls"   [ASR] by Jim Hall
         An extremely dark and well written piece by a very talented writer!
"mama"   [13+] by MysteryBox42
          As a published writer of horror myself, I thought this was one of the best I've read in awhile!
"Pomegranate Seed"   [13+] by Uncommonspirit
         I love the imaginative martian world this story inhabits. It's a great read.
"Honor Bound"   [13+] by Uncommonspirit
         This is an exciting tale of a mage's power being passed on to another. I love the open ending.
"Mum's the Word"   [E] by Queen Kissy
         This is a beautiful story of a mother-daughter relationship. It has a great twist at the end.
"Heroes"   [13+] by Tobber
"The Box"   [18+] by dragonwoman
          I've read this author for years, and she all of her FF is always incredible!
"Peeps"   [E] by L.A. Grawitch
         This is an incredibly creepy story by incredibly good author. She's able to think far outside of the box when it comes to using prompts!
"Hazmat"   [18+] by Jayne
         This is an incredibly twisted piece of Horror!
"Boo"   [13+] by Choconut
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"The Value of a Rose"   [ASR] by Pesky Amanda is away for now.
"Thankpology"   [E] by Writers_Cramp
"Both Sides Now"   [E] by D. Reed Whittaker
"Meeting at the Park"   [E] by ~QPdoll
"Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor
"Chocolate up to experience"   [13+] by bobturn
"The Quarter"   [E] by D. Reed Whittaker
"Within His Eyes by Lisa Noe~Kittylove
         Lisa has written an awesome piece of work that touches even the coldest of hearts. This particular piece pays homage to the wildlife in zoos and how miserable they are. She captures the quiet desperation of the beast.
"OLD MAN"   [13+] by GenreJunkyAtLarge
"Just Being Me"   [13+] by Choconut
         This is a beautiful story, sharing a transgender teens journey with sharing their true self with the world. Beautifully written and full of emotional bits.
"The Impatient Fairy"   [E] by Schnujo Ho Ho Ho
"What if... "   [E] by 🌜 Huntersmoon
"Woodcutter's View"   [13+] by K Renée
         This writer is a novelist, and this is one of the most well written short pieces I've read in a long time!
"Lost and Found"   [E] by Jacky
"Keep it Secret!"   [E] by Genipher-gone fishing!
         This is one of the funniest things I've read all year. Perfectly captures the experience of multiple people through the eyes of one character.
"39. Predestiny by Cat Voleur
         This is a great story by excellent author. Her prose is professional, and the story is horrific in it's own unique style.
"Adoration"   [13+] by Sally - 4 years today!
"Surprise!"   [E] by Genipher-gone fishing!
         This is so funny! And cute, too. Great writing, enjoyable read. *Smile*
"Sharp Advice From a Good Knife"   [XGC] by Strega
         This author has been writing incredible horror for a long time, and this piece truly shows her raw talent!
"Who's Been Sleeping in Your Bed..."   [E] by Pernell Rogers
         This is a incredible bit of mystery mixed with horror written by one of the most creative authors I know!
"The Bittermooners"   [E] by Ray Scrivener

Best Short Story (1)
"Qetesh"   [18+] by Warped Sanity
         This is a lovely story of young love and the butterflies we feel. I love the sizzling chemistry between Shannon and Lizzy.
"Edrahil's Last Walk"   [13+] by Tiggy - catching up
         This story is rich in description and emotion. It's beautifully written. A fantastic read.
"Deep Search"   [E] by Tobber
"A Poe Choice"   [13+] by bobturn
"An Excerpt From The Grim Reaper & I"   [18+] by Alcides
"Winds from the Northern Lake"   [E] by Quest-YELLOW-Thanks Schnujo
"A Rose for Cassandra"   [18+] by Warped Sanity
"Cry of the Llano"   [ASR] by Azrael Tseng
         This short story is a well-written Native American tale. Highly recommended.
"The Grass Is Greener"   [18+] by Robert Edward Baker
"Guardian Mine"   [13+] by Sorji
"The Cane"   [GC] by Jayne
"Veronica's Red Sweater"   [13+] by Donkey Hoetay
          Packs a great plot twist at the end, you never see it coming!
"Leave a Trail of Color in Your Wake"   [XGC] by Strega
         This is an incredible piece by an incredibly gifted author!
"The Homemaker's Helper"   [18+] by LJ-Catching Moonbeams
"Perfect Goodbye"   [13+] by 🌜 Huntersmoon
"Samantha's Pet"   [18+] by Robert Edward Baker
"Three Wishes"   [18+] by Jim Hall
"The Benefits of Tea - a SCREAMS!!! entry by Os the Capricorn
"Shadows of Tomorrow"   [E] by Xarthin
         They have some really unique ways of describing things like "The chains of the swing dangled like a hanged man in the last spasms of agony" and "A movie projected around her in black and grey by the rays of a dying sun, struggling to penetrate the festering duvet of dark clouds above her head." They are a newbie and, IMO, show great promise!
"The Girl with Music in Her Soul"   [E] by Queenie Saturns
         After reading this story you'd never guess the author is so young.
"Copycat"   [18+] by Robert Edward Baker
         t's a compact and wonderfully set-up story that tickles/chills on so many levels!
"A League of Death's Own"   [18+] by Dalimer Corwyn
         This is a brilliant and haunting tale told by a brilliant and talented author!
"The Invitation"   [E] by Genipher-gone fishing!
"The Leap"   [18+] by Dee C
         This story is filled with vivid descriptions and character emotion.
"Trouble At The Farm"   [ASR] by Kittiara

Best Short Story (2)
"The Good-bye (2,900 words) "   [13+] by Noni Bird
"Your Name"   [XGC] by Lynn McKenzie
"Inside Voice"   [18+] by Than Pence
"A Walk in the Park"   [E] by Carol St. Ann
"Some Still Believe"   [GC] by Stargopher
"Timing is Everything"   [GC] by LJ-Catching Moonbeams
"God's Mission -- the Will of the Lord."   [XGC] by hvysmker
"Seeking the Guru"   [ASR] by Genipher-gone fishing!
         This is a very witty take on one person's struggle with writer's block.
"Offering"   [13+] by Azrael Tseng
"Devil's Dance - Part 1"   [13+] by jdennis
         Though this is technically “part one,” it works well as a stand-alone item. The author’s descriptions, flow, and overall story are entrancing. This is a gut-wrenching coming of age story set in the South at a time when societal norms were horrifically different from today’s.
"The Diagnosis"   [18+] by J.E. Allen
         A great story with an unexpected twist! This story stirred up lots of emotions with me!
"Not in This Lifetime"   [13+] by Dragon's prepping for CNY!
         It's a really funny and sweet story, with excellent dialogue! It made me smile.

Best Long Story
"Perfect Paws"   [13+] by Azrael Tseng
         I love Azrael's creativity. This is an insane story with intricately created layers. It's so well crafted and really enjoyable.
"Time After Time"   [18+] by Eric Wharton
"The Island Calls"   [13+] by MysteryBox42
         This story is filled with so much imagery, weaved into an enthralling plot.

Best Chapter
"Chapter One by Lorraine
"CHAPTER 1 - THE WESTERN LINE by iguanamountain

Best Novel or Novella

Best Short Story Collection
"Cold Natured Stories"   [E] by Bubblegum Jones
         It brought a smile to my face. Not much does that. It is well written.

Best Mixed Collection

*Quill*           *Quill*           *Quill*           *Quill*           *Quill*

Best Newsletter
"The Nature of Poetry"   by Dave
"Jane Austen Newsletter August 2018"   [E] by Princess Megan Snow Rose
         This newsletter is written wonderfully, it's very informative, it keeps the readers entertained, and it's fun. The layout and imagery are great as well.
"Basic Meter for Beginners edited by Northernwrites
          Very informative for those learning the basics of poetry.
"The Color of Sound edited by Brooke - Busy Bee!
"Are You Okay? edited by Kittiara
         Very inspirational in a non-denominational way, which isn't easy to do. This newsletter spoke to me because sometimes all we need to do is-- ask. Great writing.
"Copyright or Copywrong? edited by Sara♥Jean
"The Fairness Factor by Shannon
         It made me write a heavy poem, off-the-cuff. It made me think about why the topic of suffering pops up everywhere in my life lately. It was, as usual, honest, brave, and I like how Shannon proves being an author is about more than writing basics.
"CoverWorks edited by flu-fyn
"Adding Your Voice to the Song by Sophy
         What a beautiful newsletter that is actually quite comforting, an unusual feeling from reading, for me.
"Expectations and Giving In-Depth Reviews by Northernwrites
         The best take on the different motivations behind the members' writings here on site I've ever read. Expectations are indeed a key ingredient to the whole reviewing process on WdC. GREAT NSL!

Best Educational Program
"WhataLand"   [13+] by WhataByte
         This new forum is a great source of Technical Information, How-To Instructions and Lessons. Created by WhataByte , WhataLand allows you to have fun while learning.
She worked very hard to create another location to learn about WdC. I think that's excellent because sometimes either I can't find the answer or I can't understand the answer in the WdC 101 area.
I love how WhataLand teaches the same stuff (generally) that you can find in WdC 101, but in a totally different format. WdC 101 is more a reference, IMO. WhataLand is more a self-paced class. *Bigsmile*
In fun graphics, incentives and information, Adrie AKA Whata poured so much effort into the 2018 launch of this forum. I've been here awhile, but never got down some of the WDC basics, and she's willing to teach it. What a boon for all!
"The Art of Show vs Tell Courses"   [13+] by Jim Hall
         The class is interesting and unique. He's smart and very willing to work with the students!
Many of us get the show don't tell comment. This course teaches just that. Show Don't Tell is helping me to improve my writing.
"New Horizons Academy "   [E] by Katzendragonz
         They offer courses from beginning basic grammar and punctuation to fiction writing, as well as a class on reviewing skills.

Best Reviewing
Max Griffin
         Max Griffin is a fantastically detailed and helpful reviewer with a great eye for detail, a fine sense for words and an elaborate well thought out review template.
         Angus is a great reviewer providing thoughtful and detailed feedback. His feedback isn't only technical though, he has a fine sense for tone and is an informative but compact review format.
         It can be hard to receive northernwrite's tough critique, but if this reviewer can't help make your writing better, you may just be being stubborn.
RRodgersWrites - Jolly Rodgers
         They give well-thought out reviews that include criticisms and ways to improve. They don't just say I did a good job, then give me a 4 star rating, leaving me wondering what happened.
Os the Capricorn
         Osirantinous provides reviews that not only cover the technical aspects of a piece but also plot, character development, and overall feel, all delivered in a conversational tone.
         523 reviews in a year! Short, direct and to the point!
Cat Voleur
          Cat's reviews always look amazing, like the deluxe collector's edition of a review, if you know what I mean? They are also customised to the item reviewed, and so the aspects that are reviewed don't simply follow a template but cater to the item, e.g. a story heavy on dialogue would get dialogue reviewed in its own category. How wonderful is that?
Sunny Florida and a Birthday!
         Gives very helpful reviews.
         This member consistently puts out high quality reviews that are hard-hitting and professional with intelligent and well thought out suggestions for improvement.
Cubby~On the Road Again🎶
         Her reviews are very helpful and encouraging. When I get a review from her, I feel like I have learned something and that I have been visited by a very intelligent and diplomatic reader, who appreciates the efforts of the writer.

Special Contributions to WDC
(nominations for this category are not published. Only winners will be announced)

Best New Portfolio
PWheeler ~ 1 year celebration!
         They have a lot of unique wording/descriptions and show a lot of promise, especially as such a newbie!

Best Portfolio
Princess Megan Snow Rose
Queen Kissy
Genipher-gone fishing!
🌜 Huntersmoon
         He is just so talented! For a long time, whenever I saw that he'd entered a contest, I just wouldn't because I knew he'd win.
Robert Edward Baker
LJ-Catching Moonbeams
         Consistent quality daily flash fiction entries of never-ending creativity done in 300 words or less.
Azrael Tseng
ridinghhood--p. boutilier
         A wonder at tightly woven imagery in carefully crafted wording repeatedly winning awardicons at the Word Pictures free verse contest.
         While he is heavy on one genre, I love the writings of Angus. He never fails to provide a treat!
Warped Sanity
Sally - 4 years today!
Sundown-er Kid
Lisa Noe~Kittylove
Innerlights 1st New Year alone
Jim Hall
Fictiøn Ðiva the Wørd Weava
         She is very dedicated to the site and to positive interactions with members. She runs one of the best contests around that people count on. Very positive and encouraging to others and always generous with her time and attention, she is one of my heroes on the site for sure.
Tiggy - catching up
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